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ARA Arrested for Allegedly Planning to Protest Fur

Amsterdam - A radical animal rights activist was arrested Tuesday for allegedly planning an attack on Dutch queen Beatrix to protest the fact that she wears furs. The news comes three months after a different attack left nine people dead when an assailant intentionally ploughed his car into a crowd in an attempt to attack the royal family.

In the latest development, Peter Janssen, 23, who has become known throughout the Netherlands for spectacular events in the name of ending animal abuse, was arrested on charges of planning an attack and unlawful possession of a weapon.

Police raided his home and that of a friend, confiscating two computers, but no gun was found.

A spokesman for the state attorney's office said there were a number of concrete justifications for the investigation. Multiple witnesses have also filed reports on Janssen.


full story:,animal-rights-activist-held--plan-to-attack-dutch-queen.html

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