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The following article was sent out as a press-release by an A.L.F. group in the Netherlands (2000), explaining their motives and tactics and is a personal view and may not represent all those who participate in ALF type actions. Some of the contents have had to be edited for legal reasons.

The Animal Liberation Front rejects any system of religion that tolerates, accepts or legitimizes, oppression and exploitation. Sexism, Racism, Fascism, speciecism and homophobia are some forms of the above mentioned forms of oppression and exploitation. The ALF further rejects all contra-revolutionary, conservative, (extreme)- right winged en ecosofical and neo-liberal systems and ideas. The ALF also opposes all religious and spiritual movements, as well as some of the leftist people (one of them is Marx, whose utopian world consists of a communist community which still can exploit the nature and the animals), who preach and help to keep these forms of oppression in the current status quo. Most, if not all, forms of oppression are caused by capitalism.

The ALF sees the struggle for animal liberation as a struggle within a bigger context, that is the struggle against capitalism. The capitalist system is seen by the ALF as one of the most destructive systems that can exist. This destruction is so apparently present in the industries were animals are bred, fed and slaughtered with the only goal to satisfy human consumptionlust. Therefore we have decided to dedicate our lives to attack and destroy the tools of these industries who kill the earth and all life it ever gave. We don't agree with the anthropocentric view that wants us to believe that the earth and all its inhabitants are there to serve mankind. We don't believe that humans are the most superior creatures on earth.

The earth is not ours, we belong to the earth. If you view the differences between one species and another, your not far away from seeing that same difference between different races. Racism and Fascism are wrong in the eyes of the majority of people in this world. Speciecism, in our eyes, is the same and needs to be fought. the capitalist system, though, has created a book filled with laws and rules to legitimize the differences between species. This is unacceptable to us. Laws made by a system that gives humans the rights to kill our animal brothers and sisters on an industrial scale, to torture and than kill them, are not morally right. We have a very strong emotional bondage with the earth and all life on it, that we can't passively stand by and witness the destruction of the earth by capitalist society. The eco-system is ravaged on a immense scale that we are willing to sacrifice our so-called freedom to liberate our brothers and sisters from the industries of torture and death.

The system allows ngo's to exist and lobby-groups to oppose governmental decisions. As soon as the egoist means of the system are really threatened, this opposition is canalised into a compromise-or-nothing position. The patience humans should have, is to us unbearable, knowing that everyday, on which nothing concrete is done to liberate the animals, is a day on which many animals are destined to die. We don't believe in compromising. It is not a matter of differences of opinions, it is a matter of life and death, murder and torture.

We don't talk to those people who kill animals. We don't feel any sympathy with butchers, vivisectors and fur farmers. You can't compromise with us as long as the victims all die on one side. We're not open to discussion, because we can't take you serious in a discussion when you drown in the blood of the animals. Why should we waste one second of our valuable time by trying to change the desensitized mind of a butcher, knowing he will laugh at everything we say? Our way is to attack the industries of death. And many smiles have disappeared from the faces of the murderers. The goal of these legal operating groups is not to directly stop the industries from killing life, but to inform consumers of the horror in the industries. We see the handing out of information to people who walk in the apathetic masses as a positive goal. Most people are so conditioned by their education that they can't think of living without eating animal products. A large group of people, in contrast, is open to the truth, and knows in their hearts that eating products, derived from living sentient creatures, reduced to money making objects, is ethically not correct. The only thing that people should do is to take responsibility, to open their eyes and to give up the consumption of animal derived products. If this would happen on a large scale, we would have the meat industries on their knees soon enough. Reality shows, however, that we are dealing with a tough reality, in which people life who are so desensitized from nature so they 'd rather stick their heads into the sand. When activists think that they can get to these people by handing out flyers, or putting up posters, than they should do this, but they shouldn't think they are saving animals.

Militant direct action is saving animal lifes!! Therefore we will continue to do so, until these industries are swept away.

The ALF chooses to attack the producers who are directly responsible for the atrocities committed in the animal abusive industries. The ALF attacks these industries with non-violent direct action. Non-violent means that there will not be done any harm to living creatures in the process. Whenever a cell chooses to destroy a company who takes part in killing animals (slaughterhouses, meattransporttrucks, barns at fur farms) by arson, they always check the distance between the subject of attack and the nearest house, to make sure that it is not too close. Also people check out barns at live transport companies, to see if there are no animals in these places. If so, the action will be cancelled. If people conclude that they can attack, but only to a certain amount of trucks, than this is also an option for the cell. The reason why we explain the non-violent character of our tactics is because often, people criticize ALF tactics, for being a threat to human life. In pursuing our goal of maximum economic destruction we always make sure not to endanger life. This means that also members of the fire-departments are not endangered. The critics on the ALF are far to hypocritical. We don't use chemicals, explosives, nerve-gas or other materials. Fire fighters are also trained in what they do. Therefore we assume that the captain of a firefight brigade is a person who takes the right decisions, if it concerns the safety of his/her people. If a situation is too dangerous for the firefighters, than they should just decide to let the fire burn down the trucks, especially because we have taken care of the safety of people living in the direct vicinity.

Of course there is a possibility that we are caught in the act, by a law-abiding civilian, the police or some security-officer. In that case our first priority is to get the hell out of there. If this is ruled out we can then be manouvred into a position were we have to defend ourselves. We always take this into account and are prepared to do so, mentally as well as physically. We will use the right to self-defense only as a last resort. Direct action means that every action by the ALF is directly sabotaging the industries of death. To liberate animals from a laboratory, a batteryfarm or a fur farm are the clearest forms of animal liberation and need no further explanation. By destroying the tools of death the cells of the ALF make it impossible for the abusers to further their businesses. In a burned down slaughterhouse, there will be no animals slaughtered anymore and a burned down truck will no longer transport meat or living animals. People criticize these actions by saying that "insurance companies will pay for all the damage done" are wrong. The companies that get hit, will never totally reach the point of business, from before the action. They can't take as much orders as before, not to speak of mental damage. Apart from the direct damage, there is also a large amount of money which the company looses through loss of income. The threat of the ALF also makes companies to invest loads of money into security systems. In practice, this means that by attacking one company, you attack the complete animal abusive sector.

Our enemies are all companies who engage in the oppression, exploitation and killing of animals and Mother Earth.

The ALF mostly attacks those companies who attack our animal brothers and sisters. Our comrades of the Earth Liberation Front are focusing on the companies who are guilty of exploiting the earth. Let it be known to everybody that the earth is not dying, it is being killed! And all who are guilty of that have names and addresses. Every local community has its own industrial zones where they are represented.

Simply by opening the yellow pages you can locate, observe and finally destroy these companies. The ALF sees a difference between core businesses(fur farms, slaughterhouses, transport companies, laboratories), and related businesses( security companies, insurance companies etc.) The third category exists from companies who sell these products, like fur shops, leather shops. etc.) The companies and groups who choose to kill animals for sport or entertainment are also targets. We hereby think of fish- and hunting groups. All these industries, organisations and groups can be stopped, because the people who run these businesses are burdened by the financial as well as the physical pressure put on them by the ALF.

Every murderer, rapist or exploiter knows very well that what he does is morally wrong. No human with a conscious can think that the shooting or gassing or electrocuting of an animal is right. He or she can only fool him or herself by wearing a mask of apathy or to believe in lies which have been proven wrong time and time again. If these people refuse to stop their cruel behaviour, than we will force them to. Methods used by the ALF in the past show a big inventiveness by the activists. Actions range from spraypainting, butter acid attacks, smashing windows, bomb hoaxes to the actual liberation of animals from fur farms, laboratories and battery farms.

Methods that the ALF will use in the future will be of the same type. Tendencies show that there are far more animal liberation actions. While the suffering of animal becomes more and more apparent, these actions will only grow in the future. Often there are young people who see no other way than the path of militant animal liberation. These young people are disillusioned by the sad reality that society gives them. They reject this society and all of her rules and wrong morals. They will see that it is inevitable for them to join the forces who combat this same society.

The battlefield is the fur farm and the slaughterhouse. Our struggle is a Guerilla and the struggle of the Guerilla is one that can't be stopped, before the fight is won and the oppressors have lost. The people in these industries know this all too well, and beg the police to arrest people. They also make deals with the media to not publish anything about the actions, for they know all too well that their business is not helped when little animals are caught and put into small cages.

To take part into an action in name of justice and righteousness is something you can be very proud of. People who fight under the flag of the ALF fight against industries who kill our brothers and sisters everyday, are people who act accordingly to what their hearts tell them. Animal Liberators are ready to give their own freedom for the freedom of imprisoned animals and for the earth. The animals are not helped at all if you are just a vegan and talk about your ideas about animal liberation. They 'd rather have you crawling on your knees in the mud to liberate them.

Think Straight. Don't get your thoughts mixed up by people who try to justify their inactions with their pacifist dogma's. If not you, who? If not now, when? If the animals could fight for themselves, alot of abusers would have been stopped by now. The only thing that is in the way of their freedom is your fear. Get over it. Live for the freedom of the earth and the animals.


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