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Cardboard invasion baffles Copenhagen locals - View the Video!

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Cardboard invasion baffles Copenhagen locals

Last night locals looked on in bewilderment as hundreds of cardboard boxes started arriving in R�dhuspladsen Square, Copenhagen.

Eye witnesses reports confirm that a steady stream of boxes has been arriving since 7pm, all addressed to �the Delegates of the UN Climate Summit' here in December.

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With no delegates on hand to open these packages, there is much speculation as to their contents; although local police have been able to confirm that they are not in any way dangerous.

One eye witness told us: "When I went to dinner there was just a handful of boxes on the street and I didn't think anything of it. But by the time I had finished there were so many that it was quite difficult to walk get across the Square. I thought maybe it was some kind of art installation."

While debate continues as to their contents and purpose, officials are now discussing what to do with the ever growing pile of packages now in the square and the streets around it. Anyone with information regarding the packages should contact authorities immediately.

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