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Animal welfare laws one major step closer

Animals Lebanon

November 15, 2011

Animal welfare laws one major step closer - join the campaign now

National animal protection and welfare legislation takes a step closer to reality as the campaign is launched on 24 November at the Parliament Building. Under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Hussein Hajj Hassan, Minister of Agriculture, Animals Lebanon will formally present its draft legislation to the government at the launching conference. The draft was reviewed by over 20 international organizations including the World Animal Health Organization, and the campaign is being carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture.

"After receiving comments from experts around the world our draft is now complete, and this conference will see the law distributed to the hands of all Ministers and Parliamentarians, as well as other stakeholders in Lebanon and internationally,' said Lana El-Khalil, President of Animals Lebanon.

"After this launch no one can say 'we weren't aware' of this huge problem. We are also giving everyone a chance to take part in this campaign, so if this is an issue you are passionate about then we will be happy to have you by our side."

"There are many issues that Lebanon needs to address, but this does not mean we should simply choose to neglect or ignore the suffering which is going on around us," continued Lana.

"Animal welfare legislation existed in Lebanon since its independence nearly 70 years ago, and at that time Lebanon was recognized as a leader in the Middle East for animal welfare." This draft has the potential to return Lebanon to this position and be compliant with international conventions.

Read more about the campaign and how you can be involved - it is time to make animal abuse illegal!

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