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Invitation to support the birth of
the animal liberation movement in Mexico

May 08, 2006

Hello Dear animal activists! I am new in this yahoo group. My name is Gerardo Tristan, I am an Indian (Aztec) animal activist from Monterrey, Mexico. I would like to share with you our happiness and hope on the midst of an important event. We are organizing "The First International Summit for the Welfare of domestic animals" in Monterrey, Mexico.

This event will run from the 28th of May to the 9th of June of this year.

In my country the animal liberation movement is almost unknown and the suffering and exploitation of animals is a common scene. We have never had an event like this in Mexico so it is a big achievement for us and motive of hope and happiness. My country is changing very fast; We are having elections for president this coming September and the "World Summit of the Cultures" to happen next October 2007 in Monterrey, the host city ,just to mention some important events.

Mexico is a very important country for Latin-American as a whole. Many countries have been influenced by Mexico, especially regarding Art and Culture.

Monterrey is the third larges city in Mexico (5 million of habitants live in this city) and one of the most important economic centers for the country as well as for Latin-American. We think that this summit has the capacity to impact not just Mexico but also Latin-American as a whole.

If anyone on this group is interested to hear more about this event and its follow up, please do not hesitate to contact me: or visit the web page of the convocating group (we just have it in Spanish, sorry) at

So once again, I invite you to rejoice with us and to support this event and the kick off of animal liberation movement in Mexico.

I would be very happy to send you an invitation if requested. Let's make strong our global animal liberation movement by supporting Mexico in this event.

Best Wishes;

Gerardo Tristan Alvarado. (Representative of the national coalition for the welfare of animals)
P.S. Excuse please my bad writing English...