December 30, 2007 -- Home Visits for Animal Lab Developers

anonymous communique (translation):

"On Christmas Eve, December 24, we brightened up the homes of the governing board of Van Der Looy Projektmanagement.
On Rubenslaan 19 in Weert, and Van Goghlaan in Weert.
Van Der Looy is participating in the construction of Science Link, a new commercial animal testing center. We sprayed slogans, 'stop Science Link, stop animal tests' and 'DBF.' We call on you to stop the construction or stop your participation in it. This time it was only paint; next time we will not be so pleasant. Until next year."

Original Dutch:
"wij hebben in de nacht van 24.12. op kerstavond, de huizen van het bestuur
van van der looy projektmanagement opgevrolijkt.
aan de ruubenslaan 19 in weert en de van goghlaan in weert.
van de looy doet mee aan de bouw van sciencelink, een nieuw commerciel dierenproefcentrum. wij hebben de leuzen gespoten '" stop sciencelink, stop dierenproeven" en "dbf", wij eisen dat jullie stoppen met de bouw of het medewerken hieraan. nu was het alleen maar wat verf, binnekort zijn wij niet meer zo vriendelijk. tot volgend jaar. DBF"

December 12, 2007 -- Hundreds of Mink Released, Breeding Cards Destroyed

anonymous communique:

"In the night from sunday 9 - monday 10 december 2007, we released all mink from an illegal mink farm. The building was not ventilated. We opened all cages and destroyed a lot of breeding cards. We think there were about 400 mink; the official numbers say that there were 200. We don't believe this. The mink didn't look healthy and were crawling in their own shit.

This is a warning for the so called 'owner' of this illegal mink farm at the sterapplelaan 21 in Zeewolde. Stop killing innocent animals; you don't know with who you are dealing with. The A.L.F! We are not terrorists, but freedom fighters. The terrorists are the people who are killing, something we will never do! All your camera's couldn't stop us from doing what we did (enjoy the pictues... ). Give the animals the freedom they should have. Stay in your apple trade, but keep away from animals, you have no right to decide their lives. The harder you try to build a mink farm the harder we will fight to get them out! Also we know that mink can make it in nature, most will survive and live as they should. If not; they will die in your farm anyway. Better one day of natural, healthy living than live longer in captivity, in hell.

It's time for A.L.F to evolve. People can tell ugly lies about us; we know better. We are the ones who stand for freedom, we are the good guys.
Thanks for the music, it didn't scare us!

To be continued - The A.pple L.iberation F.ront - part one."

November 23, 2007 -- Window Broken in Third Visit to Fur Shop

anonymous report:

"A fur shop named 'Victoria' in Copenhagen, Denmark, has been
targeted 3 times the last week.
The two first times it was spraypainted saying: 'Fur = murder!' and
The third time we broke a window.

'Till all animals are free. ALF"

October 25, 2007 -- Circus Signs Removed

reported anonymously:

"In the night of friday october 14th the ALF removed commercial signs from Staatscircus Moskou.

This circus uses animals. Animals are not for entertainment and are not to be locked up. The ALF has removed commercial signs from this circus as a protest. This is a warning to all circuses with animals. Take every animal out of the circus now, or there will be more actions! Stop circusses with animals! Not tomorrow, but now!"

Dutch communique:
"In de nacht van vrijdag 12 oktober is door DierenBevrijdingsFront reclame-borden gedemonteerd van Staatscircus Moskou in Assen.

Dit circus gebruikt dieren. Dieren zijn niet voor entertainment en niet om op te sluiten. Het DierenBevrijdingsFront heeft daarom borden weggehaald van Staatscircus Moskou uit protest. Dit als waarschuwing aan alle circussen met dieren. Haal de dieren uit het circus nu, of er zullen meer acties volgen. STOP CIRCUSSEN MET DIEREN! NIET MORGEN, MAAR NU!"

During the night of October 21-22, as many as 5,000 mink were released from cages at the Henning Christensens mink farm near the city of Holstebro, in western Denmark. Police said animal rights activists were likely to blame.

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October 1, 2007 -- Car Firebombed at Home of Animal Lab Developer

anonymous communique:

"In the night of 11 august, a french ALF cell firebombed the car of one important man of the vivisicktion lab in "Venray." At least one of his three expensive cars burned down, maybe more will come soon if he continues his job. He is responsible for the building of the new harlan animal lab - sciencelink - in venray; he lives at the makkenweg 1 in holthees; holland. Stop building venray animal lab, this is just the beginning, if you abuse animals you have to deal with the alf. this should be a warning for all animal abusers and all people who are involved in the new sciencelink in venray. STOP BUILDING ANIMAL LAB VENRAY.

Viva La A.L.F."

September 12, 2007 -- Windows Etched at Fur Shops

reported anonymously:

"Copenhagen, Denmark

Two fur shops were painted with etching fluid."

August 21, 2007 -- SUVs Plugged Up In Solidarity With Prisoner

received anonymously:

"Amsterdam (NL):
In the night of sunday 19th on monday 20th, 23 cars (most sport utility vehicles) got damaged by putting building foam inside the trigger. And with grafitti on the outside saying "Free Jeff". This action is in solidarity with Jeff "free" Luers, condemned by the Oregon courts. He was sent to prison for 23 years. He is a victim of the green scare and we want to support him and tell him he's not alone!"

Learn more about Jeff Luers at .

April 7, 2007  Euronext Employee Has Home, Car Redecorated

reported anonymously:

"Andreas Went Zonzijde 18, De Meer, The Netherlands - Andreas is a SCUMBAG employed by Euronext. The ALF paintstripped his cars and redecorated his fancy house.

Zero tolerance towards those who profit from the animals dying on the cage floors of Huntingdon Life Sciences.
Stop trading the shares of Huntingdon Life Sciences."

Goodmorning Mrs. Berlin,

With this mail, I would like to inform you that we have had damage on our house in Amsterdam, Emmalaan 8,caused by ALF (DBF in Holland).

They have thrown a cementstone through our window and wrote (with red paint letters) 'burn in hell' etc.

I would like to inform you that your people in Holland are not well informed about who is living where...

In our flat, used to live a tennant (Mr. Russell) who used to work for Euronext, but already moved out two years ago, he even doesn't work for this company anymore.

We presume that this is the reason that we have been attacked. Or maybe they were at the wrong address.

Anyway, we would appreciate that we won't get involded anymore with the actions, in future.

Yours faithfully,

Annelize Bisterbosch



The Dutch press mentioned this morning that your organization "attacked" board members of Euronext.

I am very sorry this happened for several reasons:

- in Holland vegetarians and animal activists have been very negatively in the news; no one has yet forgotten the murder of a famous politician by a vegetarian/ animal activist.

- this is actually working counterproductive. There are other ways - which are not only legal but especially much more effective - to achieve your goals.

I have excellent experience with convincing the haute finance and captains of industry about the necessity (not ethical - many couldn't care less - but business necessity of being a good corporate citizen, including not testing on animals but also many other issues related to sustainability).

Do contact me if you want to learn more about how to positively and effectively influence the business community. Also please pass this message and my "offer" to your Dutch "members" .

But please stop your activist actions:

- counteractive for the cause; but also counteractive for people like me who are vegetarian (since decades), and promote sustainability in a broader way in the business community.

-get in the news positively, not negatively.


March 21, 2007  Payback for HLS Collaborators

anonymous communique:

"The A.L.F. spraypainted your houses and vandalized your cars in the Netherlands. Some of you are known in the neighbourhood as PEDOPHILES, as we spraypainted this message on your houses. PAYBACK TIME FOR THE ANIMALS SUFFERING IN HUNTINGDON LIFE SCIENCES.

Mr Warringa
address deleted
Director Legal and Regulations Euronext
CALL ME DAY AND NIGHT (0031) 35-6478313

Paul Benschop
Divertimentostraat 9, Almere
Director Euronext

Mr. Bothof
address deleted
CALL ME DAY AND NIGHT (0031)35-6930280

Gerard van den Broek
address deleted
Supervisory Board Van der Moolen

Prof. van den Brink
address deleted
Supervisory Board Van der Moolen

Herman Kapel and Hua Kapel-Yu
address deleted
CALL ME DAY AND NIGHT (0031)36-5465820
Dangerous Goods Management"

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