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ARAs (FLAM) Dedicated Going Forward

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The industries and individuals responsible for the exploitation of animals in México City and surrounding areas ought to watch their backs and their business. The Frente de Liberacion ole Mexico (FLAM) shows no signs of slowing its deliverance streak.

Over the last two months, and certainly throughout this past year, FLAM has placed much trust in the handbook on disruption of animal cruelty as they hit the shops, restaurants, labs and homes of those directly connected to the cruelty of animals.

"Animal Liberation is not just two words in zines, web sites, T-shirts, tattoos or patches. Animal liberation is not just words spoken at animal rights meetings, shouted at peaceful demonstrations or rumors spoken about different people. Animal liberation is deeds, fury turned into action, a radical response against the anthropocentric system of domination, the love for freedom. It's what few dare to carry out. It is a challenge to authority, to society, to the system and to its institutions. It is a fire that spreads and that is unstoppable. It is insurrection."


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