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The Animal Rights Party, January 2009

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THE HAGUE, 07/01/09 - The Lower House presented 2,970 written questions to the government last year, 302 more than the previous year. Per theme, the most questions were about animal welfare, a survey by free newspaper Metro reveals.

The Socialist Party (SP), as every year, was the most inquisitive of all parties. Per MP, Party for the Animals (PvdD) leader Marianne Thieme was most active; she requested clarification 184 times. Party for Freedom (PVV) MPs Raymond de Roon (138) and Fleur Agema (128) were also in the top three.

Answering one parliamentary question costs 2,000 euros, according to the cabinet. Thieme asked 350,000 euros worth of questions. The agriculture ministry, which deals with animal rights, had to take on two extra civil servants to be able to answer Thieme's questions.


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