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Stop Massive Slaughter of Animals in Nepal

During the Gadhimai Jatra Festival in Nepal, which takes place at the Gadhimai Temple* every five years, hundreds of thousands of animals are slaughtered within a couple of days by men with machetes, swords and other weapons. Worshippers are told that their wishes only come true when they sacrifice a buffalo, goat or other animal. In November 2009, more than 200,000 water buffaloes, goats, boars and other animals were sacrificed.

Most animals are illegally imported from India. They do not receive any food or water for days before the festival. During the festival, they have to watch other animals die before they are slaughtered themselves. Animal protection organizations who monitored the festival were very shocked: there was blood everywhere and not a single animal survived the bloodbath.

Picture (Children watching the beheading of a goat AWNN)

The Nepalese organisations Animal Welfare Network Nepal and Animal Nepal started a 5-year long campaign after the slaughter in 2009, to end the animal suffering during the Gadhimai Jatra Festival and during other events with animals in Nepal.

When CAS International read about what happens during the Gadhimai Jatra Festival, we offered our help to our Nepalese colleague organizations. They gladly accepted. We are asking you now to sign the online petition against this animal suffering and to share it with everyone you know:

In 2014, the next slaughter festival takes place, so until then we have to gather as many signatures as possible. We have to end this horrible festival!

For more information on the festival and the campaign:

* Gadhimai is a hindu goddess

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