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anonymous communique (translation):

"Mexico - threat to explode car bomb at the COP16 [United Nations Climate Change Conference]

2 days ago, the FLA and FLT jointly sent an email to various reporters and tabloid journalists in the city of Cancun. In this email we made an announcement to the press, in which we mocked the military-police siege of that city. Although it was being protected by the bastards who lick the boots of the Mexican State we said that we had managed to introduce a car with a dangerous quantity of explosives, chemicals and fuel that would be detonated if they did not publish a 5-point statement which included the true problem of global warming, a critique of the participants of COP16, of the anti-globalization hippies, of the authorities and of society in general.

We made clear in the message that if they cared about 'the lives of innocent people' they would publish our statement. If they did not then we would blow up the car that was in the vicinity of the hotel district of Cancun, by using a cell phone. We also wrote that if people were injured or killed it would be the responsibility of the press and that we would expose them publicly and internationally. Though some ignored it or perhaps alerted police, even more decided to publish news of our message in the pages of their bought and paid for newspapers.

A few weeks before the start of this environmentalist circus the press boasted that an anarchist group had been threatening the COP16 with 'disruption.' In the course of days and at seeing that the demonstrations reached a shocking point of pacifism, victimization and zero confrontation with the guardians of state-capital, we decided to put our plan into practice. Applying the values of society, we put into practice this social experiment with an attack that would terrorize, as they do through the destruction of the environment.

The threat worked, chaos spread once again.

The idea of a car bomb came to our minds at seeing that this type of weapon is in 'fashion' in Mexico with members of drug cartels; we were relying on the notoriety that they have created in order to spread our ideas; that was our primary objective. Of course the message was false, there was no car bomb left by us anywhere. We laughed at seeing the concern in their stupid reports where they made us look like terrorists.

A car bomb left by the FLA and the FLT? We are not urban guerrillas, we are not Al Qaeda, we are not the former German RAF, we are not the Revolutionary Struggle of Greece, we are not drug traffickers, we are simply informal cells, propagators of chaos, avengers of wild nature and nothing else!

We did not lose anything with this action; ultimately, the press just published a news item, not our points, but do not worry because in this communique we will lay out the points again.

It's clear, we are a threat to the current system and we will continue being so always.

'Agreements to combat climate change?' Lies!

'Green capitalism?' Rubbish!

'Friendly technology?' Shit and more shit!

This action is dedicated to those who decided to move beyond words and who risked their Freedom to attack the system and who are now imprisoned in Mexico, Switzerland, Greece, Chile, Italy, Germany and around the world.

One more time, being a threat to society, to state-capital and to the techno-industrial system!

Against the current fallacies about wild nature!

Fire to any climate summit of any kind!

Total respect for the Earth!

Always anticivilization, always anti-classist, always wild!

Frente de Liberaci�n Animal

Frente de Liberaci�n de la Tierra

* * *


The purpose of this message is not to change the attitude of the masses; we do not intend to set off a revolution with our words, to 'change what is wrong,' because that would be completely illusory and would be outside the realm of the current reality.

The purpose of this communique is to express our marked repudiation of this Climate Summit in the city of Cancun, against the idiots who are participating in it thinking that the future being imposed on us every day by the system will be changed by agreements, against the submissive and cowering society that requires that we swallow the lie that with signatures and handshakes the planet will be saved from global warming, and against the pseudo-activists who whine and lick the feet of governments so that they will create laws that they say will be 'friendly to the planet Earth.'

There are a number of points we would like to make:

'The rebellion against technology and civilization is a true rebellion, a true attack on the values of the current system'

1) The true, actual problems

The techno-industrial system is the cause of the 'environmental disaster' (as the anthropocentrists say [people who feel they are a superior species]); it is the main cause of the troubles that weigh on the Earth, the cause of the extinction of hundreds of species each year, of deforestation, drought and torrential rains, of the intense cold and heat, and of a variety of new diseases. The techno-industrial system is taking us to the brink of extinction, it diminishes our lives into mere psychological complexes, it kills us daily at school and at work, it enslaves us to the monotony of the everyday, it completely destroys autonomy. It makes our yearning for freedom look like an unattainable dream, which their moral doctrine says has limits and their religion says is a mortal sin.

Urbanization is at its peak, because overpopulation has reached its highest level in the history of mankind and this greatly affects the ecosystems that surround us; the more people there are, the more of the systems products are created, consequently there will be more consumers and more people demanding more exploitation of the seas, forests and of nature in general. While the masses continue spreading like a sea of zombies which accept without question what the television programs and consumerist propaganda say to them, global warming will continue on course.

Technology and industry will devastate all that remains on this planet, but the governments do not care about this. Why? Because it suits the countries that become super-developed to have a First World economy and to get more profits so that their names can be on the Forbes list. Nothing more. All they want to do is stare at their belly buttons; if they really thought about what they are actually losing every day because of their foolish whims, then they would come down to earth and do something useful. But this will never happen, because the desire for power will always surpass reason.

In conclusion, while the techno-industrial system continues to exist, we move ever closer to extinction, not only as mankind, but also as who we are on this planet, one of many species.

'The system does not depend on only a few technophiles or agents, but rather on the masses of billions of "individuals" who participate in its maintenance and development, each in their place or level'

2) The great farce of the COP

The creation of this series of summits is just a political novel, where governments play with the theme of climate change, play with a theme that is so important for everyone of us who inhabit this planet. This type of summit only helps those doing business with the planet while civilization expands the system of domination across all of it. We know very well that at this summit they will ot come up with clear and immediate resolutions to climate change, because destroying the earth is lucrative business for those bastards who are attending the summit; they can call themselves democrats, republicans, green party, alternative and/or socialists but we know very well that all these political-economic models are supported by an anthropocentric base of domestication and domination of the earth that they are not willing to abandon in their meetings.

The loss of time and space caused by these people who feel like they own the planet or are heroes of it is extremely upsetting for all who are living on the Earth today.

They only want to save their own skin, industrialized countries are not interested in the slightest, but the third world countries push themselves to the extreme to get somewhere.

Why didn't they reach any agreements in Denmark last year during the same summit? Because they simply do not care.

And why does the repugnant calder�n whine in the papers that they must reach agreements? First, so that the UN will give him money to invest in 'green technologies' and make a few bucks, second, because he represents a country in the process of 'development' that is being threatened by the rise of the seas and the heavy rains that have affected various states of the republic.

It's simple, the summit on climate change is absurd and useless; they all disgustingly fill their mouths with words like ecology, good technology and environmental stewardship, but nobody talks about Absolute Respect for Nature, which is what is lacking. They want to create an awareness in society, of recycling and of consuming environmentally-friendly products, but they don't accomplish anything. Hypocrisy is at its peak these days, and anyone who positions themselves on the side of the wild bear or the wild flower is considered 'green' without really knowing what it is.

'Take the factories, the fields, the schools and the neighborhoods, and let them be self-managed, said the old anarchists. We destroy power in all its forms, moments later they added: but without penetrating any more deeply, they didn't show the true reality of the scourge'

3) The hypocrisy of many against the COP

Many of those attending the anti-COP protests believe in vain that through peaceful demonstrations they will get governments to change their destructive attitude and to see the reduction of greenhouse gases as an underlying necessity.

Many of these anti-globalization leftists, during their hippie protests, beg for the enactment of legislation to combat climate change.

They yearn for agreements to comply with the Kyoto protocol. But they continue on with their lives which are complicit in the system, consuming like the automatons that they are. They look with sadness at the millions of hectares of trees cleared, while they continue swallowing the meat of domesticated animals from the livestock industry, one of the principal causes of climate change. They complain of unbreathable air that causes respiratory diseases in the cities and yet they continue using their cars and buying gasoline for their damned CO2 producing machines. They are depressed at the sight of dry or contaminated oceans, with thousands of dead fish, and yet they continue wasting water, they continue contributing to marine exploitation by buying certain brands. It is not uncommon nowadays to see some idiot with a 'I'm green' t-shirt with a Coca-Cola in hand.

Some leftist reformers put on the table the use of 'environmentally-friendly technologies' as an alternative to the use of 'bad technologies.' For us any technology is dominating, devastating and causing the worst of catastrophes on Earth.

Who gets rich with solar, wind, nuclear technology...? Industry!

Industry will once again affect ecosystems, invading them with its solar panels and other shit. 'Green Capitalism?' It is a big idea invented by the system to make this whole mass of noncomformist reformers think that everything will be fine with their 'green proposals.' The same tiger, with different stripes.

To be clear, technology in any of its forms will always be destructive, always be maintained by political-economic interests who want a world full of subordinates, robots and slaves at the service of the state-capital, and they are succeeding.

Yet there are still some of us who continue on as savages...

4) Us

We are militants from the Frente de Liberaci�n Animal and the Frente de Liberaci�n de la Tierra, we send this communique so that it will be published in the press, threatening that if they do not do it, we will detonate a car packed with explosives in the vicinity of the hotel district of Cancun. And we do it now because more violent actions are needed, the governments of the world have changed their ways of doing things, they have become more aggressive and we will not be left behind.

For several years now, we have taken action and the cells of both the FLA, FLT as well as others, have multiplied in different states in the republic which is a consequence of what we are living through now.

While more of the planet is destroyed, while more of our comrades are imprisoned, while they more and more threaten wild nature, we will multiply and intensify our attacks, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

We are considered one of the major domestic terrorist threats in Mexico, the actions of FLA and FLT cells in more than 50 countries around the world have caused millions in losses. But why do we do this? The cowardly submissive society will ask.


'We do not know what mercy means. Compassion? Here among us you will not find it.
Religion? The more we know about it the more we hate it.
Law & order? Our primary pleasure consists in violating law and order.
We long for complete chaos because as beasts we live in chaos'
D. S

Press: "


"M�xico � Amenazan con estallar coche bomba en la COP16

Hace 2 d�as, el FLA y el FLT conjuntamente hemos hecho llegar un correo electr�nico a diferentes periodistas y empresas amarillistas de la ciudad de Canc�n. En varios de sus computadoras llego nuestro mensaje. Dentro de este correo electr�nico hemos dado un aviso a la prensa, el cual se�alaba
que hab�amos burlado los cercos policiacos-militares en dicha ciudad que se encuentra aun blindada con lxs mal nacidxs lame botas del estado mexicano y que hab�amos introducido un autom�vil con una peligrosa cantidad de explosivos, qu�micos y combustible, que detonar�a si no publicaban un comunicado de 5 puntos que conten�an los verdaderos problemas del calentamiento global, una critica a lxs participantes de lxs COP16, a lxs altermundistas hippies, a las autoridades y a la sociedad en general.

Hemos utilizado sus valores y hemos expuesto en el mensaje, que si les importaba 'la vida de personas inocentes' publicaran nuestro comunicado. Si no lo hac�an har�amos estallar el autom�vil que se encontrara en las inmediaciones perimetrales de la zona hotelera de Canc�n, por medio de un tel�fono celular. Escribimos tambi�n que si resultaban personas heridas o muertas serian responsabilidad de la prensa de Canc�n y que lxs expondr�amos p�blica e internacionalmente. Algunxs hicieron caso omiso o
quiz�s avisaron a la polic�a, pero otrxs m�s decidieron publicar la nota de nuestro mensaje en las hojas de su prensa vendida.

Unas semanas antes de comenzar este circo ambientalista la prensa tambi�n alardeaba de que un grupo anarquista hab�a amenazado la COP 16 con 'reventarla'. Nosotrxs al correr de los d�as y al ver que los manifestaciones llegaron a un punto chocante de pacifismo, victimismo y cero confrontaci�n contra lxs guardianes del estado-capital, decidimos llevar nuestro plan a la pr�ctica. Utilizamos los valores de la sociedad y pusimos en pr�ctica este experimento social por medio de un atentado que se ejecutar�a, proliferando el terror, como ellxs lo implementan por medio de la destrucci�n del medio ambiente.

La amenaza funciono, el Caos prolifero de nueva cuenta.

La idea de un coche bomba vino a nuestra mente al ver que este tipo de armas est�n de 'moda' en M�xico por integrantes de los carteles de la droga, nos colgamos de la fama que se han hecho para exponer nuestra idea que era nuestro objetivo primordial. Por supuesto que el mensaje era falso, no hab�a ning�n coche bomba en ning�n sitio dejado por nosotrxs, nos carcajeamos al ver su preocupaci�n al publicar sus est�pidas notas que nos hacen ver como unxs terroristas.

�Un coche bomba dejado por el FLA y el FLT? Ni que fu�ramos una guerrilla urbana, no somos del Al Qaeda, no somos la antigua RAF Alemana, no somos Lucha Revolucionaria de Grecia, no somos narcos, simplemente somos c�lulas informales, propagadorxs del Caos, vengadorxs de la naturaleza salvaje y nada mas!

No perdimos nada con esta acci�n, al final, la prensa solo publico una nota pero no nuestros puntos, no se preocupen en este comunicado reivindicativo los exponemos de igual forma.

Esta claro, somos una amenaza para el actual sistema y lo seguiremos siendo siempre.

�Acuerdos para combatir el cambio clim�tico? Mentiras!

�Capitalismo verde? Basura!

�Tecnolog�as amigables? Mierda y mas mierda!

Esta acci�n esta dedicada para aquellxs que decidieron no quedarse en las palabras y que arriesgaron su Libertad para atacar al sistema y que ahora est�n presxs en c�rceles de M�xico, Suiza, Grecia, Chile, Italia, Alemania y el mundo.

Una vez mas, siendo una amenaza para la sociedad, para el estado-capital y para el sistema tecno-industrial!

En contra de las falacias actuales con respecto a la naturaleza salvaje!

Fuego a cualquier cumbre clim�tica y de cualquier �ndole!

Respeto total para la Tierra!

Siempre anticivilizacion, siempre anticlasistas, siempre salvajes!

Frente de Liberaci�n Animal

Frente de Liberaci�n de la Tierra

* * *


La finalidad de este texto no es cambiar la actitud de las masas, no pretendemos hacer estallar una revoluci�n con nuestras palabras para comenzar a 'cambiar lo que esta mal', porque eso seria completamente ilusorio y estar�a fuera de la realidad actual.

El objetivo de este comunicado es expresar nuestro marcado repudio contra esta Cumbre Clim�tica en esta ciudad de Canc�n, en contra de lxs idiotas que participan en ella pensando que con acuerdos cambiaran el futuro que nos esta imponiendo el sistema d�a con d�a, en contra de la sociedad sumisa y agachada que estipulantemente se traga la mentira de que con firmas y apretones de manos el planeta se salvara del calentamiento global y en contra de lxs pseudo activistas que lloriquean y lamen las suelas de los gobiernos para que se creen leyes que seg�n ellxs, ser�n 'amigables con el planeta Tierra'

Esto es una serie de puntos que nos gustar�a exponer:

'La rebeld�a en contra de la tecnolog�a y la civilizaci�n es una rebeld�a real, un ataque real contra los valores del sistema actual'

1) Los verdaderos problemas reales

El sistema tecnol�gico industrial es el causante de las 'cat�strofes ambientales' (como lo dicen lxsantropocentristas[personas que se sienten una especie superior]), es el causante central de las desgracias que pesan sobre la Tierra, el causante de la extinci�n de cientos de especies al a�o, de la deforestaci�n, de la sequia, de las torrenciales lluvias, de los fr�os y calores intensos, de una variedad de nuevas enfermedades. El sistema tecno-industrial nos esta llevando al borde de la extinci�n, disminuye nuestras vidas en meros complejos psicol�gicos, nos mata diariamente en la escuela y en el trabajo, nos esclaviza a la monoton�a de lo cotidiano, destruye completamente la autonom�a y hace ver como un sue�o irrealizable la anhelada libertad que la moral nos dijo que era limitada y la religi�n, que era un pecado mortal.

La urbanizaci�n esta al tope, porque la sobre poblaci�n ha alcanzado sus niveles mas altos en la historia de la humanidad y esto repercute enormemente en los eco sistemas que nos rodean, mientras mas gente haya, mas productos del sistema se crearen a lo largo de sus miserables vidas, por consecuente habr� mas consumidores y mas gente que exija m�s sobre explotaci�n de los mares, de los bosques y de la naturaleza en general. Mientras las masas se sigan desarrollando como un mar de zombis que hace caso sin rechistar a lo que les dicen los programas televisivos y la propaganda mercantilista, el calentamiento global seguir� su curso.

La tecnolog�a y la industria devastaran lo �nico que quedara en este planeta y los gobiernos NO quieren para eso, �porque? Porque les conviene que los pa�ses se vuelvan s�per desarrollados para tener una econom�a primermundista y obtener mas ganancias y que sus nombres est�n en la lista
de Forbes. Nada mas, solo les importan sus ombligos, si realmente pensaran en lo que verdaderamente se esta perdiendo d�a con d�a por causa de sus necios caprichos, entonces pondr�an los pies en la tierra y har�an algo efectivo. Pero esto nunca pasara, pues las ansias de poder siempre rebasan la raz�n.

En conclusi�n a esto, mientras el sistema tecno-industrial siga existiendo, nos acercaremos cada vez m�s a la extinci�n no solo como humanidad sino como lo que somos en este planeta, una especie m�s.

'El sistema no depende solo de unxspocxstecnofilxs o gestorxs, sino de masas de miles de millones de �individuos� que participan en su mantenimiento y desarrollo, cada unx en su lugar o nivel'

2) La gran farsa de las COP

La creaci�n de esta serie de cumbres es solo una novela pol�tica, en donde los gobiernos solo juegan con el tema del cambio clim�tico, juegan con este tema tan importante para todxslxs que habitamos este planeta. Este tipo de cumbre solo cumple la funci�n de negociar con el planeta mientras la civilizaci�n expande el sistema de dominaci�n sobre la anchura de esta. Sabemos muy bien que en esta cumbre no se dar�n resolutivos claros e inmediatos hacia el cambio clim�tico, porque destruir la tierra es un jugoso negocio para lxsbastardxs que asistir�n a dicha cumbre, se pueden autoproclamar democr�ticos, republicanos, pro verdes, alternativos y/o socialistas pero nosotrxs sabemos muy bien que todos estos modelos pol�tico-econ�micos se sustentan en una base antropoc�ntrica de domesticaci�n y dominaci�n de la tierra que no est�n dispuestxs a dejar en reuniones de escritorio.

La perdida de tiempo y espacio que ocasionan estas personas que se sienten due�as del planeta o h�roes del mismo, es tremendamente preocupante para lo que esta viviendo la Tierra hoy en d�a.

Solo se quieren salvar el pellejo, los pa�ses industrializados no les interesa en lo mas m�nimo, pero a los pa�ses tercremundistas se desgastan al m�ximo para que se llegue a algo.

�Por qu� en Dinamarca no se dieron acuerdos en a�o pasado durante la misma cumbre? Porque simplemente no les importa.

Y �porque el repugnante calder�n esta diario gimiendo porque se alcancen acuerdos? En primera para que la ONU le de dinero para invertir en 'tecnolog�as ecol�gicas' y se lleve unos cuantos d�lares a la bolsa, en segunda porque representa a un pa�s en v�a de �desarrollo� que esta siendo amenazado por el elevamiento de los mares y las intensas lluvias que afectaron a diferentes estados de la rep�blica.

Simple, la cumbre sobre cambio clim�tico es absurda e in�til, ahora todxs se llenan la boca hasta el asco con palabras como ecolog�a, tecnolog�as buenas, cuidado ambiental, pero nadie habla de un Respeto Absoluto con la Naturaleza, que es lo que hace falta. Quieren crear una conciencia en la encuadrada sociedad sobre el reciclaje y en consumir productos que no da�en el medio ambiente, pero no loran nada. La hipocres�a esta el m�ximo en estos tiempos, ya cualquiera se pinta de verde sin saber lo que realmente conlleva a posicionarte del lado del oso salvaje o de la flor silvestre.

'Tomad las fabricas, y los campos, y las escuelas, y los barrios, y autogestionarlos, dec�an lxsviejxs anarquistas. Destruyamos el poder en todas sus formas, a�ad�an justo despu�s: pero sin penetrar mas a fondo, no mostraban la verdadera realidad de la lacra'

3) La hipocres�a de muchxs anti COP

Muchxs de lxs asistentes a las protestas anti-COP, creen ilusamente que por medio de movilizaciones pacificas, lograran que los gobiernos cambien su actitud destructiva y vean como una necesidad latente la disminuci�n de los gases de invernadero.

Muchxs de estxs izquierdistas antermundistas suplican durante sus actos de protestas hippies que se promulguen leyes contra el cambio clim�tico.

A�oran completamente que se lleguen a acuerdos para acatar el protocolo de Kioto. Sin en cambio siguen con su vida c�mplice del sistema, consumiendo como aut�matas que son. Ven con tristeza los millones de hect�reas taladas, mientras siguen tragando carne de animales domesticados por la industria ganadera, una de las principales causantes del cambio clim�tico.Se quejan del aire irrespirable que ya causa enfermedades respiratorias en las ciudades y siguen utilizando su autom�vil y comprando gasolina para sus malditas maquinas productoras de CO2.Se deprimen al ver los mares secos o contaminados con miles de peces muertos y siguen desperdiciando el agua, siguen contribuyendo a la explotaci�n mar�tima comprendo ciertas marcas. Ahora no es raro ver a algunx imb�cil con una camiseta de 'soy ecologista' con una coca cola en mano.

Otrxs m�s de estxs izquierdistas reformistas ponen sobre la mesa la utilizaci�n de 'tecnolog�as amigables con el medio ambiente' como alternativas para desestimar el uso de 'tecnolog�as malas'. Para nosotrxs cualquier tecnolog�a es dominadora, devastadora y causante de las peores cat�strofes en la Tierra.

�Qui�n se enriquece con la tecnolog�a solar, e�lica, nuclear, etc�? La Industria!

La industria que afectara de nueva cuenta los ecosistemas invadi�ndolos con sus paneles solares, y dem�s mierda. �Capitalismo verde? El gran invento del sistema para hacer pensar a toda esa masa de inconformes reformistas que todo estar� bien con sus 'propuestas ecol�gicas'. La misma gata, pero revolcada.

Que quede bien claro, la tecnolog�a en cualquiera de sus presentaciones, siempre ser� destructiva, siempre ser� mantenida por intereses pol�tico-econ�micos que quieren un mundo repleto de subordinadxs, androides y esclavxs al servicio del estado-capital y lo est�n logrando.

Pero aun hay algunxs que seguimos siendo salvajes�

4) Nosotrxs

Nosotrxssomos militantes del Frente de Liberaci�n Animal y de la Tierra, mandamos este comunicado para que se publicara en la prensa, amenazando que si no lo hac�an har�amos detonar un coche repleto de explosivos en las inmediaciones de la zona hotelera de Canc�n. Y lo hicimos porque ahora se
necesitan acciones mas violentas, los gobiernos del mudo han modificando sus formas de actuar, se han vuelto m�s agresivos y nosotrxs no nos quedaremos atr�s.

Desde ya hace varios a�os hemos actuado y las c�lulas tanto del FLA, FLT como de otras mas, se han multiplicado en diferentes estados de la rep�blica y esto es ha consecuencia de lo que estamos viviendo ahora.

Mientras mas se destruya al planeta, mientras mascompa�erxs afines sean encarceladxs, mientras se atente cada vez mas en contra de la naturaleza salvaje, nosotrxs nos multiplicaremos e intensificaremos nuestro ataque, ojo por ojo y diente por diente.

Somos considerados como una de las principales amenazas de terrorismo domestico en M�xico, el FLA y el FLT son c�lulas que se encuentran en m�s de 50 pa�ses en todo el mundo y nuestras acciones han causado millones de p�rdidas alrededor del globo. �Pero porque actuamos as�? Se preguntara la cobarde sociedad sumisa.


'No sabemos lo que significa piedad �Compasi�n? Aqu� entre nosotrxs no la encontraras.
�Religi�n? Cuanto mejor la conocemos mas la despreciamos.
�Ley y orden? Nuestro placer principal consiste en violar la ley y el orden,
Anhelamos el caos completo. Porque las bestias vivimos en el caos'
D. S

Nota de la prensa:


anonymous report, from culmine (translation):

"Late yesterday, December 8, we armed our incendiary devices; we were conspiring to attack the machines that devastate ecosystems and create civilization.

The target: a group of planet-destroying machines located on the border of the circuito interior mexiquense highway in Nextlalpan, waiting to again be used in a highway infrastructure project by the slaves of work.

The machines were the property of the Carso construction company (owned by the miserable Carlos Slim); a large floodlight illuminated the machines so that no one could get near them. But in spite of it we did.

At night we jumped the fence that divided the federal highway from the pedestrian walkway. We slipped underneath the machines to avoid being seen and we placed timed incendiary devices:

1) On the front pedals of a steamroller, so that the fire would consume the cables in that part before arriving at the motor.

2) On the cables of a big machine that carries the earth and covers the earth in concrete.

3) On the motor of the other steamroller.

4) On the cables near the motor of a grader.

Our devices went off as we were at a considerable distance, fleeing the place. The flames of the green elfers could be seen consuming the machines that extinguish the wild life on this planet.
We will not wait until there is true chaos in Cancun against the COP16 before we begin hitting other sites because we do not wait, we simply act. If not now, when?

This action is dedicated to the warriors for Animal and Earth Liberation locked up in the system's prisons: Adrian Magdaleno, Braulio Arturo, Abraham L�pez, the fire that consumed the machines
represents them! Courage!

Frente de Liberaci�n Animal

Frente de Liberaci�n de la Tierra"

"Por la tarde de ayer 8 de diciembre, armamos nuestros dispositivos incendiarios, en alg�n lugar conspir�bamos para atacar las maquinas devastadoras de los ecosistemas y creadoras de la civilizaci�n.

El objetivo: un lote de maquinas destructoras del planeta que se encontraban a las orillas del circuito interior mexiquense en Nextlalpan. Esperando a volver a ser usadas en su proyecto de infraestructuras carreteras otra vez por lxs esclavxs del trabajo.

Las maquinas eran propiedad de la empresa constructora Carso (propiedad del miserable carlos slim), un gran reflector alumbraba las maquinas para que nadie se les pudiera acercar. Mas sin en cambio nosotrxs pudimos.

Por la noche hemos saltado las rejas que dividen esta autopista federal con el paso peatonal. Nos escabullimos por debajo de las maquinas para no ser vistos y hemos colocado dispositivos incendiarios con temporalizador en:

1) En los padales delanteros de una aplanadora, as� el fuego ir�a consumiendo los cables que se encontraban en la zona hasta llegar al motor.

2) En los cables de una gran maquina que transporta y lame la tierra con concreto.

3) En el motor de otra aplanadora

4) En los cables cerca del motor de una motoniveladora.

Nuestros artefactos se encendieron justo cuando hu�amos del lugar a considerable distancia, pudiendo ver a lo lejos las llamas de lxs verdes elfxs consumir las maquinas que extinguen la vida salvaje en este planeta. No vamos a esperar a que haya verdadero caos en Canc�n contra la COP16 para empezar a golpear por otros lugares, porque nosotrxs no esperamos simplemente actuamos. Si no es ahora, cuando?

Acci�n dedicada a los guerreros por la Liberaci�n Animal por la Liberaci�n de la Tierra enjaulados en las c�rceles del sistema: Adrian Magdaleno, Braulio Arturo, Abraham L�pez, el fuego que consumi� las maquinas tambi�n lxs representa a ustedes! Animo!

Frente de Liberaci�n Animal

Frente de Liberaci�n de la Tierra"


anonymous report (translation):

"The Frente de Liberaci�n Animal was responsible for the attack suffered by the BBVA Bancomer bank on the night of the 7th of this month. The bank that is located on Avenida L�pez Portillo in the municipality of Tultitlan was visited by us.

With an incendiary, explosive device, that night we entered this company which contributes to both the destruction of the earth as well as the imminent extinction of animals; for defending their economic interests they, along with other companies, have been and will always be in the sights of eco-anarchist and insurrectionary cells.

This is just a warning to the authorities, do not believe that we are only acting now due to our categorical, antagonistic rejection of the Cancun Summit. We have more explosives, more incendiary materials and more weapons that we will not hesitate to use, destabilizing the imposed social peace and filling us with laughter at you.

Freedom for the anarchist prisoners in Mexico, Chile, Switzerland, Italy and Greece!

FLA � Mexico State"

"El Frente de Liberaci�n Animal se responsabiliza del atentado que sufri� el banco BBVA Bancomer la noche del 7 de este mes. El banco que se encuentra sobre la avenida L�pez Portillo dentro del municipio de Tultitlan, fue visitado por nosotrxs.

Con un artefacto explosivo-incendiario, entramos esa noche a esta empresa que igualmente contribuye a la destrucci�n de la tierra y a la inminente extinci�n de animales; por sus intereses econ�micos que defiende junto con otras empresas tambi�n ha sido y estar� siempre en la mira de las c�lulas eco anarquistas e insurreccionalistas.

Este solo es un aviso para las autoridades, no crean que solo estemos actuando ahora por nuestro tajante rechazo antagonista contra la cumbre de Canc�n. Tenemos m�s explosivos, m�s material incendiario y m�s armamento que no dudaremos en usarlo cualquier d�a de estos, desestabilizando la paz social impuesta y cagandonos de la risa de ustedes.

Libertad para lxs anarquistas presos en M�xico, Chile, Suiza, Italia y Grecia!

FLA � Estado de M�xico"

December 12, 2010 - BANK BOMBED BY THE ELF

received anonymously (translation):

"On the night of December 7, we, the Frente de Liberaci�n de la Tierra, once again attacked the enslaving and monotonous social order. By means of an explosive device composed of two cans of butane gas, a bottle of gasoline and a galvanized metal pipe stuffed with dynamite we responsed to the planet-destroying institutions and the accomplices of environmental devastation; we responded to the manipulation of the ecosystem shouting once again that We Are the Incendiary Rage of a dying planet and that we continue on at War!
One type of these institutions are the banks that, if it is true that the multinational companies have such extensive agreements with them, believe they own the Earth. That's why they are our target.
For that reason, we put our homemade bomb inside the ATM area of BBVA Bancomer in the municipality of Tlalnepantla, Mexico State, on Avenida Gustavo Baz.
The action was quick, the silhouette of an individual dressed in black with his/her face unreadable was once again captured by the bank's security cameras, showing that we continue on, on the outside, that they have not arrested us and they will not stop us even as they mount Italian/Chilean-style inquisitions.
Once again the action was censured by the police and the local/national media; our device worked which was proven through the intense mobilization of local and state police in that municipality a few minutes after the attack.
Could it be that the bastard Governor Pe�a Nieto is trying to make it seem like the State of Mexico is a place where nothing happens, since he is now running as a candidate for president of Mexico for 2012?
Or could it be that the blows that we have given have been right under the noses of his subordinate puppets and that the demoralization of another eco-anarchist attack is humiliating to the obedient members of the police and contradicts the high security systems which have cost the municipality of Tlalnepantla billions of pesos?
It could be that our assumptions are true and that this shows that now even more the eyes of the world are on Mexico after the COP16 and an altercation like this would be discrediting for both the state government as well as the federal government. It doesn't matter if they censor our actions, we are sure to communicate them and make them public, both we and the police know all too well the damage we have caused.

For the Absolute Freedom of the eco-prisoners Abraham L�pez, Adrian Magdaleno and Braulio Duran!
Direct solidarity with those jailed in Chile on August 14 and on November 1 in Greece!
For Animal and Earth Liberation
Incendiary and insurgent actions against civilization!

Agitating against the COP16 in Cancun, although they censor us:
Frente de Liberaci�n de la Tierra!"

"La noche del 7 de diciembre, nosotrxs, el Frente de Liberaci�n de la Tierra, hemos atentado una vez mas en contra de la paz social esclavizante y mon�tona. Por medio de un artefacto explosivo compuesto de dos latas de gas butano, una botella de gasolina y un tubo met�lico galvanizado relleno de dinamita respondimos a las instituciones destructoras del planeta y c�mplices de la devastaci�n ambiental, respondimos ante la inminente manipulaci�n de los ecosistemas gritando nuevamente que Somos la Rabia Incendiaria de un planeta que muere y que seguimos en pie de Guerra!
Una de esas instituciones son los bancos que si bien es cierto, son las empresas multinacionales que tienen convenios tan grandes con aquellxs que se sienten due�xs de la Tierra. Es por eso que son nuestro objetivo.
Por esa raz�n, colocamos nuestra bomba casera dentro del �rea de cajeros autom�ticos de un BBVA Bancomer en el municipio de Tlalnepantla, Estado de M�xico, sobre la avenida Gustavo Baz.
La acci�n fue r�pida, otra vez la silueta delx individuo vestidx de negro con su cara ilegible fue de nuevo lo que captaron las c�maras de seguridad del banco, indicio de que seguimos afuera, que no nos han detenido y que no nos detendr�n aunque creen montajes inquisitoriales al estilo Italiano-chileno.
De nueva cuenta la acci�n fue censurada por la polic�a y la prensa local-nacional, nuestro artefacto funciono y eso lo pudimos comprobar tras la intensa movilizaci�n de la polic�a municipal y estatal en mencionado municipio despu�s de unos minutos del ataque.
�Acaso el bastardo gobernador Pe�a Nieto esta intentado hacer ver al Estado de M�xico como un lugar en donde no pasa nada, al ser �l quien se est� postulando desde ahora como candidato para presidente de M�xico para 2012?
�O ser� que los golpes que hemos dado han sido frente a las narices de sus subordinadxs monigotes y que la desmoralizaci�n de otro atentado eco anarquista es humillante para lxs obedientes miembrxs de la polic�a y contradice los altos sistemas de seguridad en lo que ha invertido miles de pesos el municipio de Tlalnepantla?
Puede ser que nuestras suposiciones sean ciertas y eso lo demuestran m�s ahora que tambi�n los ojos del mundo est�n en M�xico tras la COP16 y un altercado como �ste seria desprestigiante tanto para el gobierno del estado como para el gobierno federal. No importa que censuren nuestras acciones, nosotrxs nos encargamos de hacerlas publicas y comunicarlas, tanto nosotrxs como los archivos policiales saben muy bien los da�os que hemos causado.

Por la Libertad Absoluta de lxs eco presos Abraham L�pez, Adrian Magdaleno y Braulio Duran!
Solidaridad directa con lxs encarceladxs el 14 de Agosto en Chile y el 1 de Noviembre en Grecia!
Por la Liberaci�n Animal y de la Tierra �
Acciones incendiarias e insurrectas contra la civilizaci�n!

Agitando los tiempos en contra de la COP16 en Canc�n, aunque nos censuren:
Frente de Liberaci�n de la Tierra!"


anonymous communique (translation):

"On November 29, the same day that the Climate Summit in Cancun was launched, we attacked industry once again. We had built an explosive device consisting of four rockets attached to each other and placed on the sides of two butane gas cans and a bottle with a mixture of diesel, alcohol and motor oil. The device was placed in one of the large windows that protected the luxury cars in the Renault dealership, located in the municipality of Ecatepec, on Avenida Morelos. As we walked away from the target, we were not only spectators of the detonation of our device, but participants as well. The blast destroyed the passivity of the night and everything turned into chaos. The bomb exploded crashing through the thick window of Renault; in addition to this, a few of the flames which were about 3 meters high rose due to the violent winds and burned the property of the dealership. Previously we observed that a state police officer was on duty within the facility; he had a big scare, while watching his TV, as he leaned back in his chair, when he heard the blast and saw the fire that the bomb caused, left by us, the uncomfortable eco-anarchists.

Once again we have defied the authorities, our attack was seen by many motorists who were passing by on the other side of the fence, by people waiting at the bus stop a few meters away, by a number of taxi drivers at their stop, by the people who were eating excrement in a KFC located in front of the dealership and by the police sitting in a car without license plates, guarding a Bancomer that we had previously attacked. We laugh in their faces, as we again demoralized the Ecatepec police. We destroyed our target and it was a clear message for all destroyers of the Earth and those who believed that they had stopped us; we continue on in the streets!
As usual the action was censured by the municipality and the press; clearly we humiliated the 'iron fist' of the authorities in that area of Mexico. And we will do it again because this does not end here ...

With this action we call to the cells, individuals and those who want to take action within Mexico and abroad, to start to express all your incendiary negativity against the climate circus that is taking place in Cancun with actions, attacks, paint, fire and stones. We, like many others, know that the 'agreements' are simply a farce of the states to demand more money for urbanization, industry and the acceleration of planetary destruction, green capitalism, and new business.
Anyone who believes that this summit will come to significant agreements for Absolute Respect for Nature as a whole, is either deceived or simply an idiot.

Action dedicated to the Greek anarchists G. Tsakalos and P. Argyrou, to Marco, Billy, Costa and Silvia in Switzerland, to the anarchists imprisoned in Chile for the bomb case and of course to the eco-anarchist prisoners Abraham, Adrian and Braulio.

To begin a series of radical actions inside and outside the COP16!

Fire to civilization!

Frente de Liberaci�n de la Tierra"

"El pasado 29 de noviembre, el mismo d�a que dio inicio la Cumbre Clim�tica en Canc�n, hemos atentado contra la industria de nueva cuenta. Hemos armado un artefacto explosivo compuesto de cuatro cohetes unidos entre si, para colocarles a los costados dos latas de gas butano y una botella con mescla de diesel, alcohol y aceite de auto, con un respectivo retardador. El artefacto fue colocado en uno de los grandes ventanales que proteg�a los lujosos autom�viles en la concesionaria Renault, ubicada en el municipio de Ecatepec, sobre la avenida Morelos. Mientras nos alej�bamos del objetivo, pudimos ser no solo los espectadores de la detonaci�n de nuestro artefacto, sino los mismxs participes. El estruendo destruyo la pasividad de la noche y todo se transformo en caos, la bomba exploto estrellando el duro ventanal de la Renault, adem�s de esto, unas llamas aproximadamente de tres metros se elevaban por los aires violentamente quemando la propiedad de la concesionaria. Anteriormente observamos que un polic�a estatal se encontraba de guardia dentro del establecimiento, gran susto se llevo mientras observaba su televisi�n y se acomodaba en la silla cuando escucho la detonaci�n y vio el incendio que ocasiono la bomba, dejada por nosotrxs, lxs incomodxs eco anarquistas.

De nueva cuenta hemos desafiado a la autoridad, nuestro atentado fue visto por muchxs automovilistas que pasaban del otro lado de la cera, por las personas que esperaban su transporte en la parada del cami�n a unos metros, por un mont�n de taxistas en su base, por las personas que com�an excremento en un KFC ubicado frente a la concesionaria y por lxs polic�as que resguardaban dentro de un auto sin placas, un Bancomer que anteriormente hab�amos atacado. Nos burlamos frente a sus narices, desmoralizamos de nuevo a la polic�a de Ecatepec, destrozamos nuestro objetivo y fue un mensaje claro para todxs aquellxs destructorxs de la Tierra y aquellxs que cre�an que nos hab�an parado, seguimos en las calles! La acci�n como de costumbre fue censurada por el municipio y la prensa, claramente humillamos a la autoridad de �mano dura� en aquella zona mexiquense. Y lo volveremos hacer, porque esto no acaba aqu�

Con esta acci�n hacemos un llamado a las c�lulas, individuos y a quien lo quiera tomar dentro de M�xico como en el extranjero, de empezar a expresar toda nuestra negatividad incendiaria en contra del circo clim�tico que se esta efectuando en Canc�n con acciones, atentados, pintura, fuego y piedras, nosotrxs como muchxs sabemos que los �acuerdos� son simplemente una farsa de los estados para reclamar mas dinero para la urbanizaci�n, la industria y la aceleraci�n de la destrucci�n planetaria, capitalismo verde, negocios nuevos. Quien crea que esta cumbre llegara a acuerdos significativos para el Respecto Absoluto con la Naturaleza en su conjunto, o es unx ilusx o simplemente es unx idiota.

Acci�n dedicada a lxs anarquista griegos G. Tsakalos y P. Argyrou , para Macro, Billy Costa y Silvia de Suiza, para lxs anarquistas presos en Chile por el caso bombas y por supuesto para lxs eco anarquistas presos Abraham, Adrian y Braulio.

�A comenzar una serie de acciones radicales dentro y fuera de la COP16!

�Fuego a la civilizaci�n!

Frente de Liberaci�n de la Tierra"

November 22, 2010 - RABBITS FREED FROM CAGES


translation of anonymous communique (click here for more photos):

"During the evening of this past Saturday, November 13th, an autonomous cell of the Frente de Liberaci�n Animal liberated three rabbits. A beautiful forest will be their new home. These rabbits had been held in the smallest spaces, not only behind the bars of their cages, but also behind the bars of the feelings and attitudes of domination that the human imposes on nature. Domesticating these animals as they wish, to benefit humans, using their bodies to test toxic substances in the concentration camps called 'vivisection laboratories' where they torture their bodies for the vanity of human beings. For many animal welfare groups and individuals, giving an animal absolute freedom may be seen as a savage or cruel act, but for us it is just the opposite. For these groups, who have fundamentally misunderstood what animal liberation is, they often speak of freedom as if it is only physical health, and talk about how to reform laws, talking not of abolition but of how to make the suffering of confinement more pleasant, of how to make vivisection or rodeos less cruel. For us as F.L.A./A.L.F activists, animal liberation means a direct and objective struggle against the torture industry. Objective in the sense of attacking in a focused way, not third parties or those who are broadly implicated but rather attacking the principle figures. Direct because our methods are without intermediaries, against the torturers: bullfights, circuses, vivisection, earth-destroying businesses, meat producing companies.... This is true animal liberation: Returning freedom to a being who is locked up or tortured. This is the real struggle against the exploitation industry: directly targeting companies and individuals who perpetuate the destruction of this world.

For animal, human and earth liberation!


"Durante la tarde del pasado s�bado 13 de noviembre, una c�lula aut�noma del Frente de Liberaci�n Animal, liberamos 3 conejos. Un hermoso bosque ser� su nueva casa, ya que estos conejos se encontraban recluidos en diminutos espacios, tras las rejas no solo de las jaulas sino tambi�n tras las rejas de los sentimientos y actitudes de dominaci�n que el animal humano impone sobre la naturaleza. Domesticando a su gusto y beneficio a estos animales, utilizando sus cuerpos para testar substancias toxicas en los campos de exterminio llamados �laboratorios de vivisecci�n�, en donde se torturan sus cuerpos en pro de la vanidad del ser humano. Para much@s grupos, individu@s u organizaciones bienestaristas, el poner en absoluta libertad a un animal puede ser un acto salvaje o cruel, pero para nosotr@s es todo lo contrario. Para estos grupos con fundamentos mal interpretados de lo que es liberaci�n animal, hablar de libertad muchas veces solo significa hablar de salud f�sica, hablar de c�mo reformar las leyes, hablar no de abolici�n sino de c�mo hacer mas agradable el sufrimiento del encierro, de c�mo hacer menos cruel la vivisecci�n o los rodeos. Para nosotr@s activistas de F.L.A. /A.L.F. liberaci�n animal significa una lucha directa y objetiva contra la industria de la tortura. Objetiva en el sentido de atacar de manera contundente no a terceros o muy en lo general implicados, sino atacar a los principales. Directa porque nuestros m�todos son sin mediaci�n alguna contra l@s torturador@s, llamasen corridas de toros, circos, vivisecci�n, empresas ecocidas, empresas c�rnicas.... Esta es la verdadera liberaci�n animal: Devolver la libertad a un ser encerrado o torturado. Esta es la verdadera lucha contra la industria de la explotaci�n: atacar directamente a empresas e individu@s que perpet�en la destrucci�n de este mundo.

Por la liberaci�n animal, humana y de la tierra!!!!



Rastro TIF

translation of anonymous communique (photo: El Informador newspaper):

"Later this year the largest federally inspected slaughterhouse in Latin America will be inaugurated in Acatl�n de Ju�rez, in Jalisco, Mexico. This mega project, in which 75 million pesos has been invested, is being developed because Jalisco is the state with the highest meat production, and because of this the government decided to invest so that the meat can be exported nationally and internationally. They project that the facility will have a capacity to execute 250 pigs and 80 cows per hour. We the F.L.A. take responsibility for the placement and detonation of an explosive device at the offices of the Secretary for Rural Development, the government institution that is responsible for building this slaughterhouse. Animals are not born to spend life locked in cages, tortured and killed. Our message is very clear, THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE MUST NOT BE COMPLETED! They will risk a lot for their financial investment; we have names and addresses that we could follow to target their homes with fire; this is a direct threat to the secretary of rural development �lvaro Garc�a Ch�vez, BASTARD EXPLOITER!

This is also a threat against private investment. The Jalisco Regional Livestock Union should not invest in this slaughterhouse; to do so will put them at risk. While there are exploited animals, without freedom, the F.L.A. will be there to avenge them.

For the freedom of all animals.

Animal Liberation Front/Frente de Liberaci�n Animal."

"A finales de este a�o quedara inaugurado el Rastro TIF mas grande de Latino Am�rica en el Municipio de Acatl�n de Ju�rez en Jalisco, M�xico. Este mega proyecto del cual tiene una inversi�n de 75 millones de pesos, se a desarrollado debido a que el estado con mayor producci�n de carne es Jalisco, con esto el gobierno a decidido invertir para que la carne que se produzca export�ndose a nivel nacional e internacional. Presumen tambi�n
que sus instalaciones tienen una capacidad para ejecutar 250 cerdos por hora y 80 reses por hora. Nosotros el F.L.A. nos responsabilizamos de la colocaci�n y detonaci�n de un artefacto explosivo en las instalaciones de la Secretaria de Desarrollo Rural, puesto a que esta instituci�n gubernamental es una de las responsables de la construcci�n de este
rastro, los animales no nacieron para pasar toda su vida encerrados en jaulas, siendo torturados y al final decidiendo sobre su propia vida ejecut�ndolos, nuestro mensaje a sido muy claro, �NO FINALIZEN ESE RASTRO!, arriesgan mucho solo para una inversi�n econ�mica, tenemos ciertos nombres y direcciones que nos podrian llevar a decorar sus hogares con fuego , amenazamos directamente al secretario de desarrollo rural �lvaro Garc�a Ch�vez, �BASTARDO EXPLOTADOR!

Amenazamos tambi�n a inversiones privadas y a la, Uni�n Ganadera Regional de Jalisco no les conviene invertir en ese rastro pues corren gran peligro, mientras all� un animal explotado y sin libertad, el F.LA. Estar� ah� para vengarlo.

Por la Libertad de Todos los Animales.

Animal Liberation Front/Frente de Liberaci�n Animal."


anonymous communique (translation):

"During the night of October 10, we left an incendiary device on the roof of a small poultry farm, which was housed within a disgusting Catholic church in the town of Jaltenco in Mexico State.
On past occasions, we rescued several animals from the farm. Chickens and ducks had freedom restored to them; they were brought to natural settings where they are free and can follow their own desires, not just follow what the anthropocentrists want, the owners of this center of animal domination and domestication.
For nearly two years, this farm has been visited by us; we opened the bars in different acts of liberation, we entered the site and hid behind the cages to avoid being seen by the people who were passing by and the shitty police. And so we achieved the goal of the actions, animal liberation.
Now when we returned to visit these religious people, we realized that the farm was empty, with no animals inside. Resulting in victory for the FLA-CVN. After the direct attacks on domination this place is now empty and that is why we burned it so that it can never again serve as a speciesist concentration camp. The footprint of the FLA will stay forever, not only in the minds of the dominators, but in their properties turned to shit!
With this communique we also claim the closure of another small poultry farm, after we sabotaged the owner's house various times; we threatened him and got inside his property to liberate animals. Now this bastard has given it a second thought and abandoned his home as well as the cages where he kept roosters, hens, turkeys and doves.
So that direct action continues on its course fighting against the centers of anthropocentric power!
The closures of these breeding centers are dedicated to the prisoners for animal and earth liberation held in prisons in Mexico City and Leon:, Adrian Magdaleno, Abraham L�pez and Braulio Duran.
That the spark does not go out in these individuals, but it grows until it reduces to ashes the walls where they are incarcerated!
Direct Solidarity with the anarchist prisoners in Chile from August 14!
Direct Solidarity with the anarchist prisoner V�ctor Herrera!

More than just animal liberation: Total liberation!!!

Frente de Liberaci�n Animal � Comando Verde Negro (FLA-CVN)"

"Durante la noche del 10 de octubre, hemos dejado una bomba incendiaria en el techo de un peque�o criadero de aves, el cual estaba albergado dentro
de una asquerosa iglesia cat�lica en el municipio del jaltenco en el Estado de M�xico.
En pasadas ocasiones, hab�amos rescatado a diferentes animales directamente del criadero. Gallinas y patos se les devolvi� la libertad dej�ndolos en lugares naturales donde podr�n ser libres y desarrollarse a su antojo, no conforme quieren lxs antropocentistas, due�xs de ese centro de dominaci�n-domesticaciones animal.
Durante casi dos a�os, este criadero hab�a sido visitado por nosotrxs, llegamos a abrir las rejas en diferentes acciones de liberaci�n, llegamos a entrar al sitio y llegamos a escondernos detr�s de las jaulas para no ser vistxs por la gente que pasaba y por la mierda polic�a. Y as� logr�bamos nuestro objetivo dentro de la acci�n, la liberaci�n animal.
Ahora que hemos vuelto a visitar a estxs religiosxs, nos hemos dado cuenta de que el criadero estaba vacio, sin ning�n animal dentro. Resultando una victoria para el FLA-CVN. Despu�s de los ataques directos a la dominaci�n, ahora este lugar luce vacio y es por eso que lo incendiamos para que nunca m�s sirva como campo de concentraci�n especista, que la huella del FLA se quede para siempre, no solo en las mentes de lxs dominadorxs, sino en sus propiedades echas mierda!
Desde este comunicado tambi�n reivindicamos el cierre de otro peque�o criadero de aves, despu�s de que en diferentes ocasiones sabote�ramos la casa del due�o, lo amenaz�ramos y penetr�ramos su propiedad para liberar animales, ahora este bastardo se la ha pensado dos veces y ha dejado sola su casa como tambi�n ha dejado solas las jaulas en donde encerraba a gallos, gallinas, pavos y palomas.
�Que la acci�n directa siga su curso combativo contra los centros de poder antropocentrista!
Estos cierres de criaderos est�n dedicados a los presos por la liberaci�n animal y de la tierra recluidos en c�rceles del DF y de Le�n: Adrian Magdaleno, Abraham L�pez y Braulio Duran.
�Que la chispa no se apague en sus individualidades, si no que crezca hasta calcinar las paredes en donde est�n encarcelados!
�Solidaridad directa con lxs presxs anarquistas de Chile del 14 de agosto!
�Solidaridad directa con el preso anarquista V�ctor Herrera!

M�s que por la liberaci�n animal: Liberaci�n Total!!!

Frente de Liberaci�n Animal � Comando Verde Negro (FLA-CVN)"


anonymous report (translation):

"Rabbit liberated from cage in Guadalajara, Mexico.

One evening we, the FLA, rescued a rabbit who was kept in a cage on the roof of some apartments in our city. The rabbit had to spend hours in the sun, eating very little and living a life without freedom. The rabbit is now living free in a field on the outskirts of our city. We want to send a fraternal greeting to our comrade Braulio Arturo Duran Gonzales, VEGAN STRAIGHT EDGE comrade imprisoned by the Mexican state, accused of setting fire to ATM machines in the HSBC bank branch in the city of Leon. We do not know if he is guilty of these charges, but a fallen brother is a brother who will be remembered with each rescued animal, with each fire set or explosion triggered; likewise, we will continue with our strategy of direct action in this city, because the freedom of animals is not achieved by asking permission; go in and open the cages!

Frente de Liberaci�n Animal."

"Conejo Liberado de las jaulas en Guadalajara, M�xico.

Durante una tarde nosotros, el FLA, rescatamos a un conejo que permanec�a enclaustrado en una jaula en la azotea de unos departamentos en nuestra ciudad, el conejo tenia que pasar horas al sol, comer muy poco y llevar una vida sin libertad. El conejo ahora vive libre en un campo a las afueras de nuestra ciudad, queremos mandarle un fraternal saludo al compa�ero Braulio Arturo Duran Gonzales, compa�ero VEGAN STRAIGHT EDGE preso por el estado Mexicano acus�ndolo de el incendio a cajeros automaticos en la sucursal bancaria HSBC en su ciudad Leon, nosotros no sabemos si el es culpable de lo que se le acusa pero un hermano ca�do es un hermano que ser� recordado con cada animal rescatado, con cada incendio provocado o con cada explosivo detonado, asi mismo amenazamos de seguir con nuestros medios de acci�n directa en esta ciudad, porque la libertad de los animales no se consigue pidiendo permiso, �ve ah� y abre las jaulas!

Frente de Liberaci�n Animal."


Diego Alonso

Update: Diego was released on house arrest in April 2010.


Braulio Arturo Duran Gonzales
Braulio Arturo Duran was arrested on September 24, 2010 and is accused of involvement in a series of attacks against banks and other targets. Braulio is vegan.

Letters to Braulio can be sent to:


Adrian Magdaleno Gonzales
Arrested on February 4, 2010 and accused of detonating a butane gas bomb in an empty subway car in Mexico City's Taxque�a station. Adrian is held in Mexico City's Reclusorio Norte prison. He is also accused of using gas canisters in an explosion at a Banamex bank in September 2009 in Mexico City's Milpa Alta borough, and of involvement in actions claimed by the Frente de Liberaci�n Animal [Animal Liberation Front]. In June 2010, his sentence was increased to 7 years and 11 months. Adrian is vegan.

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Abraham L�pez Mart�nez
Abraham has been held since December 15, 2009 at a youth detention center in Colonia Narvarte, Mexico City. He was accused of damaging property and subversive/criminal association, related to the burning of nine privately-owned cars and a bomb attack against a Harley Davidson dealer, an action claimed by the Frente de Liberaci�n de la Tierra [Earth Liberation Front]. The charge of criminal association was later dropped due to lack of evidence, but the prosecutor appealed to the judge to give Abraham a sentence of more than five years (which in Mexico prevents him from being granted release on bail). Abraham is vegan.

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Emmanuel Hern�ndez

Update: In May 2010, Emmanuel's sentence was overturned on appeal.


received anonymously (translation):

"In the early morning hours of the 23rd of this month, we completely destroyed the social peace when we approached a state security police van in the Cuautitlan section and placed an incendiary device on the front tire. The truck was the property of Commander Israel of the state security agency. This fool previously had another truck of his reduced to ashes outside his home overnight. With the memories of that action still fresh, we decided to visit him again. The result of the action was as expected, the truck burned, showing our fierce hatred of the police guardians of the systematic order that they want to impose on us at all costs.
While this was happening another device was left in an earth-destroying machine which was a few blocks from the first attack. This machine was used in the work of digging up the ground that would then be buried in cement, so that civilization would once again impose itself on nature. This was prevented.
The fire rose up into the sky and after a few minutes we could clearly hear the sirens of the meek firefighters arriving.
With this we want to show that we will not remain passive in front of this stage and that we will fight to the bitter end; while our comrades are imprisoned in the capital's prisons, we will not stop these attacks.

The next day, the wage slaves, like idiots observed the damaged machine with their bosses, unable to do anything for it; to make it very clear, they too are our enemies, we will not defend the interests of the 'working class,' nor the privileged class, because we are not classists, we are anti-anthropocentrists and individualists. We struggle against this society, expanding the war against society with our actions. We defend the earth because we believe in absolute respect for her. We do not defend the rich or poor, we fight for the liberation of the earth and the total liberation from civilization. Let's be clear!

This action is framed in support of the anarchists imprisoned by the fascist Chilean state. Also in solidarity with the Mexican eco prisoners Adrian Magdaleno and Abraham L�pez.

Frente Insurreccionalista de Liberaci�n de la Tierra / Mexico State"

"La madrugada del 23 de este mes, hemos roto completamente con la paz social cuando nos acercamos a la camioneta policial de seguridad estatal de la secci�n de cuautitlan y hemos puesto un dispositivo incendiario en la llanta delantera de esta. La camioneta era propiedad del comandante israel de la agencia de seguridad estatal. Este monigote anteriormente se
le hab�a reducido otra camioneta a cenizas a las afueras de su casa durante la madrugada, teniendo aun fresco el recuerdo de esa acci�n, decidimos visitarlo de nuevo. La acci�n sali� como se esperaba, la camioneta ard�a demostrando nuestro feroz odio contra la polic�a guardiana del orden sistem�tico que nos quieren imponer a toda costa.
Mientras esto pasaba, otro dispositivo era dejado en una maquina destructora de la tierra a unas cuantas calles del primer ataque. Esta maquina empleaba la labor de escarbar la tierra que seria posteriormente sepultada con cemento, para que la civilizaci�n de nuevo se impusiera
sobre lo natural. Lo cual se impidi�.
El fuego se levanto hacia el cielo y claramente despu�s de unos minutos o�amos las sirenas de lxs sumisxs bomberxs que llegaban al lugar.
Con esto queremos demostrar que no nos quedaremos pasivxs ante todo este escenario y que lo combatiremos hasta las �ltimas consecuencias, mientras nuestrxs compa�erxs se encuentren presos en las c�rceles capitalinas, no detendremos estos ataques.

Al d�a siguiente, lxs esclavxs del salario observaban idiotamente la maquina da�ada junto a sus due�xs, sin poder hacer nada por ella, que se les quede bien claro que ellxs tambi�n son nuestrxs enemigxs, no defenderemos los intereses de la 'clase obrera' ni de la clase privilegiada, porque no somos clasistas, somos anti antropocentristas e individualistas. Luchamos en contra de esta sociedad, expandiendo la guerra anti social con nuestras acciones. Defendemos a la tierra pues creemos en el respeto absoluto hacia ella. No defendemos a ricos ni a pobres, luchamos por la liberaci�n de la tierra y la liberaci�n total contra la civilizaci�n. Que quede claro!

Esta acci�n la enmarcamos en apoyo a lxs anarquistas presxs en el estado fascista chileno. En solidaridad tambi�n con lxs eco prisioneros mexicanos Adrian Magdaleno y Abraham L�pez.

Frente Insurreccionalista de Liberaci�n de la Tierra /Estado de M�xico"


received anonymously (translation):

"Early this morning, September 21, our cell placed a bomb made of butane gas at the gates of the headquarters of Nueva Escuela Tecnol�gica [New School of Technology] in the municipality of Coacalco, Mexico State.
The authorities in that municipality had previously implemented security systems that belong in the worst nightmares of Orwell.
Security cameras, artificial eyes guarding their damned social peace, throughout the major avenues in Coacalco.

In the commercial area, the police presence is evident, state police and the mediocre municipal police pass through the streets and on Lopez Portillo Avenue.
Guarding the centers of domination and domestication that are also protected by surveillance cameras and the idiot guardians of the imposed order.
Facing this situation of high surveillance, it seemed impossible to strike, but rebellious creativity is greater than the highest degree of 'security' that the state implements.
The Coacalco commercial area had been previously visited by eco-anarchist cells who conducted significant strikes right in front of the police, who were flabbergasted by an arson, a butane explosion, graffiti and paint spilled in anthropocentric business.
Our action was censured both by the directors of the Nueva Escuela Tecnol�gica and the Mexico State authorities. They hid the damage that we caused and concealed the evidence of our presence at night. This is not unusual; it happened after the 'celebrations' of the ephemeral bicentennial celebration which were held in 'total' peace.
The Agencia de Seguridad Estatal [state security agency] as well as detectives from the Mexico City police department are aware of our actions and our presence; they know that we were there and that we detonated our explosive charge as the lackeys on patrol passed by unable to stop us.
We chose to attack the NET because it represents the new era of these centers of domestication called schools, where they learn things that are useless for a free life, but necessary for a life of slavery and alienation. They create beings that depend on technology in order to live in these concrete nests called cities, but more closely resemble large prisons. They train malleable minds to be used for entrepreneurship and to expand civilization over wild nature. We will not permit this.

Once again we say: not with their cameras, nor their police officers, nor with their investigators, nor their prisons, will they be able to stop us; we once again skinned the rotten bastards, godammit!

This action is dedicated to the Chilean anarchist prisoners, captured after the wave of repression in that country on August 14; we send much strength, from mexico we remember them in every direct action.
We did not want to wait until the 24th to show our solidarity.
Support is not only for one day, it is in our everyday actions!
Direct solidarity for the eco prisoners Abraham L�pez and Adrian Magdaleno, for the eco revolutionaries on hunger strike in Switzerland, for the animal liberation prisoner Walter Bond in the U.S., and the vegan warriors imprisoned in Italy!
Keep running Diego, you're fucking awesome!

Frente de Liberaci�n de la Tierra/M�xico"

"La madrugada de hoy, 21 de septiembre, nuestra c�lula coloco una bomba compuesta de gas butano frente a las puertas de la Nueva Escuela Tecnol�gica, en su cede en el municipio de Coacalco en el Estado de M�xico.
Anteriormente en dicho municipio las autoridades hab�an implementado sistemas de seguridad pertenecientes a las peores pesadillas de Orwell.
C�maras de seguridad, ojos artificiales en las distintas principales avenidas de Coacalco, vigilando su maldita paz social.

En la zona comercial, la presencia policial ere evidente, polic�as estatales de la ase y lxs mediocres municipales se paseaban en las calles y sobre la avenida lopez portillo.
Custodiando los centros de dominaci�n y domesticaci�n que se resguardan bajo vigilancia de las c�maras y lxs idiotas guardianes del orden impuesto.
Ante estas situaciones de alta vigilancia, parec�a imposible dar nuestro golpe, pero la creatividad insurrecta es m�s grande que los m�s altos grados de 'seguridad' social que implementa el estado.
La zona comercial de Coacalco ya hab�a sido antes visitada por c�lulas eco anarquistas, dando golpes significativos y frente a las narices de la polic�a, que se quedaban at�nitxs despu�s de un fuego intencionado, despu�s de una explosi�n con butano o despu�s de pintas y pintura
derramada ca�ticamente en negocios antropocentristas.
Nuestra acci�n fue censurada tanto por los directores de la NET como por las autoridades mexiquenses. Ocultaron los da�os que causamos y ocultaron la evidencia de nuestra presencia durante la noche. Esto no es raro, de hecho es peculiar que pase despu�s de que los 'festejos' de su ef�mera fiesta del bicentenario se celebraran con 'total' tranquilidad.
La ase de estado de mexico como la polic�a de investigaci�n del distrito federal saben de nuestras acciones, de nuestra presencia, as� como tambi�n saben que estuvimos all� y detonamos nuestra carga explosiva sin que nos detuvieran todxs sus lacayxs en patrullas merodeando por ah�.
Elegimos atacar la NET, pues representa la nueva era de los centros de domesticaci�n, llamadas escuelas, donde se aprenden cosas inservibles para una vida libre, pero necesarias para una vida de esclavx y alienadx. Se implementan medidas modernas para crear seres que dependan de la tecnolog�a para poder sobre vivir en estos nidos de concreto llamados ciudades, pero que m�s bien se asemejan a una gran c�rcel. Se capacitan mentes moldeables para emplearse en el grado del empresariado y as� expandir la civilizaci�n sobre la naturaleza salvaje. Lo cual no lo permitiremos.

Una vez m�s lo decimos: ni con sus c�maras, ni con sus polic�as, ni con sus investigaciones, ni con sus c�rceles, nos podr�n parar, de nuevo se la pelaron pinches malnacidxs, chingao!

Esta acci�n es dedicada a lxs presxs anarquistas chilenxs, apresadxs despu�s de la ola de represi�n vivida en aquel pa�s el 14 de agosto, mucha fuerza, desde mexico lxs recordamos en cada acci�n directa.
Nosotrxs no quisimos esperar hasta el 24 para demostrar nuestra solidaridad.
�Pues el apoyo no solo es en un d�a convocado, es en el actuar cotidiano!
�Solidaridad directa para lxs eco prisionerxs Abraham L�pez, Adrian Magdaleno, a lxs eco revolucionarixs en huelga de hambre en Suiza, al preso por la liberaci�n animal Walter Bond de e.u y para lxs presxs guerrerxs veganxs de Italia!
�C�rrele chingonzon Diego!

Frente de Liberaci�n de la Tierra/M�xico"


received anonymously (translation):

"We claim the following actions in support of anti-authoritarian prisoners, V�ctor Herrera (who has not been sentenced despite nearly a year of imprisonment), Abraham L�pez and Adrian Magdaleno, incarcerated in prisons in Mexican state.

In direct solidarity with the eight accused of illicit terrorist association and of the placement of explosive devices in Chile.

25 - We placed a fake bomb behind a municipal surveillance module in Tultitlan, Mexico State.

26 - We placed a fake bomb inside a phone booth just steps from a dental center that tests on animals in the center of San Crist�bal Ecatepec, Mexico State.

27 - We carried out a bomb threat against the Zentralia mall in the town of Coacalco, Mexico State.

These three days were total chaos in the centers of power and domination, because while the slaves of work, money, luxuries and capitalist vices were collecting their earnings in order to consume and feed the domesticating and authoritarian blight, we were spreading chaos in these three Mexican municipalities, solidifying our direct solidarity in support of the prisoners.

We will not stand by and do nothing, not now not ever, because the struggle continues!

From Mexico to Chile we send our wholehearted insurrectionist and internationalist support!

Frente de Liberaci�n Animal"


reported anonymously (translation):

"The Frente de Liberaci�n Animal claim two sabotages against animal exploiting businesses in Guadalajara, Mexico which we decided to carry out due to the disappearance of direct action in our city. The actions:

We spray-painted slogans in black on a poultry and egg transport trailer. The slogans painted were 'Eggs = Torture', 'Animals are not objects to use and consume, they were born to be free!' and 'ALF.' After painting, we fled into the night.

We (again) painted a 'Eukanuba' pet store. Their metal shutters which cover the windows were painted with slogans like 'No more using and profiting from animals', 'This company profits from the enslavement and torture of animals, do not buy from them' and 'ALF'

We want to clarify that these actions are simple and symbolic but we decided to not just talk but instead to attempt to make a change in the things they do to our brothers and sisters and the earth. We send abolitionist greetings to our comrade Diego Alonso who decided to evade the orders that the state issued in our own city by living how he wants to live.

Frente de Liberaci�n Animal/Animal Liberation Front, Guadalajara M�xico."

"El Frente de Liberaci�n Animal reivindica 2 sabotajes hacia empresas de explotaci�n animal en Guadalajara, M�xico la cual hemos decidido llevar a cabo por la desaparici�n de la acci�n directa en nuestra ciudad, las siguientes acciones son:

-Hemos pintado consignas con un aerosol de color negro en un tr�iler de transporte av�cola y de huevo, se pintaron consignas como: "Huevo=Tortura", "Los animales no son objetos de uso y consumo, nacieron para ser libres!" y "ALF" huimos minutos despu�s de hacer las pintas en la noches.

-Hemos pintado (una vez mas) una tienda de mascotas "Eukanuba" sus lonas met�licas que cubren los vidrios, se pintaron consignas como: "No mas lucro y uso para los animales", "Esta empresa lucra con la esclavizaci�n y la tortura de animales, no les compres" y "ALF"

Queremos aclarar que estas acciones son sencillas y simb�licas pero decidimos hacer la diferencia a solo quedarnos en la palabra y no cambiar las cosas que se les hacen a nuestros hermanos los animales y a la tierra. Le mandamos un saludo abolicionista al compa�ero Diego Alonso el cual decidi� burlar los papeles que les dicto el estado de nuestra misma ciudad para vivir como el quer�a vivir.

Frente de Liberaci�n Animal/Animal Liberation Front, Guadalajara M�xico."



reported anonymously (translation):

"On the night of July 27 we made a bonfire with property belonging to destroyers of the Earth.
In the Dinamos woods in the Magdalena Contreras section of Mexico City, there is an urban expansion project that is still in the early stages of construction. It involves the creation of deep wells that would take water from the river with the goal of urban expansion and anthropocentric progress.
For that reason vegan elves are responsible for the following sabotages:
-We blocked the wells with stones, bricks, blocks and rubble, preventing the river water from flowing through its pipes.
-We graffitied the machines and the construction material with slogans such as 'Stop urban expansion', 'No more civilization of wild environments' and 'Frente de Liberaci�n de la Tierra'
-We burned three machines using incendiary devices, including: two bulldozers and a small machine that removes rubble; the smallest device was placed in the first one at the pedals, in the second one the window was shattered with rocks and the device was put in the cabin and in the third machine the device was placed on the cables.
We fled into the night without a trace. The damage was in the thousands of pesos. We want to make it clear that what we did was in defense of the earth, which is destroyed every day by ego-centrism and authoritarianism, but for every wild or semi-wild environment destroyed, hundreds of their machines and properties will be destroyed and left unusable. Let this serve as a lesson to the exploiters of the earth!
This action dedicated to the animal liberation warrior in the United States, Walter Bond, recently jailed for three fires against animal exploitation companies. Dedicated as well in support of Leo in Italy, and to Adrian and Abraham.
Frente de Liberaci�n de la Tierra /Earth Liberation Front"

"La noche del 28 de Julio prendimos una hoguera con las propiedades de lxs destructorxs de la tierra.
Internado en el bosque de los dinamos en la delegaci�n magdalena contreras del DF, se encontraba un proyecto de expansi�n urbana, dicho proyecto aun en principios de construcci�n, consist�a en la realizaci�n de pozos profundos que sacar�an agua del rio con el fi de expandir la urbe y el progreso antropocentrista.
Por esa raz�n lxs elfos se hacen responsables de los siguientes sabotajes:
-Hemos tapado los pozos con piedras, tabiques, ladrillos y escombros, evitando que el agua del rio fluya a trav�s de sus tuber�as.
-Hemos hecho pintas reivindicativas en las maquinas y en el material de construcci�n tales como: 'Alto a la expansi�n urbana', 'Fuera la civilizaci�n de los entornos salvajes' y 'Frente de Liberaci�n de la Tierra'
-Hemos incendiado tres maquinas por medio de dispositivos incendiarios tales como: Dos excavadoras y una peque�a maquina que remueve escombros; se coloco primero el dispositivo a la mas peque�a junto a los pedales, a la segunda se le destrozo el vidrio con piedras y se coloco el dispositivo en la cabina y la tercera maquina se coloco el dispositivo en la parte superior sobre los cables.
Huimos en plena noche sin dejar rastro, los da�os han sido en miles de pesos, queremos dejar en claro que esto que hicimos fue en defensa de la tierra, que d�a con d�a es destrozada por el egocentrismo y el autoritarismo, pero por cada entorno salvaje o semi-salvaje destruido habr� cientos de maquinas y propiedades suyas destrozadas e inservibles, que les sirva esto como lecci�n a lxs explotadorxs de la tierra!
Acci�n dedicada al guerrero por la liberaci�n animal de Estados Unidos Walter Bond encarcelado �ltimamente por tres incendios contra empresas de explotaci�n animal. Dedicada tambi�n en apoyo a Leo de Italia, tambi�n a Adrian y Abraham.
Frente de Liberaci�n de la Tierra /Earth Liberation Front"


reported on Liberaci�n Total (translation):

"A suspicious package was left in front of the Sanofi-Aventis pharmaceutical company near the Miguel �ngel de Quevedo metro in Mexico City on July 22 of this year.
The package contained a fake bomb made of plastic containers filled with drinking water bound together with duct tape and a stopwatch.
The reason that we attacked this company is because it is one of the pharmaceutical companies that are of vital importance to HLS [Huntingdon Life Sciences].

Sanofi-Aventis, this is just a warning, you are under notice. This company believed that the minimal attacks they have received were only happening in Europe, but we have news for them. The Animal Liberation Front and animal liberation direct action groups are also in Mexico, where the partners of HLS also have properties.

The war of nerves and psychological terror are tactics in our radical struggle that we use and will continue using in our informal way of taking action.
With this action chaos took hold of the minds of the owners and employees of this company which promotes the domestication of and experimentation on animals in HLS laboratories for human 'progress' and 'well-being.'
So be careful with each package that is left outside its offices, filled with cameras, guards and motion censors, because none of those will do any good; next time we will not leave a fake bomb. And they know that our words are not lies.

Likewise in this communique we make an announcement that we have already made to various newspapers and journalists, of the poisoning of several pieces of meat in the deli department at the Wal Mart supermarket in Polanco in September of last year, which created controversy among people and newspapers to which we sent the threat but which was silenced by police who were at that time under pressure due to the butane gas bomb attacks. Of course the threat was false. Did they act quickly? Did they ignore it? We do not know, but what we do know is that if we decide to carry out this action one of these days, and if we issue another notice like last year, it wouldn't be a false alarm but a real one and the people poisoned would be the responsibility of the media and the authorities!

With these actions we send greetings to the eco-anarchist and antiauthoritarian prisoners of mexico, Abraham, Adrian, V�ctor and Socorro. And we send a message to their captors and torturers:
We have you in our sights, bastards!

Frente de Liberaci�n Animal"

"Un paquete sospechoso fue abandonado frente a la empresa farmac�utica Sanofi Aventis cerca del metro Miguel �ngel de Quevedo en el Distrito Federal, el 22 de julio de este a�o.
El paquete conten�a una bomba falsa hecha con envases de pl�stico rellenos de agua potabilizada atados con cinta para ductos y un cronometro.
La raz�n por la que hemos atacado a esta empresa es por que es una de las farmac�uticas con vital importancia para el laboratorio HLS.

Sanofi Aventis, esto es solo una advertencia, estas bajo aviso, esta empresa cre�a que los m�nimos ataques que recib�a eran solo en Europa, pero les tenemos una noticia, el Frente de Liberaci�n Animal y los grupos de acci�n directa por la liberaci�n animal tambi�n est�n en mexico, donde est�n tambi�n las propiedades de los socios de HLS.

La guerra de nervios y el terror psicol�gico son t�cticas dentro de nuestras formas de lucha radical que usamos y seguiremos usando en nuestro actuar informal.
Con esta acci�n el caos se apodero de las mentes de lxs due�xs y empleadxs de esta empresa que promueve dentro de los laboratorios de HLS la domesticaci�n y la experimentaci�n de animales para el �progreso� humano y su �bienestar� actual.
As� que a tener cuidado con cada bulto que se deja a las afueras de sus oficinas, llenas de c�maras, guardias y censores de movimiento, porque nada de esto servir� pues para la otra ocasi�n no dejaremos una bomba falsa. Y saben que nuestras palabras no son mentira.

De igual manera en este comunicado reivindicamos el aviso que hicimos a diferentes peri�dicos y periodistas del envenenamiento de varias piezas de carne en el departamento de carnes fr�as en el supermercado Wal Mart de Polanco, en septiembre del a�o pasado, lo cual levanto pol�mica entre las personas y peri�dicos a las cuales mandamos la amenaza pero que fue callada por las corporaciones policiacas que en ese momento estaban siendo presionados por los atentados con bombas de gas butano. Por supuesto la amenaza era falsa, �actuaron r�pido? �Hicieron caso omiso? No lo sabemos, pero lo que si sabemos es que si alg�n d�a de estos decidimos llevar a cabo esta acci�n y si lanzamos otro aviso como el del a�o pasado, ya no ser� falsa alarma sino ser� real y las personas envenenadas ser�n responsabilidad de los medios de comunicaci�n y de las autoridades en turno!

Con estas acciones saludamos a los prisioneros eco anarquistas y autoritarios de mexico, Abraham, Adrian, V�ctor y Socorro. Y mandamos un mensaje para sus captorxs y torturadorxs:
�Los tenemos en la mira, malnacidxs!

Frente de Liberaci�n Animal"


anonymous communique (translation):

"Late at night on July 5 of this year we attacked a chinchilla farm, but it was not just any small businessman's farm, but rather we chose to attack the only registered chinchilla farm in the State of Mexico, in the rural municipality of Amecameca.

The farm is owned by Patricia Perrin-Sullivan and Thomas L. Carpenter, members of the Mexican branch of the International Chinchilla Association. This association, which works to expand the domination and domestication of animals for human consumption as clothes for fashion and haute couture, has been mocking the attacks of ecosaboteurs and liberationists throughout the world, devoting part of their website to so-called 'vegan fanaticism.' Eco-terrorists, as these idiots call us, have shown how stupid these people are to think that we would not come to raid their property and to attack them.
They thought we would put a bomb in some business or that we would be breaking windows in a demonstration, but they were wrong. Now we are everywhere, sharpening our knives to tear open the bars of their farms filled with animal prisoners and to sabotage them causing more economic damage than ever before.

For this action a lot of time and effort was dedicated in surveying the area; pictures and videos were taken, information and maps were compiled from the internet, so that we'd have more information about the area and the possible escape routes. With this preparation completed we decided to attack and make our hardest strike for animal liberation.

So that night, camouflaged by the darkness and with only the moon lighting our insurgent steps, we arrived at the property in the late hours of the night. With some bolt cutters we cut the metal fencing that had protected the farm with much care so that they would not hear us and so that the dogs who were guarding the place would not chase us. We opened the fencing from top to bottom and entered. We realized that one of the two chinchilla sheds was completely abandoned but the other was full of chinchillas who very softly squeaked and moved in their cages. Our greatest desire was to free a large number of the chinchilla prisoners but because of serious concerns about security we decided to just focus on the shed that was empty and to destroy it so that it couldn't ever be used as a center for animal extermination again.
Several attempts were made to open the barred window in the shed where chinchillas were, but these were in vain. The shed was medium-sized and was very close to the house belonging to those guarding this business of torture and domestication, so we decided (as we already said) to focus on the empty shed.

On the two sheds we left graffiti against this filthy business, graffiti such as 'Patricia, we have come for your skin!', 'You are in our sights', symbols of the ALF and other slogans that at that moment we felt were appropriate, so that they would know who we are and what we are capable of. Immediately after this we placed an incendiary device made of about four liters of gasoline at the side of the empty shed. We left it under a lot of wood so that the fire would spread.
We set the timer on the device and left through the torn wire mesh.
When we were far away from the target, the fire could be clearly seen as it burned. The abolitionist's flame was present once again on a tranquil night shaken by the Frente de Liberaci�n Animal in Mexico.
We had struck once again, but this time it was not a bank or a pet store, now we have focused our sights on larger targets, evolving and growing in ideology and our actions are at par with the actions of the dominators of animals and the earth.

Two days after this action, after the workers and the owners saw our graffiti and threats, after they had seen the charred empty shed and that the fencing was cut, we sent a threat by e-mail to the owners of the farm. They must stop operating their business of animal exploitation. Part of the threat read:

... 'You are warned! We have entered your property and we can do so again. It will do no good to have lighting or better security because we will be there, watching you from the darkness, night after night, until you are distracted, then we will enter and sabotage and liberate the animals that you keep as prisoners. If this time we didn't liberate the chinchillas, next time we will!'...

Abraham L�pez and Adrian Magdaleno, this action is dedicated to you. We send you much strength and an incendiary embrace. Remember that confinement is only a setback that all true revolutionaries have to face sooner or later and that the harder the battle, the sweeter the victory will be!

For animal and earth liberation!
For the destruction of dominating and anthropocentric civilization!
Direct and insurgent attack against the strongholds of the system of domestication!
Fire to all society based on authoritarian and 'alternative' values!
For the destruction of the prisons and the cages!

Address of the chinchilla farm:

Rancho Ximoco
Number 1010
Postal Code 56900
Telephone: 011 52 597 976 7464
Fax: 011 52 597 976 8045
Amecameca, Mexico State

Frente de Liberaci�n Animal / Mexico


"Por la madrugada del 5 de julio de este a�o hemos asaltado una granja de chinchillas, pero no fue cualquier granja propiedad de un peque�o empresario, sino que hemos elegido atacar a la �nica granja de chinchillas registrada en el Estado de Mexico, en el municipio rural de Amecameca.

Dicha granja es propiedad de Patricia Perrin Sullivan y Thomas L. Carpenter miembrxs de la Asociaci�n Internacional de Chinchillas secci�n mexico, esta asociaci�n que expande la dominaci�n y domesticaci�n de animales para el consumo humano como vestimenta de moda y de �alta costura� se mofaba de los ataques de eco saboteadorxs y liberacionistas en todo el mundo, dedicando en una parte de su pagina de internet al as� llamado por ellxs �fanatismo vegano�. Lxs eco terroristas, as� nos llaman estxs ignorantes que demostraron ser ellxs lxs estupidxs al pensar que no llegar�amos a allanar sus propiedades para atacarlos por la Liberaci�n animal.
Pensaron que estar�amos poniendo una bomba en alg�n negocio o que estar�amos rompiendo vidrios en manifestaciones, pero se equivocaron, ahora estamos en todas partes, afilando nuestros cuchillos para desgarrar las rejas de sus granjas llenas de animales presos y sabotearlas para causar as� un da�o econ�mico nunca antes lleva a cabo.

Para esta acci�n se dedico tiempo, esfuerzo y mucha delicadeza al andar en los alrededores, se tomaron fotos y videos, se recopilaron textos de internet y mapas para tener m�s informaci�n y as� conocer la zona y las posibles rutas de escape. Teniendo esto preparado decidimos atacar y dar nuestro m�s duro golpe por la liberaci�n animal.

As� que esa noche, camuflajeadxs con la oscuridad y solo con la luna alumbrando nuestros pasos insurrectos, hemos llegado al lugar a altas hora de la noche, con unas cizallas cortamos las rejas que proteg�an la granja, con mucho cuidado para que no nos oyeran y corretearan los perros que estaban como guardianes abrimos la reja de arriba a bajo, penetramos y nos dimos cuenta de que una de las dos naves de chinchillas estaba completamente abandonada y la otra estaba repleta de chinchillas que chillaban muy suavemente y se mov�an en sus jaulas. Nuestro m�s grande deseo era liberar a la mayor parte de las chinchillas presas pero por razones extremas y de seguridad decidimos solo centrarnos en la nave que estaba vac�a y destruirla para que no se volviera a usar como centro de exterminio animal.
Varios intentos fueron para poder abrir la ventana protegida en la nave donde se encontraban las chinchillas pero estos fueron en vano, las naves eran medianas y se encontraban a una distancia muy corta de la casa de lxs que cuidan el negocio de tortura y domesticaci�n que decidimos (como anteriormente dijimos) centrarnos en la nave vac�a.

As� que en las dos naves hemos dejado viarias pintas contra este sucio negocio, pintas como 'Patricia, venimos por tu piel!', 'Est�n en la mira', s�mbolos del ALF y dem�s fueron los esl�ganes que sentimos en ese momento adecuados para que vallan sabiendo quienes somos y de lo que somos capases de hacer, enseguida de esto hemos colocado un dispositivo incendiario de unos cuatro litros de gasolina a un costado de la nave vac�a, lo dejamos debajo de una gran cantidad de madera para que el fuego se expandiera.
Cronometramos el dispositivo y salimos por la malla met�lica desgarrada, cuando �bamos lejos del objetivo, claramente el fuego se ve�a como calcinaba toda la nave a su paso; de las maderas la chispa creci� hasta llegar al techo, del techo cayeron algunas chispas que prendieron toda la nave vac�a, la llama de lxs abolicionistas de nuevo volv�a a estar presente en una noche tranquila desquiciada por el Frente de Liberaci�n Animal de Mexico.
Una vez m�s golpeamos, pero ahora no fue a un banco o a una tienda de mascotas, ahora hemos enfocado nuestra visi�n a objetivos m�s grandes, evolucionando y creciendo en lo ideol�gico y a la par en la acci�n contra lxs dominadorxs de animales y de la tierra.

Dos d�as despu�s de esta acci�n, despu�s de que lxs trabajadorxs y lxs due�xs observaran nuestras pintas y amenazas, despu�s de que vieron que la nave vac�a estaba calcinada y que la reja estaba cortada, hemos amenazado por correo electr�nico de atentar contra los due�xs de dicha granja sino detienen su negocio de explotaci�n animal ahora, parte de la amenaza dec�a:

�'Est�n advertidxs! Hemos penetrado su propiedad y lo podemos hacer de nuevo, de nada les servir� poner mas alumbrado o mayor seguridad porque nosotrxs estaremos all�, observ�ndolos desde la oscuridad, noche tras noche, hasta que se distraigan para entrar, sabotear y liberar a los animales que tienen presos. Si esta vez no liberamos a las chinchillas para la pr�xima lo haremos!' �

Abraham L�pez y Adrian Magdaleno esta acci�n es dedicada a ustedes, les mandamos mucha fuerza y un abrazo incendiario. Recuerden que el encierro es solo el tropiezo que todx verdaderx revolucionarix tiene que enfrentar tarde o temprano y que mientras mas dura sea la batalla mas dulce ser� la victoria!

�Por la liberaci�n animal y de la tierra!
�Por la destrucci�n de la civilizaci�n dominadora y antropocentrista!
�Ataque directo e insurrecto a los bastiones del sistema de domesticaci�n!
�Fuego a toda sociedad que se sustenta en valores autoritarios y 'alternativos'!
�Por la destrucci�n de las c�rceles y de las jaulas!

Direcci�n de granja de chinchillas:
Rancho Ximoco
Numero 1010
C�digo postal 56900
Tel�fono: 011 52 597 976 7464
Fax: 011 52 597 976 8045
Amecameca, Estado de Mexico


anonymous report (translation):

"Actions reported for animal liberation in mexico state:
2 - canary cage opened, canary flies to freedom / Action dedicated to
anti-authoritarian prisoners Victor Herrera Govea and Socorro Molinero
15 - Dove rescued / Action dedicated to the eco-anarchist prisoner Abraham
L�pez Mart�nez
26 - Muriatic acid bomb detonated in front of chicken slaughterhouse previously
targeted in acts of sabotage / Action dedicated to eco-anarchist prisoner
Adrian Magdaleno Gonzales
For the liberation of the animals and the earth
Frente de Liberaci�n Animal - Mexico State"

"Acciones reportadas por la liberaci�n animal en el estado de mexico:
2 � Jaula de canario abierta, canario vuela a la libertad/Acci�n dedicada
a los presos antiautoritarios V�ctor Herrera Govea y Socorro Molinero
15 � Paloma rescatada/Acci�n dedicada al preso eco anarquista Abraham
L�pez Mart�nez
26 � Bomba de acido muri�tico detonada frente a matadero de pollos atacado
anteriormente en otras acciones de sabotaje/Acci�n dedicada al preso eco
anarquista Adrian Magdaleno Gonzales
Por la liberaci�n animal y de la tierra
Frente de Liberaci�n Animal - Estado de Mexico"


anonymous communique (translation):

"Acknowledging that the war is on, that total revolution will not wait and neither will we, on the night of June 5 the Frente de Liberaci�n Animal once again attacked the urban routine and mental passivity. This time two false explosive devices were placed, the first of them at a McDonald's which still had some people inside eating filth and instilling anthropocentrism in their children as the only way of life. The fear and confusion in the people was undeniable, although they didn't face ran any real danger. The second false device was placed in a KFC, and although there were no people there, the chaos among the population was the same. The two establishments are on Miguel Alem�n Boulevard, in the city of G�mez Palacio, Durango. Following an anonymous call warning of the two explosives in each exploitative, capitalist establishment, the police mobilization was immediate; specialists in these types of devices arrived, while the people who were still inside one of the establishments feared for their lives because they chose this place to eat their garbage ... As long as they engage in animal and earth exploitation to continue enlarging civilization, their killing centers, prisons, and so on ... we'll be there, interrupting their tranquility, destroying their capitalist centers, and causing all types of damages to the industrial system ...

Always in solidarity and with full support for our comrades imprisoned in Mexico and throughout the world and with those who fight every day, the struggle will not wait, the struggle does not forget. All those who have been kidnapped by the state for expressing their discontent, who have mocked the security forces, those who struggle anonymously in so many parts of the world for Total Liberation. Greetings and a warm embrace to comrade Diego Alonso who walks freely and dangerously in the streets which gives us much joy, to our comrades Diego R�os, Abraham L�pez, Adrian Magdaleno, V�ctor Herrera, Emmanuel Hern�ndez, Socorro Molinero, and in the same way we give our support and solidarity to our anarchist comrade Renata Zelazna.

A greeting to all those who fight!

F.L.A. � F.L.T."

"Teniendo en cuenta que la guerra est� activa, que la revoluci�n total no espera, nosotrxs no lo hagamos tampoco. La noche del 5 de Junio el Frente de Liberaci�n Animal una vez m�s atac� la rutina urbana, y la pasividad mental. Est� vez se colocaron dos artefactos explosivos falsos, el primero de ellos en un Mc Donald`s teniendo a�n gente dentro de sus instalaciones comiendo su porquer�a, e inculcando a sus hijxs el antropocentrismo como �nica forma de vida. El temor y desconcierto de las personas fue indudable, aunque no corrieron ning�n peligro real, el segundo artefacto falso fue puesto en un KFC, y aunque ah� ya no hab�a personas el descontrol entre la poblaci�n fue el mismo. Los dos establecimientos se encuentran sobre el Blv Miguel Alem�n, en la ciudad de G�mez Palacio Durango. Tras una llamada an�nima que alertaba sobre los dos explosivos en cada establecimiento capitalista explotador la movilizaci�n policiaca no se hizo esperar, llegaron especialistas en este tipo de artefactos, mientras las personas que a�n hab�a dentro de uno de los establecimientos tem�an por sus vidas por haber elegido ese lugar para comer su basura� Mientras ellxs sigan usando la explotaci�n animal y de la Tierra para seguir engrandeciendo la civilizaci�n, sus centros de exterminio, carcelarios, y dem�s� nosotrxs estaremos ah�, interrumpiendo su tranquilidad, destruyendo sus centros capitalistas, y causando da�os de cualquier tipo al sistema industrial�

Siempre en compa��a y apoyo total a lxs compa�erxs presxs de M�xico y el mundo as� como a lxs que luchan d�a a d�a, la lucha no espera, la lucha no olvida. Todxs aquellxs que han sido secuestradxs por el estado al mostrar su descontento, quienes han burlado su seguridad, quienes de forma an�nima en tantos puntos del mundo luchan por la Liberaci�n Total. Saludos y un fuerte abrazo al compa�ero Diego Alonso que anda libre y peligrosamente en las calles lo cual nos da mucha alegr�a, a lxs compa�erxs Diego R�os, Abraham L�pez, Adrian Magdaleno, V�ctor Herrera, Emmanuel Hern�ndez, Socorro Molinero, y de la misma manera apoyo y solidaridad a la compa�era anarquista Renata Zelazna.

Saludos a lxs que Luchan!

F.L.A. � F.L.T."


anonymous communique (translation):

"On Tuesday, May 26 at about one o'clock in the morning, the frente de liberacion animal attacked one of so many targets; rejecting passivity we decided to go to battle against vile anthropocentrism, throwing paint bombs at this vile institution full of vivisectors--the medical school--decorating the premises and at the same time getting lost in the shadows and darkness of that night. Perhaps it was not an action with much significance, but as we have said we broke with passivity and that is something very important; we are not compliant and so we went out to spread the flame of insurrection, abandoning the consumerist routine...

Through this communique we want to send a strong greeting to our comrade Diego Alonso. We are very happy to know that day after day you mock the authority and their dirty system. Also, we have not forgetten his namesake, Diego Rios of Chile and the vegan anarchists Abraham L�pez and Adrian Magdaleno! Also, a fraternal greeting to our anti-authoritarian comrades V�ctor Herrera, Emmanuel Hern�ndez and Socorro Molinero!...

To all of them we want to say that you are not alone; we continue on fighting for your immediate freedom!!!
Greetings to those who struggle, that the flame spreads further day by day!


"El pasado martes 26 de mayo alrededor de la una de la madrugada,el frente de liberacion animal ataco uno de tantos objetivos,rompiendo con la pasividad desidimxs salir a combatir al maldito antropocentrismo lanzando bombas de pintura a esta maldita institucion llena de vivisectorxs que es la escuela de medicina, decorando sus instalaciones y asi mismo desidimxs perdernxs entre sombras y la oscuridad de esa noche,quizas no sea una accion con mucha trascendencia pero como lo hemos dicho rompemos con la pasividad que para muchos es algo de suma importancia ya que no estamxs conformes y asi salimxs a extender la llama de la insurreccion dejamos la rutina consumista..

Y desde este medio queremxs mandar un fuerte abraso al compa�ero Diego Alonso que estamxs muy contentos de saber que burla dia con dia ala autoridad y su sucio sistema,y tambien no olvidamxs a su tocayo Diego rios de chile! y a los anarco veganos Abraham L�pez y Adrian Magdaleno! tambien un saludo fraternal para los compas antiautoritarios V�ctor Herrera, Emmanuel Hern�ndez y Socorro Molinero!�

A todxs ellxs queremxs desirles que no estan solxs seguimxs aqui luchando por su libertad inmediata.!!!
saludxs a lxs que luchan,que la llama se extienda dia con dia..!!



received anonymously (translation):

"The Frente de Liberaci�n Animal claim the following actions:
May 12: Several subway cars were stoned during their journey to
nearby stations; the action was dedicated to the 'saboteur of the
metro' Adrian Magdaleno Gonz�lez.
May 20: An incendiary device was left on the front tire of a
transport truck used by a chicken slaughterhouse; the device
worked properly and the fire consumed the tire, headlights,
hood, engine, several of the cables that power the engine
and part of the windshield. The machine was rendered useless.
The action was dedicated to the 'incendiary' Abraham L�pez Mart�nez.

Additionally we applaud the decision taken by Diego Alonso to escape
his house arrest. We hope that wild nature's inexplicable care will
accompany you wherever you are plotting your path to your illegal
In memory of Mauricio Morales.
Freedom for V�ctor Herrera, Emmanuel Hern�ndez and Socorro Molinero!
For the liberation of animals and the earth, sabotage and fire!
FLA-Mexico State"

"El Frente de Liberaci�n Animal reivindica las siguientes acciones:
12 de mayo: Varios vagones del metro Ferrero apedreados durante su
trayecto a estaciones cercanas, acci�n dedicada al �saboteador del metro�
Adrian Magdaleno Gonz�lez.
20 de mayo: Un dispositivo incendiario fue dejado en la llanta delantera
de una camioneta que servia como transporte al servicio de un matadero de
pollos, el dispositivo funciono correctamente y el fuego consumi� la
llanta, los faros, el cofre, el motor, varios cables que alimentan la
maquina para andar y parte del parabrisas. La maquina quedo inutilizada.
Acci�n dedicada al �incendiario� Abraham L�pez Mart�nez.

Por otra parte aplaudimos la decisi�n tomada por Diego Alonso de escapar
de su arresto domiciliario. Que el inexplicable cuidado de la naturaleza
salvaje te acompa�e por donde est�s trazando tu camino hacia tu libertad
En memoria de Mauricio Morales.
�Libertad para V�ctor Herrera, Emmanuel Hern�ndez y Socorro Molinero!
�Por la liberaci�n animal y de la tierra, sabotaje e incendios!
FLA-Estado de Mexico"


Novartis Guadalajara

translation of anonymous communique
(photo: arrival of bomb disposal experts /

"The Frente de Liberaci�n Animal of Guadalajara, Mexico, succeeded in placing an explosive device made of dynamite and butane gas next to the building in which Novartis is located. This company has connections with Huntingdon Life Sciences, a laboratory which is responsible for torturing and enslaving animals for use by human animals, to make money selling products such as cosmetics and medicines. We want to tell you, Novartis and HLS, that vivisection is scientific fraud and that we will not rest until your cruel speciesist industry stops. Sickness is a consequence of your sedentary, domestic life, products such as cosmetics are unnecessary for our existence, but you continue making excuses that it is for the good of a single species, when on this planet only the species 'animal' exists. Will you realize that this is not a game when one of your directors or employees appears unconscious in the streets because of an attack by some activists? Or will you realize it when your family members get physically and psychologically intimidated? You decide whether to leave animals alone or suffer the consequences.

Frente de Liberaci�n Animal/Animal Liberation Front Guadalajara M�xico"

"El Frente de Liberaci�n Animal Guadalajara M�xico, se adjudica la colocaci�n de un artefacto explosivo a base de dinamita y gas butano el cual coloco junto al edificio en el que se encontraba la empresa Novartis, esta empresa tiene relaci�n con Huntington Life Sciences, este laboratorio de encarga de torturar y esclavizar animales para el uso de los animales humanos, para sacar a la venta productos como cosm�ticos, medicamentos, y alimentos todav�a no aceptados, queremos decirles desde M�xico a HLS y a Novartis que la Vivisecci�n es un fraude cient�fico y nosotros no descansaremos hasta acabar con su cruel industria especista, las enfermedades son la consecuencia de su vida sedentaria y domestica, los productos como los cosm�ticos son innecesarios para nuestra existencia, pero se siguen justificando que es para el bien de una sola especie, cuando en el planeta solo existe la especie animal, se dar�n cuenta de que esto no es un juego cuando uno de sus directores o empleado aparezca inconsciente en la calle a base de un ataque de algunos activistas? O se dar�n cuenta cuando su larga lista de familiares sea intimidada psicol�gica y f�sicamente? Ustedes deciden si dejar a los animales o sufrir la consecuencias.

Frente de Liberaci�n Animal/Animal Liberation Front Guadalajara M�xico"



reported on Liberaci�n Total (translation):

"May 13th of this year

After all the shit we had to do today we decided to take to the streets and destroy everything that destroys us and destroys our natural environment.

We went out with the deepest and darkest hatred and rage, but yet we were not blinded by the latter, on the contrary, we converted it to gunpowder and we have carefully targeted it.

We chose to go out because we can no longer support this situation. Things are getting worse all the time and will worsen with the frantic pace of this consumer society along with this industrial technological system. That's why we will not remain standing with folded arms, observers, looking like fools. Today we began to take action.

For these and other reasons we were determined to put our tools to use and to build a bomb made of black powder inside a metal case securely attached to a canister of butane gas, and we left it in the entrance of a McDonald's near the Guelatao metro station in Mexico City.

When we were preparing our explosive the police passed by us, not knowing that later we would be making fun of them and their secret security devices for protecting the banks. It is worth noting that just a few steps away from this biocidal franchise was a Banamex. Did the ignorant and castrated federal prosecutor miguel angel mansera believe that the bombings would stop with his televised threats, saying that he has some of our comrades imprisoned in his jails? If he thought so, he is very wrong. Today's action stands in contradiction to his absurd declarations.

We have been very clear that no divine savior is coming, nor a born leader to guide us to the 'path of truth' nor the 'ideal conditions' as the mediocre Marxists say (what other conditions do they went before they start burning it all down? They only hide their cowardice and fear of carrying out actions with their stupid, reformist analysis) nor is there a fetishized date to begin our revolution.
Until now many of the ignorant masses, the sell-outs in the press and the demoralized police agencies have called us vandals, crazy people, rioters, and/or terrorists. Today as individuals we claim ourselves as terrorists, not to play into the hands of the press and the other shitheads, but because we seek to cause terror and fear in all those who live at the expense of environmental destruction. We do not want, nor are we interested in causing terror in the masses or in creating victims; it would not be worth the cost; it's better to direct our guns and our bombs against those key individuals who maintain the state and capital, and their economic interests. Why terrify the masses, if the same people themselves are terrified every day when they wake up and realize that their whole life has been wasted working on something that they do not enjoy, always as one of the subordinates, in obedience to all the above, humbling themselves to get a few pesos? As we have said, it is not worth it to terrorize these zombies.

Passivity is no longer part of our lives, nor of our feelings, even much less part of our ideas; we have removed it like a cancer with the scalpel of violence, violence tied to vengeance, the revolutionary violence born of our instincts for wild freedom.

We have reached our limit! The exploiters have crossed all the lines that exist, they are destroying everything good that is left in this world, they have appropriated the rivers, forests, seas, animals, deserts, air, water, food, and the malleable minds of the weak who form this society, but they have been unable to do it to us and we will respond to all this with more attacks. This is only a small, first proof of how serious it will become. Even if they want to censor, erase or cover it up, we are still here. We know as well as you do that this happened and it is a fact, and will remain so even if you want to hide it.

A greeting to those who fight, and much strength to our imprisoned comrades for earth and animal liberation, Abraham L�pez, Adrian Magdaleno and Diego Alonso.
The social war continues, ready for war, in memory of Mauricio Morales.

.: Terrorist Column of the Black Revolutionaries:."

"13 de mayo del presente a�o

Despu�s de tanta mierda hoy estamos hartxs y nos hemos decidido a salir a las calles y destruir todo lo que nos destruye y destruye nuestro entorno natural.

Hemos salido desde lo mas profundo y obscuro del odio y de la rabia, mas sin embargo esta ultima no nos ciega, al contrario, la convertimos en p�lvora y la tenemos muy bien dirigida hacia ciertas cabezas.

Hemos elegido salir porque ya no soportamos m�s esta situaci�n. Las cosas van cada vez peor y van a empeorar con el fren�tico paso que da esta sociedad consumista junto con este sistema tecno industrial. Es por eso que no nos quedaremos con los brazos cruzados, mirando como unxs imb�ciles observadores y hoy comenzaremos a actuar.

Por estas y m�s razones nos hemos empecinado en emplear nuestras herramientas y armar una bomba compuesta de dinamita negra dentro de un embase de metal amarrada fuertemente a gas butano y la hemos dejado en la entrada de un Mc Donalds cerca del metro Guelatao en el distrito federal.

Cuando prepar�bamos nuestro explosivo la polic�a pas� enfrente de nosotrxs, no sabiendo que despu�s nos estar�amos burlando de ellxs y de sus secretos dispositivos de seguridad para resguardar los bancos, cabe destacar que a unos cuantos pasos de esta franquicia biocida se encontraba un banamex. �El ignorante y castrado procurador capitalino miguel angel mansera crey� que parar�a las explosiones con sus amenazas televisivas y diciendo que tiene a algunos de nuestros compa�eros presos en sus reclusorios? Si as� lo crey�, esta muy equivocado, pues la acci�n de hoy a puesta en contradicci�n sus absurdas declaraciones.

Tenemos bien claro que no va a llegar un salvador divino, ni un l�der nato para guiarnos por el �camino de la verdad�, ni las �condiciones� exactas como dicen lxs mediocres marxistas (�Qu� mas condiciones quieren para empezar ha incendiarlo todo? Solo ocultan su miedo y cobard�a a actuar con sus est�pidos y atareados an�lisis reformistas) ni una fecha fetichista para empezar nuestra revoluci�n.

Hasta ahora mucha masa ignorante, la prensa vendida y las desmoralizadas corporaciones policiacas nos ha llamado vandalxs, locxs, desmadrosxs y/o terroristas, hoy nosotrxs desde nuestras individualidades nos reivindicamos como terroristas, no por caer en el juego de la prensa y dem�s mierderxs, sino porque buscamos causar el terror y el miedo para todxs aquellxs que viven a costa de la destrucci�n ambiental. No queremos ni nos interesa aterrorizar a las masas ni causar victimas, no valdr�a la pena, que mejor que dirigir nuestros rev�lveres y nuestras bombas llenas

de dinamita contra aquellas personalidades claves para el mantenimiento del estado y el capital, junto con sus intereses econ�micos. �Para que atemorizar a las masas, si la gente misma se aterra todos los d�as cuando se despierta y se da cuenta que ha desperdiciado toda su vida trabajando en algo que no disfruta, siguiendo siempre a lxs dem�s subordinadxs, obedeciendo al de arriba, humill�ndose por obtener unos cuantos pesos y no es feliz? Como hemos dicho, no vale la pena atemorizar a lxs zombis.

La pasividad ya no forma parte de nuestra vida, ni de nuestros sentires, ni mucho menos de nuestras ideas, la hemos extirpado como un c�ncer con el bistur� de la violencia, la violencia amarrada junto a la venganza, la violencia revolucionaria nacida de nuestros instintos de libertad salvaje.

Esto se acabo! Lxs explotadorxs cruzaron todos los limites existentes, est�n acabando con todo lo bueno que queda en este mundo, se apropiaron de r�os, bosques, mares, animales, desiertos, aire, agua, comida, de las mentes maleables de los d�biles que forman esta sociedad, pero con nosotrxs no han podido y responderemos a todo esto con mas atentados, esto es solo una peque�a y primera prueba de que esto va a serio. Y aunque quieran censurar, borrar o tapar, aqu� seguimos. Tanto como nosotrxs como ustedes saben que esto paso y es un hecho y seguir�n si�ndolo por mas que lo quieran ocultar.

Un saludo para lxs que luchan, mucha fuerza para los compa�eros presos por la liberaci�n animal y de la tierra, Abraham L�pez, Adrian Magdaleno y Diego Alonso.
La guerra social sigue y se encuentra en pie de guerra, en memoria de Mauricio Morales.

.:Columna Terrorista de lxs Revolucionarios de Negro:."

May 17, 2010 - HOAX BOMBS AT KFC

Mexico KFC

reported on Liberaci�n Total (translation):

"This past Wednesday around 10pm the frente de liberacion total, in leon gto, placed two fake bombs in the entrance of a KFC located on the boulevards hilario medina and vicente valtierra, causing an intense police and military mobilization, evacuating the site. At the same time a note was left claiming the action by the F.L.A-F.L.T., with this message. 'FREEDOM FOR POLITICAL PRISONERS OF MEXICO AND THE WORLD! THIS IS NOT A GAME, ATTACK AND DISAPPEAR, WE WILL ALWAYS BE ANONYMOUS!' showing that it's not over yet, that we continue with the same conviction and concern for total liberation!
A salute to those who fight, we continue without hesitation!

We want to respond to the critics among the communists or socialists of irapuato gto since they say that the F.L.A. does not exist in Mexico, and they say that the F.L.A. is linked to the state! Well, that is absolute idiocy! They make these claims because they need hierarchy and we do not! We are what we are because of this. If it isn't significant to you, it's because you are marching in step with the system!
We continue without hesitation!


"El pasado mi�rcoles al rededor de las 10 pm el frente de liberacion total en leon gto, coloco dos bombas falsas en las entradas de un KFC ubicado en los bulevares hilario medina y vicente valtierra, provocando una intensa movilizaci�n policial y militar desalojando el lugar, as� mismo dejando en claro que no es una broma ya que fue dejada una nota reivindicada por el F.L.A-F.L.T..
Con dicho mensaje. 'LIBERTAD PRESOS POLITICXS DE MEXICO Y EL MUNDO.! ESTO NO ES UN JUEGO,ATACANDO Y DESAPARESIENDO AHI ESTAREMXS SIEMPRE ANONIMXS!' demostrando que esto no termina aun, que seguimxs con las mismas convicciones y el inter�s por la liberaci�n total!
un saludo a lxs que luchan seguimxs firmes!!

Queremxs responder alas criticas de los comunistas o socialistas de irapuato gto ya que dicen que en mexico no existe el .F.L.A y dicen que el F.L.A. es algo que esta ligado con el estado! pues es una reverenda tontes! que afirmen eso ya que nosotrxs no nesesitamxs de jerarqu�as como lo hacen ustedes!
somxs lo que somxs por eso nxs buscan y si para ustedes no es algo con trascendencia, es porque marchan al

paso del sistema! enfin.!
seguimxs firmes!!!


May 12, 2010 - KFC BOMBED

received anonymously (translation):

"In the early hours of April 10 we placed two cans of butane gas with an explosive charge and a homemade fuse in one of the entrances of a Kentucky Fried Chicken in the commercial area of Coacalco in Mexico State.
We also left a message that said:
'We completely reject the Arizona law and any law that denies us our freedom as individuals!!!
Immediate freedom for Victor, Emmanuel, Abraham, Adrian, Socorro, Diego and the prisoners in Argentina and Switzerland!!!
For the expansion of social war!!!
For animal and earth liberation!!!
Long live the tlacoyos!!!
Frente de Liberacion Animal [Animal Liberation Front]'
This action was covered up by the mass media. We know that during the circus orchestrated for 'mothers day,' consumerism along with the police forces will not back down from this type of action, because they understand very well that on this very special day for capitalism and family sentimentalism nothing should go wrong, it should all be in perfect order.
Our device worked as intended, when we retreated far from there, a great roar shook the monotonous silence of civilization. We don't know what damages we caused because we didn't return.
But one thing is very clear, both the municipal and state police were mocked once again by our cell, they may be able to silence it and want to deny it but deep inside they know that this May 10 there was another bombing against the franchises that destroy the earth and murder animals.
With this action we completely repudiate the anti-immigrant laws that were implemented by the fascist state of Arizona, but not only reject this law but all those who prevent us from being free and wild, which we will break when it is necessary, always.
We have been clear, we will continue carrying out our actions even though they deny our sabotage!
For the unconditional release of our comrades arrested in Mexico, Argentina, Switzerland, Chile and the world.
Frente de Liberacion Animal"

"La madrugada de este 10 de abril hemos colocado en una de las entradas de un Kentucky dos latas de gas butano con una carga explosiva retardada con una mecha casera, en la zona comercial en el municiopio de Coacalco en el
Estado de Mexico.
Hemos tambien dejado un mensaje que decia:
'Repudio total a la lay arizona y a toda ley que nos niege como individuxs libres!!!
Liberacion inmediata a Victor, Emmanuel, Abraham, Adrian, Socorro, Diego y lxs presxs de Argentina y Suiza!!!
Por la expancion de la gerra social!!!
Por la liberacion animal y de la tierra!!!
Vivan los tlacoyos!!!
Frente de Liberacion Animal'
Esta accion fue ocultada por los medios masivos de comunicacion, sabemos que durante el circo orquestado por el 'dia de las madres' el consumismo junto con las corporaciones policiacas no daran marcha atras con este tipo de echos, porque ellxs lo saben bien, en este dia tan especial para el capitalismo y el sentimentalismo emocional familiar nada debe de salir mal y estar en perfecto orden.
Nuestro artefacto funciono como se deseaba, cuando nos retirabamos lejos de alli, un gran estruendo sacudio el monotono silencio de la civilizacion. No supimos que da�os causamos pues no regresamos al lugar.
Pero una cosa si esta bien clara, la policia tanto municipal como estatal fueron burladas una vez mas por nuestra celula, podran callarlo y si quieren negarlo pero muy dentro de si saben que este 10 de mayo hubo otro atentado explosivo contra las franquisias destructoras de la tierra y asesinas de animales.
Con esta accion repudiamos completamente las leyes antiimigrantes que implemento el fascista estado de arizona, pero no solo rechazamos esa ley sino que todas aquellas que nos prohiban ser libres y salvajes, las cuales romperemos cuando sea indispensable, osea siempre.
Que les quede bien claro, seguiremos accionando aunque nieguen nuestros sabotajes!
Por la liberacion incondicional de todxs lxs compe�erxs apresadxs en mexico, argentina, suiza, chile y el mundo.
Frente de Liberacion Animal"

May 09, 2010 - DOVE FREED


translation of anonymous communique (click here for additional photos from the action):

"Every life saved is important, a victory, one more message against anthropocentrism, an anti-speciesist action.
The images included with this communique are from the liberation of a dove who was confined in a small cage with no opportunity to spread his wings, much less fly freely as these animals are accustomed. On May 8, we freed him.

Birds are often used as a decorative item for the home and in many cases their wings are clipped so they can not fly, to prevent their escape, condemning them to pass their entire lives in a tiny cage, sweetening the view for the consumerist vanity of humans.

Animal liberation is not sentimentalism or pity. The animals do not need your tears but your conviction and solidarity. Animal liberation is targeted actions supporting the freedom of each and every animal who has been locked up all his or her life waiting to be killed to satisfy human vanity.

It's easy: Rescue, Open the cage, free and destroy anything that has kept an animal in captivity.

For animal liberation: THERE IS NO JUSTICE ... ONLY US!


"Toda vida salvada es importante, una victoria, un mensaje mas contra el antropocentrismo, una accion anti-especicista.
Las imagenes adjudicadas a este comunicado son de la liberacion de una paloma que se encontraba recluida en una peque�a jaula sin oportunidad de abrir sus alas y menos de volar libremente como estos animales estan acostumbrados. Y que el pasado 8 de Mayo liberamos.

Las aves son muchas veces utilizadas como un producto decorativo para el hogar y en muchos casos hasta se les llega a cortar las sus alas para que no puedan volar y asi evitar que escapen, condenandolas toda sus vida a pasarla en una diminuta jaula endulsando la vista de la vanidad consumista del humano.

La liberacion animal no son pretextos ni muchomenos son sentimentalismos ni lastimas, los animales no necesitan de tus lagrimas sino de tu conviccion y solsidaridad. La liberacion animal son acciones objetivas en pro de la libertad de todos y cada animal que se encuentre encerrado toda su vida o en espera de ser asesinado para satisfacer la vanidad humana.

Es facil: Rescata, Abre la jaula, libera Y destruye aquello que alguna vez mantubo en cautiverio a un animal.

Por la liberacion animal: NO HAY JUSTICIA� SOLO NOSOTR@S!


May 6, 2010 - 13 RABBITS RESCUED


translation of anonymous communique (click here for additional photos from
the action):

"'The night and its magic will take care of us, her depth submerges us and it is there that we operate and make the magic flow' - Icarus.

Chance, friendship, but above all conviction led us to another act of solidarity with the animals in the early morning of May 4.

The hour was getting late by the time we acted. In total 13 rabbits were rescued from a farm where their skins were used to make ridiculous bags and hats.

For some of us it was the first liberation of our lives, for many it will not be the last. You get to feel a great empathy and a gentle tingling in your stomach when the animals look in your eyes. You feel really good.

Several hours were spent searching for the ideal place for the farewell, but it was worth it to see them running around and enjoying nature, feeling the earth under their feet when only days before they were in tiny cages waiting to be killed. You feel like a part of you is going to be freed with them, and that part of you will be lost in the immensity of the forest.

Then you will finally know what we are talking about. You can do it any day, any night, this action happened with a half moon lighting up the paths for them to escape ... Animal liberation is much more than reformist words or tears, animal liberation is direct and targeted acts in support of the freedom of animals, and an economic and psychological blow to those who torture and murder them in favor of vanity and consumerism.

The animals do not need your pity; they need your solidarity!

We want to thank the comrades who collaborated in this action directly and indirectly.

And we want to dedicate it especially to our comrades Diego Alonso and Adrian Magdaleno. The first is held hostage in a psychiatric hospital/extermination center and the second in Mexico City's Reclusorio Norte prison/extermination center.




"'La noche y su magia nos cuidan, entre su profundidad nos sumerge y es ah� donde nos desenvolvemos y hacemos que la magia fluya' - �caro.

La casualidad, la amistad, pero sobretodo la convicci�n nos acercaron esta madrugada del 4 de mayo a una nueva muestra de solidaridad con los animales. Mismxs que se encontraban en una feria, sirviendo de diversi�n al antropocentrismo.

El reloj ya apuraba la hora cuando nos decidimos. En total fueron rescatados 13 conejos que eran provenientes de una granja-criadero que al mismo tiempo utilizaban sus pieles para fabricar bolsas y sobreros ridiculos.

Para algunos de nosotrxs fue la primera liberaci�n de nuestras vidas, mas no la ultima. Puedes llegar a sentir una gran empat�a y un delicado cosquilleo en el estomago cuando te miran a los ojos. Realmente te sientes bien.

Fueron varias horas buscando el lugar ideal para el a dios, pero vali� la pena verlxs correr por todos lados y disfrutar dela naturaleza sentir la tierra en sus patas cuando d�as antes solo se encontraban asinados en diminutas jaulas. Hasta sientes como si una parte de ti se liberara con ellxs, y es as�, y como si esa parte se perdiera en la inmensidad del bosque.

Cuando por fin lo hagas sabr�s de lo que hablamos. Puedes hacerlo un d�a cualquiera, una noche cualquiera como esta que paso con media luna alumbrando las calles correctas por las cuales escapar� La liberaci�n animal es mucho mas que palabras o lagrimas reformistas, la liberaci�n animal son actos contundentes, directos y objetivos en pro dela libertad de los animales y el golpe econ�mico y psicol�gico a quienes les torturan y asesinan en pro de la vanidad y el consumismo.

Lxsanimales no necesitan de tu lastima sino de tu solidaridad!!!

Queremos agradecer a lxs compas que colaboraron en esta acci�n directa como indirectamente.

Y queremos dedicarla especialmente a lxs compas Diego Alonso y Adrian Magdaleno. El primero se encuentra secuestrado en un hospital psiqui�trico/ centro de exterminio y el segundo en el reclusorio norte de la ciudad de M�xico/centro de exterminio.




received anonymously:

"In the late hours of Sunday the 25th of April, two large incendiary devices were placed on the wheels of two trucks belonging to the ATAYDE HERMANOS circus in calzada de tlalpan, Mexico City. With the burning of these trucks, our objective was to economically damage the business of this circus, just like how they physically and psychologically damage the animals they torture and parade around like objects in the name of 'entertainment'. The device functioned as desired.

These previously wild animals are removed from their natural habitats and forced to live in cramped concrete prisons, are physically abused by their 'masters', separated from their kin, and coerced into performing humiliating acts in front of jeering crowds, and all to fill the dirty pockets of the selfish, vindictive animal abusers who profit from the suffering and misery of living beings.

The animals used in circuses do not exist for the temporary entertainment of those seeking some sort of escape from their otherwise miserable lives. These animals exist for their own purpose, and we will not stop destroying the property of animal abusers until these animals are free... We will do whatever it takes...

It ended the days of passive protest against the circus, with "activists" shedding tears and hurt against the mockery and abuse of the circus. Today will be blunt and direct action against those who dominate the fauna and flora on this planet.

In revolutionary solidarity with Diego Alonso, and all our comrades who likewise are locked away in concrete prisons for fighting for the freedom of animals.

Animals are not machines, nor our property for entertainment!

Animal liberation now!!

Animal Liberation Front / Frente de Liberaci�n Animal M�xico"

"En las �ltimas horas del domingo 25 de abril del presente 2010, dos artefactos incendiarios de gran tama�o se colocaron en las ruedas de dos camiones que pertenecen al circo ATAYDE HERMANOS ubicado en un predio sobre calzada de tlalpan, en M�xico d.f.. Con la quema de estos camiones, nuestro objetivo es da�ar econ�micamente las actividades y propiedades de este circo, al igual que el da�o f�sico y psicol�gico que el circo realiza contra los animales a los que tortura y les hace desfilar en c�rculos como si fueran objetos en el nombre de �entretenimiento�. El dispositivo funciono como deseavamos.

Estos animales silvestres son previamente separados de sus h�bitat naturales y forzados a vivir en hacinamiento en c�rceles de cemento, son maltratadas f�sicamente por sus "maestros", separados de sus familiares, y obligadas a realizar actos humillantes frente a multitudes burlas, y todo para llenar los sucios bolsillos de sus abusadorxs ego�stas. Necesitamos realizar acciones vengativas contra quienes se benefician con el sufrimiento y la miseria de los seres vivos.

Los animales utilizados en circos no existen para el entretenimiento de aquellos que buscan alg�n modo de escapar de sus vidas de una manera miserable. Estos animales existen para sus propios fines, y no vamos a dejar de destruir la propiedad de los abusadores de animales hasta que estos animales se encuentran libres ... Vamos a hacer lo que sea necesario...!

Se terminaron los tiempos de las protestas pasivas frente a los circos, con �activistas� derramando lagrimas y lastimas frente a las burlas de los cirqueros. Hoy la acci�n ser� contundente y directa contra quienes dominan la fauna y la flora en este planeta.

En solidaridad revolucionaria con Diego alonso, y todos nuestros compa�eros que al igual que el est�n encerrados en las c�rceles por luchar por la libertad de los animales.
Los animales no son m�quinas, ni son nuestra nuestra propiedad para el entretenimiento!
Liberaci�n animal ahora!





anonymous communique (translation):

"Through this communique we publicize the actions we have carried out during the month of April in Mexico City:
- April 3: Two turtles were released in a large lake where they can live happy away from mistreatment and monotonous enclosures. This action was dedicated to the earth liberation prisoner Abraham L�pez Mart�nez.
- April 13: We threw blue paint bombs against the Agr�cola Oriental and Canal de San Juan stations (metro f�rreo), from a pedestrian bridge above the stations. Walls, windows, roof and doors were stained. This action dedicated to the animal and earth liberation prisoner Adrian Magdaleno Gonzales.
- April 23: We jumped some fences during the night to take two rabbits from cages where they were found in captivity, slaves to the whims of this sleeping and alienated society. We rescued them and then got ready to release them. Unfortunately one of the rabbits we rescued died during the journey to the forest, his months in confinement made it so that he had lost the slightest hope of being saved and he didn't make it. We returned him to the earth from which he came before his relatives were captured to be sold to irresponsible people. The other rabbit was released into the forest where he would honor the death of his relative by living freely and without any fence that will separate him from reality or from nature. This action was dedicated to the animal and earth liberation prisoner Diego Alonso.
These actions were carried out in support of these prisoners in mexico without forgetting V�ctor Herrera, Emmanuel Hern�ndez, Socorro Molinero and without forgetting prisoners around the world.
That the flame of revolutionary environmentalism lights the fuses of our words to set off actions against this destructive and complicit society.
Frente de Liberaci�n Animal FLA/ALF"

"Hacemos p�blicas las acciones que hemos llevado a cabo durante este mes de Abril en el Distrito Federal mexicano mediante este comunicado:
-3 de Abril: Liberadas dos tortugas en un gran lago en donde podr�n vivir felices lejos de malos tratos y encierros mon�tonos. Acci�n dedicada al preso por la liberaci�n de la tierra Abraham L�pez Mart�nez.
-13 de Abril: Hemos arrojado bombillas de pintura azul contra el metro f�rreo, de la estaci�n agr�cola oriental a canal de san Juan, desde un puente peatonal que cruzaba por arriba del metro, paredes, ventanas, techo y puertas quedaron manchadas. Acci�n dedicada al preso por la liberaci�n animal y de la tierra Adrian Magdaleno Gonzales.
-23 de Abril: Hemos saltado algunas bardas y algunas rejas durante la noche para sacar de sus jaulas a dos conejos que se encontraban en el cautiverio, esclavos de los caprichos de esta sociedad adormecida y alienada. Los rescatamos y despu�s nos dispusimos a liberarlos.
Desafortunadamente uno de los conejos que rescatamos muri� durante el trayecto al bosque, sus meses ya en pleno encierro hicieron que perdiera la mas m�nima esperanza de poder ser salvado y no resisti�, lo devolvimos a la tierra de donde seguramente proven�a antes de que a sus parientes los capturaran para ser vendidos a personas irresponsables. El otro conejo fue liberado en el bosque donde podr� honrar la muerte de su pariente viviendo en libertad y sin ninguna reja que le separe de la realidad o sea, de la naturaleza. Acci�n dedicada al preso por la liberaci�n animal y de la tierra Diego Alonso.
Estas acciones fueron hechas en apoyo a los presos en mexico sin olvidar a V�ctor Herrera, Emmanuel Hern�ndez, Socorro Molinero y sin tampoco olvidar a lxs presxs del mundo.
Que la llama del ecologismo revolucionario encienda las mechas de nuestras palabras para que se detonen las acciones contra la sociedad destructora y c�mplice.
Frente de Liberaci�n Animal FLA/ALF"

April 18, 2010 - FLA BOMB BANK


translation of anonymous communique (photo: El Universal):

"A few days before the fascist state of the evil Pe�a Nieto
(Governor of Mexico State) would be providing new patrol cars,
all-terrain vehicles, weapons, uniforms, etc. to the bastards
of the State Security Agency (ASE), for the circus of the
'Fight against narcotics and organized crime', we mocked the
three or four patrol cars making the rounds and the new
'dog catcher vans' (as the trucks of armed police are popularly
called in the Mexican barrios) that they use in the municipalities
of Tlalnepantla and others, showing off the false security that
they have when they load their rifles and mask themselves, and
instead making it known what they don't have: courage.
Neither their high fidelity cameras could see us, nor their new 'super
police' could stop us. We struck once again, protected by the darkness
of the large metal and concrete buildings, in the shadows of so many
trees cut down to build their enslaving, dominating civilization.
We created our butane gas bomb with our own hands, making our
weapon with the rage that this damned techno-industrial system created,
and we placed it inside the glass room that protects the Banamex ATMs
in the bourgeoise Jardines de Santa M�nica community in the
municipality of Tlalnepantla de Baz, in Mexico State. Our device
triggered a fire, blackening the windows, ceiling tiles and unleashing
chaos in this part of the alienating, dominating city.
Remember that it was just a few days ago that an insurrectionist group
exploded a butane gas bomb inside another Banamex in Mexico City,
which adds up to two attacks against this bank in a week.
Our reasons are clear, Banamex is a company that causes exploitation,
it is linked to other industries (such as the automotive) that destroy
the planet and extinguish freedom. Another reason that we have taken
action against this despicable bank is to show direct solidarity with
our comrade imprisoned in Mexico, Adrian Magdaleno, who in addition to
having been accused of setting off a gas bomb inside the Taxque�a subway
station, has also been accused of involvement in the explosion of another
butane gas bomb at a Banamex branch on September 25 in the Milpa Alta
borough in Mexico City. Our deepest solidarity with this comrade sentenced
to 5 years in Mexico City's Reclusorio Norte prison.
We know very well that after these attacks the police investigators will
go and interrogate Adrian about what he 'knows of these events,' but we
want to say one thing, each psychological and physical torture that they
cause him will be paid back with more bombs, fires and attacks; they will
have to live with the consequences if they dare to touch any of the comrades
now imprisoned, because the vengeance will be terrible.
For the freedom of those imprisoned for animal and earth liberation.
Abraham L�pez, Adrian Magdaleno and Diego Alonso.
For the freedom of the antiauthoritarian prisoners V�ctor, Emmanuel and Socorro.
What if this was a reaction to the sentences that the eco-anarchists in
Mexico City prisons have received? THEY GUESSED IT! And they can expect
more attacks on their properties.
Did they think that they had scared us with jail? No, they have only
made us stronger.
Frente de Liberaci�n Animal"

"A unos d�as de que el estado fascista del mal nacido Pe�a Nieto
(gobernador del Estado de M�xico) proporcionara nuevas patrullas,
veh�culos todo terreno, armas, uniformes, etc, dedicados a el circo de la
'lucha contra el narco y la delincuencia organizada' para lxs bastardxs de
la Agencia de Seguridad Estatal (ASE); nos hemos carcajeado de sus rondas
de tres o cuatro patrullas y perreras nuevas (camionetas llenas de
polic�as armados llamadas as� popularmente por los barrios mexicanos) en
las cuales se pasean por el municipio de Tlalnepantla y otros. Presumiendo
su artificial seguridad que tienen cuando cargan sus fusiles y van
encapuchados, expandiendo lo que no tienen cuando van en 'bola', valent�a.
Ni sus c�maras de alta fidelidad nos pudieron ver, ni sus nuevxs 's�per
polic�as' nos pudieron detener. Golpeamos una vez m�s amparadxs en la
oscuridad natural de los grandes edificios de metal y cemento, detr�s de
la sombra de los tantos �rboles talados para construir su esclavizante y
dominadora civilizaci�n.
Hemos armado nuestra bomba de gas butano con nuestras propias manos,
manufacturamos nuestra arma con la rabia que genera este maldito sistema
tecno industrial y la colocamos dentro de la burbuja de cristal que
protegen los cajeros autom�ticos del banco Banamex en la aburguesada
colonia Jardines de Santa M�nica en el municipio de Tlalnepantla de Baz,
en el Estado de M�xico. Nuestro artefacto desencadeno un incendio
ennegreciendo cristales, plafones y desatando el caos en esta parte de las
ciudades dominadas con la alienaci�n que promueve el sistema.
Cabe recordar que hace unos d�as un grupo insurreccionalista har�a
estallar otras cargas de gas butano dentro de otro Banamex en la ciudad de
M�xico, por lo que suman ya dos atentados contra esta sucursal bancaria en
la semana.
Nuestras razones son claras, Banamex es una de las empresas que generan la explotaci�n, est� ligada a dem�s industrias (C�mo la automovil�stica) que
destruyen el planeta y extinguen la libertad de este planeta. Otra de las
razones por la que accionamos contra este banco infame es demostrar a
solidaridad directa con el compa�ero preso en M�xico Adrian Magdaleno que
adem�s de haber sido acusado de haber detonado una bomba de gas dentro de la terminal del metro Taxque�a le a�adieron el estallido de otra bomba de
gas butano en una sucursal de Banamex el 25 de septiembre en la delegaci�n
Milpa Alta en el df, nuestra m�s profunda solidaridad con el compa
sentenciado actualmente a 5 a�os de prisi�n en el reclusorio norte.
Sabemos muy bien que seguramente despu�s de estos atentados la polic�a de investigaciones ira a interrogar a Adrian sobre que es lo que 'sabe de
estos sucesos', pero queremos decir una cosa, cada tortura psicol�gica y
f�sica que le lleguen a hacer ser� pagada con mas bombas, incendios y
atentados, at�nganse a las consecuencias si se atreven a tocar a alguno de
los compa�eros ahora presos, porque la venganza ser� terrible.
Por la libertad de los presos por la liberaci�n animal y de la tierra
Abraham L�pez, Adrian Magdaleno y Diego Alonso.
Por la libertad de los presos antiautoritarios V�ctor, Emmanuel y Socorro.
�Qu� si esto fue una reacci�n por las sentencias que han recibido los eco
anarquistas en los prisiones del df? CLARO LO SUPONEN BIEN! Y esperen m�s atentados contra sus propiedades.
�Pensaron que nos hab�an atemorizado con la c�rcel? Pues no, solo nos
hicieron m�s fuertes.
Frente de Liberaci�n Animal"


Diego Alonso
After four months on the run, Diego was arrested on a warrant in early March 2010, after he tried to squat at a house in the Barrera neighborhood of Guadalajara, Jalisco.
In October 2009, Diego was arrested with molotov cocktails in the parking lot of the Pilgrims Pride meat company. He was released into the custody of his parents, but he "escaped."
Diego is being held at a youth detention center in Jalisco, where he will stay until trial. There is little information about his case, but he may be accused of involvement in several actions that targeted banks, slaughterhouses and other institutions. Diego is vegan.
Write to Diego at:
Adrian Magdaleno Gonzales
Arrested on February 4, 2010 and accused of detonating a butane gas bomb in an empty subway car in Mexico City's Taxque�a station. Adrian is held in Mexico City's Reclusorio Norte prison. He is also accused of using gas canisters in an explosion at a Banamex bank in September 2009 in Mexico City's Milpa Alta borough, and of involvement in actions claimed by the Frente de Liberaci�n Animal [Animal Liberation Front]. He was sentenced to 5 years and 10 months. Adrian is vegan.
Write to Adrian at:
Abraham L�pez Mart�nez
Abraham has been held since December 15, 2009 at a youth detention center in Colonia Narvarte, Mexico City. He is accused of damaging property and criminal association, related to the burning of nine privately-owned cars and a bomb attack against a Harley Davidson dealer, actions claimed by the Frente de Liberaci�n de la Tierra [Earth Liberation Front]. He is awaiting trial and could receive a sentence of 4 to 6 years. Abraham is vegan.
Abraham was arrested along with Carlos and Ferm�n who testified against him and others; these two individuals have been rejected by the anarchist movement in Mexico.
Write to Abraham via Anarchist Black Cross-Mexico:
Emmanuel Hern�ndez Hernandez
Arrested on November 23, 2009 on charges of violating the federal law against carrying explosives. In 2006 during a demonstration against the World Water Forum, Emmanuel was arrested and accused of carrying Molotov cocktails. He was sent to Mexico City's Reclusorio Norte prison. Emmanuel recently received a sentence of 4 years. He could be released on bail, but he has not been allowed to pay because the prosecutor appealed and asked a judge to lengthen the sentence.
Write to Emmanuel via via Anarchist Black Cross-Mexico:


reported on Liberaci�n Total (translation):

"After the days of anti-incarceration agitation and solidarity with imprisoned comrades in Mexico and around the world (from February 1 to 12) ...
In the early morning hours of Thursday, around 2 am, our cell went out again to fight for all our comrades in the struggle, the war against capital and anthropocentrism; breaking with passivity we decided to go to a site where there was a truck belonging to a genocidal local business .. 'leche le�n.' We sprayed its front tire with gasoline and set fire to it. Excited to see this subversive flame, we left quickly, happy about what we did, happy to show our comrades that passivity does not rule our lives, that we remain firm in our convictions. To further demonstrate our solidarity that night, we went to another place where there was a 'jeep' belonging to a butcher. In the same way we sprayed this 'lovely' jeep and set fire to it ... we left running among the shadows.

We want to send a warm greeting to our anonymous brother and sister fighters and say to them that we fight every day for all of them, and to tell them that we will never stop until all of you are out from behind those oppressive bars; we will fight every day for your freedom!

Solidarity with you, solidarity with all those investigated by the cowardly State!
That the flame spreads!
Always anonymous, always steady!


"Tras la jornada de agitaci�n y solidaridad Anticarcelaria por lxs compa�erxs presxs en Mexico y en todo el Mundo (del 1 al 12 de febrero)�
La madrugada del jueves al rededor de las 2 am. nuestra c�lula sali� nuevamente a luchar por todxs nuestrxs compa�erxs de lucha, de guerra contra el capital y el antropocentismo, rompiendo con la pasividad decidimos acudir a un sitio donde se encontraba un cami�n de una empresa genocida local llamada.. 'leche le�n' roseando su llanta delantera de gasolina y d�ndole fuego, emocionados por ver esa llama subversiva r�pidamente nos fuimos del lugar, contentos por los que hicimos, contentos por demostrarles a nuestrxs compa�erxs que la pasividad no reina en nuestras vidas, que seguimos firmes con nuestras convicciones, por mirar por los suelos el sistema impuesto, demostrando nuestra solidaridad esa misma noche nos dirigimos a otro lugar donde estaba el autom�vil �jeep� perteneciente a un carnicero, de igual manera roseamos ese �hermoso� �jeep� y r�pidamente de dimos fuego� corriendo entre sombras nos fuimos del lugar.

Queremos mandar un caluroso abrazo a nuestrxs hermanxs guerrerxs anonimxs!! y decirles que luchamos d�a con d�a por todxs ellxs, y decirles que jam�s pararemos hasta que ustedes est�n fuera de esos barrotes opresores lucharemos d�a con d�a por su libertad!

Solidaridad para ustedes, solidaridad con todxs lxs investigadxs por el Estado cobarde!
Que la llama se extienda!
Siempre an�nimxs siempre firmes!!



received anonymously (translation):

"Feb. 6.
Concluding one of our related reading circles, we came to the conclusion that words are not enough and that they must be accompanied by deeds, actions to combat all that fills us with rage.
That's why we decided to take to the streets to sabotage the properties of speciesist and authoritarian businesses in Mexico State.
With small metal wires and industrial-strength glue we sealed the locks of:

-A restaurant that sells fried chicken
-A store with fascist logos
-A Kentucky Fried Chicken
-A roast chicken business
-A business that sells construction materials

In solidarity with the days of anti-prison agitation, in support of prisoners in Mexico and throughout the world.
V�ctor, Emmanuel, Abraham and Socorro, you are not alone!

:.Individuals at war with the system and its lackeys.:"

"6 de febrero.
Concluyendo uno de nuestros c�rculos de lectura entre afines, llegamos a la conclusi�n de que las palabras no pueden ir solas y que tienen que ir acompa�adas con hechos, acciones que combatan todo lo que nos llena de rabia.
Es por eso que decidimos salir a las calles a sabotear las propiedades de los negocios especistas y autoritarios en el Estado de Mexico.
Con peque�os torsos de metal y pegamento industrial sellamos los candados de:

-Un restaurante que vende pollo frito
-Una tienda de marcas fascistas
-Un Kentucky Fried Chicken
-Un negocio de pollos rostizados
-Un negocio dedicado a la venta de material para construcci�n

En solidaridad con las jornadas de agitaci�n anticarcelaria en apoyo a los presos de mexico y del mundo.
Mientras unxs planean golpes m�s fuertes, otrxs no dejamos de molestar.
V�ctor, Emmanuel, Abraham y Socorro �no est�n solos!

:.Individuxs en guerra contra el sistema y sus lacayxs.:"


received anonymously:

"Bullfighting = Murder," "Cowards" and other messages painted on a bullfighting ring and at a bullfighting museum in Mexico City.




FEBRERO 7,2010"

February 7, 2010 - ANOTHER BOMB AT BBVA BANK

anonymous communique (translation):

"January 24.
11:00 pm.
During the night, which is an accomplice in our actions, we went out to strike once again at the enemy: the insidious destructive techno-industrial system secretly aligned with strategists of the state and of capital.
Our insurgent act was directed at a target which had been attacked recently by cells in different states of the Mexican Republic, a BBVA bank located on V�a Morelos, in Ecatepec, Mexico State.
We prepared our bomb composed of butane gas with a detonator and a homemade fuse. We entered the ATM area and left it ready to start the party of chaos.
After a few minutes the bomb exploded, the pressure destroyed the windows and damaged an ATM, and the area surrounding the ATMs which were full of money produced from the exploitation of animals, humans and the earth were filled with gas. After the piercing explosion the bank guard called the municipal police and they closed the doors of the bank and called the state police to tell them that we once again laughed at their efforts to suppress dissent. Immediately the bastard agents of the Agencia de Seguridad Estatal (ASE) [state security agency] arrived. They inspected the place, noting that our words promising to continue these types of attacks did not remain words, but became action.
Our action was silenced by the ASE agents who issued no notice to the press, which would have again caused the public to feel the eco-anarchist rage. The bastard cops who were there know what happened, they know that another butane gas bomb was placed in another bank branch, they know the damage we've caused and they have records of this in their secret files.
We know that it is not in their interests to provide this news to the scandalous press.... we know that making it known that another attack occurred in Mexico State after the bombings of December 31 last year is too dangerous for the already weak stability of this damned police force.
We do not want their recognition, we are not interested in their propaganda, we know what we did, we placed the bomb that night and that's enough for us, we acted on our own as free and wild beings desiring the destruction of their property because they represent international domination and the establishment of an authoritarian, earth-destroying order.

We want to take this opportunity to send an incendiary greeting to all those people in the Mexican territory who have decided to leave the monotony of dead words and to begin to act, that our strikes become stronger each time!
We also send greetings to the earth-liberation prisoner Abraham L�pez Mart�nez, strength and direct solidarity to him especially, that the bombs be heard and the smell of civilization burning reaches the cell where he is now held hostage. Also in solidarity with the days of support for prisoners in Mexico and throughout the world.
This action was also in solidarity with the first animal liberation meeting convened in Uruguay; Interpol and other henchmen of power attempted to disrupt it and intimidate the participants, a sign that we are being effective and that we are truly a threat to this putrid system of total fallacy, that the actions of sabotage and liberation continue developing in that territory, all our solidarity and support for the individual uruguayan abolitionist fighters.
Let's keep striking the state, blow by blow, that the flame is not extinguished and that it extends to the most remote places where there is domestication and domination.
For animal, human and earth liberation!
Conspiring and attacking, against the techno industrial system!"

"24 de Enero.
11:00 pm.
Durante la noche c�mplice de nuestras acciones hemos salido a golpear de nuevo al enemigo, al destructivo sistema tecno industrial solapado por las t�cticas del estado y el capital.
Nuestro actuar insurrecto fue dirigido a un blanco ya atacado �ltimamente por distintas c�lulas en diferentes estado de la rep�blica mexicana, un banco bbva ubicado sobre la v�a Morelos, en el municipio de Ecatepec en el Estado de M�xico.
Hemos preparado nuestra bomba compuesta de gas butano con detonador de cartuchos de dinamita y un retardador casero, ingresamos dentro del �rea de los cajeros autom�ticos y lo dejamos listo para comenzar la fiesta de Caos.
Despu�s de unos cuantos minutos la bomba estallo, la presi�n contenida destruyo ventanales, da�o un cajero autom�tico y lleno de gas el �rea cerrada de cajeros llenos de dinero producto de la explotaci�n animal, humana y de la tierra. Despu�s del estridente bombazo el guardia del banco llamo a polic�as municipales, cerraron las puertas del banco llamando a la polic�a estatal para decirles que su estrategia de reprimir cualquier inconformidad la hab�amos burlado de nuevo e inmediato arribaron los bastardos elementos de la Agencia de Seguridad Estatal, inspeccionaron el lugar observando que nuestras palabras de continuar con estos tipos de ataques no se quedan en palabrer�a sino que se convierten en acci�n.
Nuestra acci�n fue callada tajantemente por los elementos de la ase, lo cuales no dieron aviso a la prensa para que se volviera de nuevo a sentir la ira eco anarquista ante el publico, los mal nacidos polic�as que estuvieron all� saben que ocurri�, saben que una bomba mas de gas butano fue colocada en otra sucursal bancaria, saben que da�os ocasionamos y de esto tienen registros en sus archivos secretos.
Nosotrxs sabemos que no les conviene dar esta noticia a la escandalosa prensa pues el decreto de la extinci�n de la ase desde los altos mandos nacionales de inteligencia policiaca esta en pie, sabemos que dar a conocer que otro atentado mas ocurri� en el Estado de Mexico despu�s de los bombazos del 31 de diciembre del a�o pasado es demasiado peligroso para la ya d�bil estabilidad de esta maldita instituci�n policial. Pero no queremos su reconocimiento, no nos interesa su propaganda, nosotrxs sabemos lo que hicimos, estuvimos colocando la bomba esa noche y para nosotrxs eso basta, actuamos desde nuestra individualidad como seres libres y salvajes deseosxs de destruir sus propiedades porque representan la dominaci�n internacional para la implantaci�n de su nuevo orden autoritario y destructor de la tierra y punto.

Queremos aprovechar en este comunicado para dar un incendiario saludo para todas aquellas personas en el territorio mexica que decidieron salir de la monoton�a palabrer�a muerta y comenzar a actuar, que nuestros golpes sean cada vez mas fuertes!
Saludamos tambi�n a el preso por la liberaci�n de la tierra Abraham L�pez Mart�nez, fuerza y solidaridad directa para �l especialmente, que los bombazos se escuchen y que el olor a la civilizaci�n ardiendo llegue a la celda en donde esta ahora secuestrado. En solidaridad tambi�n con las jornadas en apoyo a los presos mexicanos y del mundo.
Esta acci�n tambi�n fue en solidaridad con el primer encuentro por la liberaci�n animal convocado en Uruguay, la interpol y dem�s esbirros del poder intentaron boicotearlo y amedrentar la participaci�n de aquellxs que asistieron, se�al de que estamos siendo efectivxs y que somos verdaderamente un peligro para este p�trido sistema de falacia total; que las acciones de sabotaje y liberaci�n se sigan gestando en ese territorio, toda nuestra complicidad y apoyo para lxs individuxs guerrerxs abolicionistas uruguayxs.
Sigamos propinando golpe por golpe al estado, que la llama no se apague y que se extienda hasta los lugares m�s rec�nditos donde haya domesticaci�n y dominaci�n.
�Por la liberaci�n animal, humana y de la tierra!
�Conspirar y atacar, contra el sistema tecno industrial!"


received anonymously (translation):

"Around the middle of January, our cell took to the streets
to destroy the property of people who profit from
animal exploitation.
We arrived filled with rage at a pet store and we gave them
our response to their exploitation of animals: direct action.
The store was left with their windows destroyed.
In solidarity with the day of anti-prison agitation,
in solidarity with prisoners in Mexico and throughout the world.
We will continue taking action; this does not stop here!
Cell against animal exploitation in Guadalajara

"A mediados de este mes de enero nuestra c�lula sali� a las calles a
destruir la propiedad de las personas que se lucran a costa de la
explotaci�n animal.
Llegamos cargados de rabia contra una tienda de mascotas y le dimos una
respuesta a su explotaci�n contra animales, la acci�n directa. La tienda
quedo con sus vidrios destrozados.
En solidaridad con la jornada de agitaci�n anti carcelaria en solidaridad
con los presos mexicanos y del mundo.
Seguiremos actuando, esto no para aqu�!
C�lula contra la explotaci�n animal de Guadalajara

January 25, 2010 - Mexico? 22 BIRDS FREED
received anonymously (translation):

"In the early morning hours of Friday the 22nd we entered a large bird breeding farm, more specifically of common parrots, and with nothing more than pliers (yes, that simple) we began to open the cages. There were 22 birds locked up and all of them were released. We would have loved to destroy each of the cages before we left, but it was impossible.

We left the place quickly at the same time as the birds did, flying....

We want to send a greeting to all our comrades around here who have recently dared to gather up the courage and in the middle of the night have gone out to make animal liberation a reality.

Fire against everything that makes us slaves!
Animal Liberation!"

"En la madrugada del viernes 22 ingresamos en un criadero de p�jaros, m�s especificamente de cotorras comunes, y con nada m�s que pinzas en mano (s�, asi de simple) comenzamos a abrir las jaulas. Hab�an 22 aves encerradas y fueron liberadas todas ellas. Nos hubiera encantado destruir cada una de las jaulas antes de irnos, pero por razones obvias fue imposible.

Nos alejamos del lugar r�pidamente al mismo tiempo que lo hac�an los p�jaros, volando.....

Queremos mandar un saludo a todos los compa�eros que �ltimamente por estos lados se han atrevido a armarse de valor y en medio de la noche han salido a hacer de la liberaci�n animal una realidad.

�Fuego a todo aquello que nos convierte en esclavos!
�Liberaci�n animal!"



anonymous communique (translation):

"On the night of January 17 we decided to go out to once again prove that this war has not ended, that our actions have not stopped and that we continue to feel the rage that we have put into every action.
This time we put two packages of explosives in the front windows of the offices of the bottler FEMSA, owned by the filthy multinational Coca-Cola. The windows were completely destroyed in the explosion. The attack was carried out in Ecatepec, Mexico City.
Coca-Cola is an earth-destroying company that causes the extinction of animal species, that uses extreme human exploitation to produce goods like soft drinks, and that claims and privatizes natural resources. Coca-Cola, one of the companies directly responsible for environmental deterioration, has been visited by us, anarchists and liberationists; we have decided in these cells to focus on quality actions, strengthening ourselves to expand our acts of sabotage.
While it is true that 2008 and 2009 were years of quantitative expansion, now it is 2010, a new year, with new strategies and new tactics, but with the same courage to act.
This action is dedicated with all our desire for freedom to the prisoners V�ctor, Emmanuel, Abraham, Ferm�n, and Socorro of Tijuana. We hope that direct solidarity multiplies in clandestine actions, for their unconditional liberation.
We prepare our weapons for the climate change summit!
Hitting hard and fleeing!

Frente de Liberaci�n Animal
Frente de Liberaci�n de la Tierra"

"La noche del 17 de enero decimos salir para demostrar una vez mas que esta guerra no ha acabado, que nuestro actuar no se he detenido y que seguimos sintiendo esa rabia que convertimos en acci�n cada que nos decidimos a morder al enemigo.
Esta vez hemos puesto dos cargas limitadas de dinamita forradas de turcas en los ventanales delanteros de las oficinas de canjeo y compra-venta de la embotelladora femsa, propiedad de la asquerosa multinacional coca cola, los cuales quedaron completamente destrozados por la explosi�n. El atentado fue hecho en el municipio de Ecatepec en el Estado de Mexico.
Coca cola una de las empresas destructoras de la tierra, que expande cada vez mas la extinci�n de especies animales y que usa la s�per explotaci�n humana para producir mas mercanc�as como refrescos que hacen suyos los recursos naturales y los privatizan; coca cola una de las empresas que son responsables directas del deterioro medioambiental, ha sido visitada por
nosotrxs, lxs molestxs eco anarquistas y liberacionistas, las c�lulas que hemos decidido pasar a las acciones de calidad, esforz�ndonos para expandir de una manera mas violenta nuestros actos de sabotaje.
Si bien es cierto que 2008 y 2009 fueron a�os de expansi�n cuantitativa, ahora 2010, nuevo a�o, nuevas estrategias, nuevas t�cticas pero el mismo coraje cuando actuamos.
Esta acci�n fue dedicada con todas nuestras ansias de libertad para lxs presos V�ctor, Emmanuel, Abraham, Ferm�n y Socorro de Tijuana. Que la solidaridad directa se multiplique en cada acci�n clandestina, por su liberaci�n incondicional.
�Preparemos nuestras armas para la cumbre del cambio clim�tico!
�Golpeando fuerte y huyendo!

Frente de Liberaci�n Animal
Frente de Liberaci�n de la Tierra"


Abraham L�pez Mart�nez (age 16) and Ferm�n G�mez Trejo (age 17), have been held since December 15, 2009 at a youth detention center in Mexico City. They are accused of damaging property and criminal association, related to the burning of nine privately-owned cars and a bomb attack against a Harley Davidson dealer, actions claimed by the Frente de Liberaci�n de la Tierra [Earth Liberation Front]. They are awaiting trial. Both are vegan.

Write to them via Anarchist Black Cross-Mexico:


anonymous communique (translation):

"Around 3 in the morning on December 24 we left an explosive device stuffed with dynamite at the BBVA bank branch in Ecatepec, Mexico City. We simultaneously left another one of our gifts in front of the facade of the Kenworth company which was being guarded by two state police patrols. The two targets sustained damages to their windows.

We've carried out this action on the same street (Jos� L�pez Portillo) where a few weeks before the 'Brigadas de Eco saboteadores por la Venganza Nunca Olvidada' [Unforgettable Vengeance Eco-Sabotage Brigade] detonated a bomb made with cans of butane gas at a Banamex in Coacalco. The authorities did not imagine that other groups would again attack in the same 'controlled perimeter,' and they left such targets vulnerable and ready for our dynamite.

The destruction of their social peace was inevitable when the fuse was lit and the device activated. These explosions echoed with a sound loud in the ears of those who support power and authoritarianism won at the cost of the destruction of the planet on which we survive, caused by the catastrophic encroachment of climate change, which in turn is caused in large part by such companies as we attacked this morning.

BBVA is a deceitful company that manages money earned from the exploitation of animals, humans and the earth. Kenworth is a company bound to the construction industry and which has contacts with companies like CAT or Carso, which are directly responsible for environmental devastation. They received our message not with words but with actions, because we are facing in a radical way issues such as those noted in this communique; we have decided not to talk and to start to take action.

The day after our action the sell-out press mentioned nothing of what happened; instead it was full of hypocritical messages about 'Merry Christmas' festivities, the appalling day admired by insatiable capitalism as the socio-economic reclamation of its rule over the world. The conspiracy between the media and the authorities who have hidden our action was obvious; its purpose is to maintain calm in society during the holidays, and what person calmly watches the news seeing that during such important days of 'family life,' bombs are exploding in the country? We have defied their expectations, they now know that this discontent is not only in our heads but also in our acts of sabotage, although they hide or distort it.

With these explosions we want to express our solidarity with the detainees of December 15th in Tlalpan, Mexico City, especially with Abraham and Fermin, although you are still young, your great commitment to the liberation of the earth is more than obvious, and one of the ways to undertake the offensive for direct solidarity. Hold on comrades, the fire burns and the bombs explode in your names!

Direct solidarity with V�ctor Herrera, Emmanuel Hern�ndez, Abraham L�pez y Ferm�n G�mez!

Frente de Liberaci�n Animal
Frente de Liberaci�n de la Tierra"

"Alrededor de las 3 de la madrugada del d�a 24 de diciembre hemos dejado un artefacto explosivo relleno de dinamita en la sucursal bancaria BBVA en Ecatepec Estado de Mexico, as� mismo simult�neamente dejamos otro de nuestros regalos frente a la fachada de la empresa Kengoord la cual estaba siendo resguardada por dos patrullas de la polic�a estatal, los dos blancos sufrieron da�os en sus ventanales.

Esta acci�n la hemos hecho sobre la misma avenida (Jos� L�pez Portillo) en la que unas semanas antes las �Brigadas de Eco saboteadores por la Venganza Nunca Olvidada� detonaran una bomba compuesta con latas de gas butano en un Banamex en el municipio de Coacalco. Las autoridades no se imaginaron que otros grupos atacar�an otra vez sobre el mismo �per�metro controlado� y dejaron tales blancos vulnerables y listos para colocar nuestros paquetes dinamiteros.

La destrucci�n de su paz social fue inevitable cuando la mecha se encendi� y activo el artefacto, dichas explosiones con un sonido fuerte retumbaron en los o�dos de lxs que sustentan el poder y el autoritarismo ganado a costa de la destrucci�n del planeta en el que ahora subsistimos por causa de los catastr�ficos avances del cambio clim�tico, que a su vez es causado en gran parte por tales empresa como las que atacamos esta madrugada.

BBVA vista como una empresa enga�osa y que administra un dinero resultado de la explotaci�n animal, humana y de la tierra y Kenworth vista como una empresa ligada a la industria de la construcci�n que tiene contacto con empresas como CAT o Carso, responsable directa de la desolaci�n medioambiental, recibieron nuestro mensaje no con palabras sino con acciones, porque desde que afrontamos de una manera radical temas como lo son los tomados en este comunicado hemos decidido ya no hablar y empezar a actuar.

Al siguiente d�a de nuestra acci�n la prensa vendida no mencion� nada de lo acontecido, todo estaba plegado de mensajes hip�critas y sin ning�n sentido com�n sobre las�felices fiestas navide�as�, fecha fat�dica admirada por el capitalismo insaciable como la recuperaci�n socioecon�mica de su impero en el mundo. La conspiraci�n entre medios y las autoridades que vislumbraron nuestra acci�n ocultada fue clara, su fin es mantener tranquila a la sociedad sobre lo que pasa en estos d�as festivos �a que persona tranquiliza ver en las noticias que en fechas tan importantes de �convivencia familiar� bombas est�n estallando en el pa�s? Nosotrxs tiramos sus expectativas, ellxs saben que el descontento no solo esta en nuestras cabezas sino tambi�n en nuestros sabotajes, aunque lo oculten o lo tergiversen.

Con estos estallidos queremos solidarizarnos con los detenidos el pasado 15 en Tlalpan DF, en especial con Abraham y Ferm�n que aunque sean menores de edad, su gran compromiso por la liberaci�n de la tierra es mas que visible y es una de las maneras para emprender la ofensiva para la solidaridad directa. Aguanten compas, que el fuego incinere y que las bombas estallen en sus nombres!

�Solidaridad directa con V�ctor Herrera, Emmanuel Hern�ndez, Abraham L�pez y Ferm�n G�mez!

Frente de Liberaci�n Animal
Frente de Liberaci�n de la Tierra"

For Immediate Release
Jan 3, 2010

Bombings at BBVA bank branch and Kenworth company in Mexico

Received Anonymously:
At around 3 a.m. on December 24, we left an explosive device stuffed with dynamite at the BBVA bank branch in Ecatepec, Mexico State. At the same time, we left another one of our gifts in front of of the Kenworth company, which was being guarded by two state police patrols. Both targets suffered damage to their windows.

We undertook this action on the same avenue (Jos� L�pez Portillo) where, a few weeks ago, the �Unforgettable Vengeance Eco-Sabotage Brigade� detonated a gas canister bomb at a Banamex in Coacalco. The authorities didn�t imagine that other groups would again attack the same �controlled perimeter,� and they left such targets vulnerable and ready for our packages of dynamite.

The destruction of their social peace was inevitable when the fuse was lit and the device activated. The loud explosions echoed in the ears of those who sustain power and authoritarianism, gained at the cost of the destruction of the planet we live on, which in turn is mostly caused by companies like the ones we attacked this morning.

BBVA is a deceitful company that manages money earned from the exploitation of animals, humans, and the Earth. Kenworth is tied to the construction industry and has contacts with businesses like CAT and CARSO, which are directly responsible for environmental devastation. They received our message, not with words, but with actions. Since we deal radically with subjects like the ones mentioned in this communiqu�, we have decided to no longer speak, and to begin to act.

The day after our action, the merciless newspapers mentioned nothing about what happened, yet they were filled with hypocritical nonsense about �merry Christmas celebrations,� on an ominous date admired by insatiable capitalism as the socioeconomic reclamation of its reign over the world. The conspiracy between the media and the authorities that caught a glimpse of our action was clear. Their aim is to keep society calm on these festive days, and who would be calmed by seeing news about bombs exploding in the country during such important times of �friendly coexistence�? We screwed their expectations. They know that discontent is not only in our heads, but also in our sabotage, even though it may be hidden or distorted.

With these explosions, we want to show solidarity with those arrested on December 15 in Tlalpan, Mexico City, especially Abraham and Ferm�n. They may be young, but their great commitment to Earth liberation is more than apparent, and one of the ways to start the offensive for direct solidarity. Hang in there, compas. May the fires burn and the bombs explode in your names!

Direct solidarity with V�ctor Herrera, Emmanuel Hern�ndez, Abraham L�pez, and Ferm�n G�mez!

- Animal Liberation Front/Earth Liberation Front

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Animal Liberation Press Office
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