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Seal Demo in Brussels, July 1 2008


On 1st July 2008, a historical mass demonstration to demand a ban on seal products in the European Union will be held in Brussels. The event will be take place in the heart of European institutions in front of the European Commission itself.

This event is being jointly organised by Humane Society International, GAIA, Eurogroup for Animals and IFAW. Animal protection organisations and their supporters throughout

Europe will unite in a show of strength to convince the Commission to take swift action to ban the products of the cruel commercial seal hunt.

Animal protection organisations from all corners of the European Union are being asked

to come to Brussels on Tuesday, 1st July to participate in this historic event.

It would be fantastic if at least 1000 people from all 27 EU member states could take to the streets of Brussels on 1st July in support of a seal ban. The more people, the better!

If your organisation is interested in attending and organising a bus to take supporters to this event, please contact the local organisers GAIA via

The demonstration will start at 2pm. It will be held at Wetstraat 175-200, between the

Justus Lipsius building and the Berlaymont building.

The slogan of the event will be �Stop the killing, ban the trade�.

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