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AnimaNaturalis Protests Bullfighting

MEXICO CITY – Some 250 members of the AnimaNaturalis animal rights group staged a protest half-naked and covered with fake blood against bullfighting and to demand the prohibition of the practice in Mexico on the esplanade of Mexico City’s Fine Arts Palace.

“Youths from all the states of Mexico, half-naked, covered with blood and with ‘banderillas’ sticking in them showed (on Saturday) with this demonstration the suffering that the bulls are subjected to in the bullfights,” Leonora Esquivel, one of the leaders of the organization in Mexico, said on Saturday.

The “banderillas” are the long barbed darts bullfighters stick into the shoulder area of bulls to enrage and tire them out. The protesters had the banderillas attached to their upper backs, presumably with adhesive tape, for instance, not actually sticking into their flesh.

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