Momentum quickly growing for animal welfare law

It has been only two months since the launch of the campaign to enact national animal protection and welfare legislation.

The campaign has started to quickly build momentum - 5,987 people have signed the petition, 1,313 letters have been sent to the government, more than 20,000 flyers and brochures have been distributed, numerous pieces have appeared in the media, and hundreds of volunteers continue to give their time!

So often these draft laws are forgotten, but the government has not disappointed us. On 19 December the Minister of Agriculture formed an official committee including members of Animals Lebanon to review the draft law. This committee is responsible for reviewing the law and getting it to the next step of the process within three months, and we need your help to fight to keep the law strong and able to protect all animals.

Let's keep the campaign moving! Send the petition to your friends, keep those letters coming to the Minister and President, and keep telling everyone you support animal welfare laws!

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