January 2007

In the Netherlands there is a protest going on in Groning about a dog called Cooky.

This dog is taken by the police, and they want to kill her.

This because of the law RAD. She looks like a Pit bull and this law forbids to keep dogs as Pit bulls, and so the government & police are picking up many dogs in Holland. It's like a razzia!

Also when they have taken a dog they keep him for months in jail with almost no food and mistreatment also even do experiments with the dogs I heard, and then later they kill the dogs.
Here is some recent news about 4 other dogs they have killed recently:

The most of the dogs done nothing wrong and are very safe dogs. (It's the people who can make a dog aggressive).

I am finding it hard to contact people here who can help.

We even have a politic party just for animals "Partij voor de Dieren" and I have send them an email to stop this things, but they don't react!


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