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Mexican Animal Liberation Front On A Roll

Received Anonymously
March 6-11, 2008

Mexican Animal Liberation Front On A Roll
24 Raids Against Animal Abusers in Last 3 Months; Here Are The Last Four

On March 6 the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) focused on attacking businesses that profit from the blood of animals. 3 restaurants in Mexico State where they sell dead animals, fried and roasted, were in the sights of the ALF. Not only were paints used but also their glass was sprayed with red paint and a grill was made unusable.


March 7:
A very unpleasant surprise brought managers, employees and police to 'work' on the night of March 7. One of the many KFC located in Mexico State was spoiled by radical activists brought together in the Animal Liberation Front; what they found was economic sabotage like:

x Walls with slogans like Murderers!
x Floors, walls and doors stained with red paint.
x Posters and announcements of KFC with spilled 'blood' paint.
x Lighted signs and cables sabotaged, painted and made unusable.

The worst nightmare of bourgeois speciesists has reached them....
Go vegan sXe!

March 8
Once again the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) made use of direct action to remind the animal abusers that we are here and we remain standing in this struggle. In the early morning hours of this day, militants of the ALF in Mexico attacked two restaurants but this time not with spay paint because it is easily erased. This time we decided to attack its large windows with hydrofluoric acid; the acid is highly corrosive and permanent on glass. The slogans MURDERERS!, MEAT IS MURDER!, FLA were what these bastards, who have no consideration for the lives of non-human animals, received.

Stop dreaming, direct action now!
Posted: For the speciesists with rancor, the ALF.

March 11:
Activists from the Animal Liberation Front once again made our presence known, reminding national and foreign speciesists that we exist and that vengeance for our animal brothers and sisters has come. Very early in the day we decided to attack one of the fast-food restaurants originating in the darkest interests of the American empire, KFC, which was hit with red paint resembling the blood of innocent animals and FLA appeared in permanent acid on their windows; this is not the end!

ALF Mexico

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