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Actions Reported to Biteback - 2012-2015
Actions Reported to Biteback - 2011
Actions Reported to Biteback - 2010
Actions Reported to Biteback - 2009, July - December
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Tijuana Dogs Need Help - February 2014
Tijuana Stray Dog Rescue Project - January 2014

Mexico leads the way towards the end of bullfighting - November 2013

Sonora, Mex. Bans Bullfighting, a First for the Country - May 2013

Animal rights activists protest bullfighting in Mexico - February 2013

Mexico City Orders Prison in Animal Cruelty Cases - December 2012

ARAs protest bullfighting in Mexico City - November 2012

ARAs Stage Protest in Mexico City - January 2012

Mexican Senators Work to Ban Bullfights - April 2011

Mexican Actions Claimed for ALF POWs - Sept 2010

Vegan Prisoners Support Group Formed in Mexico - September 2010

ALF Resurfaces in Guadalajara - August 2010

Protest For Strengthening Animal Protection Laws - May 2010

Monterrey Protest 2010

AnimaNaturalis Protests Bullfighting - February 2010

Mexican Activists Arrested as Repression Grows - January 2010

"Anarcho-Bombings" Spark Student Witch Hunt - October 2009

Te mando un saludo vegano - October 2009


Over three years in the making and filmed on-location throughout Mexico and in selected areas in the U.S. and Rome, Italy, Companions to None examines the companion animal overpopulation and abuse crisis in Mexico. One Mexican veterinarian claims, "In some areas of Mexico, dogs outnumber humans. That's a helluva lot of dogs"

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Mexico: Emergence of an Unexpected Threat - October 2009

Mexico Parrot Trade Exposed - June 2009

Mexico Bird Traffic - June 2009

ARAs (FLAM) Dedicated Going Forward - February 2009

Bullfight Protest and Increased ALF Activity - February 2009

200 Dogs Electrocuted - January 2009

Earth, Animal Liberationists Wage War in Mexico City - November 2008

Mexico Pays Fishermen to Help Save a Species - October 2008

Activist Demonstrates against Dolphin Murder - September 2008

25 de agosto 2008. Atacada una peleteria en mexico d.f.

El dia de aller 25 de agosto hemos atacado por segunda ocacion una peleteria, hemos derramado suficiente pintura roja sobre las grandes letras que anuncian a este negocio sanginario, sobre los pequeños letreros con el nombre de la tienda,y en sus paredes color blanco, tambien escribimos: "no les compres".

El negocio peleterio tienen que parar, asi como tambien todas las demas formas de explotacion contra los animales y la naturaleza.

???no hay justicia.... solo estamos nosotrxs!!!


Nuevo espacio creado por el frente de liberaci? animal para activistas de habla hispana

ALF Activity General

Spain, Spanish News

Powerpoint: Morir por la peil

ALF Mexico - History in the Making - Jan 08 - Interview Feb 08

Mexican Animal Liberation Front On A Roll - March 08

Furrier Painted / Birds Released - January 2008

Mexican Environmentalists vs. Ottawa - June 2007

Mexico City AR March: June 10, 2007

Lions In Mexico City - June 2007

Parrot Trade - April 2007 - March 2007

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download the flv file - March 2007

Nota: Se adjuntó el mensaje reenviado.
SOS LIBERACION ANIMAL: [email protected]

Maryland?s ALLEY CAT RESCUE TO VISIT MEXICO - February 2007

Bullfight Protest - February 2007. ARA's protest in front of "Plaza de Toros"

Barbarism Toward Bulls - February 2007

APAS de Mexico - January 2007

Zapote -- August 2006. Activists save an old chimp from going to a test laboratory.

Mexico -- May 2006. Invitation to support the birth of the animal liberation movement in Mexico.


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