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October 7, 2011 - WHALER SUNK

received anonymously:

"On 5 October 2011 we sunk the combination whaler and trawler
Onsoyvaeringen in Engelsviken. The Onsoyvaeringen was the
last whaler in Oslofjord. The number of whaling rights granted
by Norwegian Fisheries has increased over the past year.
All Norwegian fishing boats can think of us as an
insurance risk if planning to hunt whales.



received anonymously:

"What: Whaling boat 'Sofie' sunk

When: 2 April

Where: Svolvaer, Norway

How: Entry was made through the wheelhouse. The engine room
was accessed by removing the locked door from its frame using
axe and crowbar. Two sea valves were opened fully submerging
the engine and electrical systems.

Why: Norway announced an increased quota of minke
whales so we decided to increase our quota of sunken whalers.

- AGENDA 21"


(photo: Local news media reported that the sabotage was discovered before the ship could sink. An alarm alerted the ship's owner, Leif Einar Karlsen, who lives nearby. He attempted to slow the water that was coming in through the open valves, but by the time the fire department arrived, the engine room was under several feet of water. Karlsen has pledged to repair the Sofie and begin killing minke whales in May.

It has been one year since the last attempted sinking of a whaling ship in Norway. In April 2009, an attempt was made to sink the whaling ship "Skarbakk" when it was moored at Henningsvaer, Norway. In August 2007, the whaling ship "Willassen Senior" was sunk in the harbor in Svolvaer (the boat was only a stone's throw away from where the Sofie was docked).

The Sofie is the seventh Norwegian whaling vessel to come under attack for illegal whaling activities since 1992. After the attack on the Sofie, the head of a Norwegian whaling organization complained to the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, "It is outrageous that this can be done year after year without anyone being caught."

April 25, 2009 -- Whaling Ship Sunk

anonymous communique:

"APRIL 24, 2009



 -AGENDA 21"

March 17, 2009 -- Transport Trucks Torched at Chicken Slaughterhouse


During the night of March 1st, five chicken-transport trucks were set on fire outside "Norsk Kylling," a chicken slaughterhouse and processing plant in St�ren. Unfortunately, many other trucks were removed from the area during the fire, or else the damage would have been larger.

Norsk Kylling has been in the media spotlight numerous times for serious breaches of animal welfare laws.

The police and the owner of the trucks believe it's arson, but no one has claimed responsibility for the action yet.

In September 2007 three trucks were destroyed by fire at the same place. No one claimed responsibility for that arson either.

Photos: Micke Aaslund/

July 4, 2008 -- Action Reports Keep Coming In

reported by

"2nd of July (Oslo): All windows smashed in fur shop 'Br�drene Thorkildsen' by activists from the Norwegian ALF - DFF (Dyrenes Frigj�ringsfront). This is the third action in the last year against this shop.

13th of june (Oslo): Fur shop 'Isaksen Pels' gets several windows smashed by anonymous anti-fur activists. This shop has also been hit numerous times lately.

26th of may (Oslo): Newsmedia reports about another action against the unpopular fur shop 'Atelier Henry Phillip'. Media reports that locks are glued, five windows smashed.

The owner of the fur (Henry Phillip) shop says to the media - after the police authorities have promised to guard his fur shop especially: 'It seems like they have gone amok. They won't give in. It seems like there is nothing that can scare these people away.' Media also reports that this action is number 31 against the shop and privately, in the ongoing battle to shut the place down.

17th of may: Fur shop 'Pels Larsson' is hit for the second time in two
nights. This time a window was broken."

May 26, 2008 -- Fur Industry Under Attack as Never Before

excerpt from a May 23 article in Aftenposten, one of Norway's largest newspapers:

"Never before has Norway's fur industry been as under attack as it is now. Some Oslo fur dealers have been the repeated targets of vandalism and threats. For months, fur dealers like Stein Phillip Thoresen [in photo below] in Oslo have dealt with attempted break-ins, smashed windows and other forms of vandalism. His shop, Atelier Henry Phillip, has been a constant target as has his home and even his car. He's not alone. Other clothing stores selling fur coats and accessories are frequent targets as well. Since 2003, more than 150 attacks have been reported to police. The police, however, haven't made any arrests and Thoresen is getting desperate. Unless the 'animal terrorists' are caught soon, he'll likely quit the business, which probably is exactly what those behind the attacks want him to do."

There have been two recent actions reported by

Early on May 15, the Larsson fur store in the city of Drammen was targeted for the second time in a month. Two windows were shattered.

In the town of T�nsberg, activists targeted the Knut Poverud fur shop. Windows were broken and paint splashed into the store. According to the media, the sabotage cost the store more than 200,000 Norwegian Kroner.


May 1 , 2008 -- Action Report

reported by

" has received information about more actions against the Norwegian fur trade. Media reports a record-high number of actions - counting more than 50 actions in the last six months.

Morten Sauer, a representative for the coalition for Norwegian fur shops, confirmed in a recent news article that illegal actions work according to the activists goals: 'It's only a question of time before some of our furshops has to give in after batling the activists.'

* 15th of march:
DFF-activists claim responsibility for several sabotage actions against
fur shops in Oslo and say they will contine their campaign of economic sabotage until all the furshops are closed down:
-Furshop 'Studio Olesen': windows etched and slogans spraypainted across the shop.
-Furshop 'Br�drene Torkildsen': the shop gets a big window smashed up.
-Fur shop 'Oslo Pelssenter': both lock are glued.
-Furshop 'Olsson pels': Locks superglued and 'Murderers' spraypainted at the shop.

* 20th of march:
-Furshop 'Br�drene Torkildsen': the shop gets covered in paint.
-Furshop 'Hansson Pels': gets its windows broken.

* 10th of april:
In Oslo: Anonymous activists smashed another window at the fur shop 'Atelier Henry Phillip' in the night. This shop has been hit numerous times during the last six months.

* 17th of april:
In Drammen: The furshop 'Pels Larsson' was targetted by anti-fur activists.
The activists smashed the shops two windows and superglued the lock of the entrance.

* 13th of april:
In Oslo: Activists from Dyrenes Frigj�ringsfront (norwegian ALF) claimed responsibility for an attack against the head office of the Norwegian fur farmers. Skinnsenteret in Oslo host many offices for all of the organizations of the Norwegian fur farmers.

Dyrenes Frigj�ringsfront (DFF) says they cut through a surrounding fence, went into the area smashed twenty windows, spraypainted slogans and smashed a car at the site."

April 27, 2008 -- Fight Against Fur Reaches New Heights

reported anonymously:

"In solidarity with the World Day demonstration outside of Novartis' torture labs the following day, and to remind them that not all activists carry placards and bullhorns, two Novartis vivisectors were visited at home in Horsham on Friday night.

Steve Charlton of 7 Saint Christopher Close had glue put in his front door lock, and 'Animal Abuser at No. 7' was painted on a row of garages next to his house. We can't be sure they were his, but we'll leave it to him to explain that one to his neighbours.

At 5 Ryecroft Drive, Gerald Dubois had left a car out under an open window. Hardly a deterrent. Silent as the night that hid us, we stripped the paint, slashed all the tires and left our calling card in our own paint.

You never see us, and you can't stop us.

Animal Liberation Front"

March 14, 2008 -- Oslo Fur Shops Take a Beating

reported by activists in Norway (for photos, click here):

"The Norwegian ALF, Dyrenes Frigj�ringsfront, has claimed responsibility for several actions against fur shops in Oslo this year. Other groups of anonymous activists have also taken action against almost every fur shop in Oslo. (more photos of attacked shops below)

Some of the reported actions:

- 4th March:
Anti-fur activists cover two fur shops in Oslo with loads of paint.

- 2nd March:
Two fur shops in Oslo had locks glued.

- 1st March:
A fur shop in Oslo get its windows broken by anonymous activists.

- 29th February:
One fur shop in Oslo has locks glued while another one gets locks glued and slogans spraypainted all over its front.

- 11th February:
Anonymous activists smashed all windows at a fur shop in Oslo, only a few days after the windows had been replaced after previous actions.

- 9th February:
Dyrenes Frigj�ringsfront claims actions against two fur shops in Oslo. Both shops have slogans painted on windows, using etching fluid.

- 2nd February:
Dyrenes Frigj�ringsfront claims actions against three fur shops in Oslo. One shop has all its windows smashed, one gets red paint poured all over its front as well as locks glued. Another fur shop gets all its windows etched.

- 1st of February:
Dyrenes Frigj�ringsfront visited the home of the owner of
the fur shop Atelier Henry Philip. Activists poured red paint at his front door, glued his front door lock, they spraypainted slogans on visible walls around his house and they poured paint at his car, spraypainted it and smashed all its windows.

The same night DFF-aktivists visited his fur shop in Oslo. The fur shop had all its windows etched with slogans. The activist's press communique after the actions:

"Pressemelding fredag 1. februar

Natt til fredag 1. februar dro aktivister fra Dyrenes Frigj�ringsfront (DFF) p� hjemmebes�k til Stein Phillip Thoresen, eieren av pelsbutikken At�lier Henry Phillip. Vi aksjonerte for � vise hva vi mener om at han driver med salg av pels fra mishandlede og drepte dyr. Thoresen sitter ogs� i styret i pelsbransjens hovedorganisasjon 'Pelsinform', og er dypt involvert i � feilaktig pr�ve � hvitvaske den blodige pelsindustrien.

Thoresens hus p� Nesodden ble sprutet ned med r�d-maling og l�sen p� inngangsd�ra hans ble limt igjen. Det ble ogs� skrevet 'Stein P Thoresen overgriper' p� husveggen,og 'Vi vet hvor du bor', signert av DFF. Dyrenes Frigj�ringsfront godtar ikke at Thoresen tjenrer penger p� dyremishandling., og holder han personlig ansvarlig for drapene av tusenvis av dyr, som han selger i butikken sin. Bilen hans ble ogs� �delagt under det nattlige bes�ket. Vinduene ble knust, l�sene limt igjen, dekkene punktert og ordet 'morder' ble sprayet p� baksiden. Hele bilen ble dekt av r�dmaling, for � symbolisere blodet til de hundretusener av dyr som blir drept i pelsindustrien i Norge hvert eneste �r.

Samme natt dro andre aktivister fra DFF til Stein Phillip Thoresen sin
butikk 'At�lier Henry Phillip' i Skippergata i Oslo sentrum. Alle vinduene og d�ra ble smurt inn med etsende veske, og 'Mordere', ble skrevet p� det ene vinduet. �konoomisk sabotasje mot pelsbutikken og hans private eiendom vil fortsette inntil pelsbutikken er stengt. N�r pelsbutikkene rammes �konomisk tvinges de til � ta oss p� alvor � det eneste som betyr noe for denne bransjen er penger.

'Vi aksepterer ikke noen former for utnytting av dyr, og vil fremover sl� hardt ned p� alle som er involvert i pelsindustrien. Ingen som driver med overgerp mot uskyldige dyr skal f�le seg trygge, heller ikke i sitt private hjem. Vi kommer ikke til � gi oss f�r alle pelsbutikkene er stengt, og pelsdyropprett ikke lenger eksisterer i Norge.'"

October 21, 2007 -- Whaling Ship Will Never Kill Again

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society news release:


Norwegian Whaling Vessel's Career is Finished

The Willassen Senior, the Norwegian whaling vessel that was scuttled on August 30, 2007 in the northern city of Svolvaer in the Lofoten Islands, will not be killing any more whales�ever again. The damage sustained by the vessel that was deliberately sunk by whale defenders exceeded $22 million kroner (over US $2 million). Sea Shepherd Conservation Society was pleased to learn that the Willassen Senior was not insured. The owners of the vessel have decided to scrap the ship, because they cannot afford to pay to repair the extensive damage caused to the electrical and mechanical systems by salt water. A group called Agenda 21 has taken credit for scuttling the whaling ship.

"One less whaling ship on the water translates into fewer whales being killed by these criminal whalers," said Sea Shepherd Founder and President Captain Paul Watson. "The Agenda 21 team did an excellent job: no injuries, no evidence, no mistakes, and no more whaling. These are results that we can appreciate and admire."

Immediately after the whaler was scuttled, the owners of other whaling vessels in Norway placed their ships under 24-hour guard. This translates into increased security costs for whaling ships, which cuts into whaling profits. "The whalers should be afraid of being scuttled," said Captain Watson. "A vessel that is being operated in clear defiance of international conservation law and is involved with the illegal slaughter of these intelligent and gentle creatures has only one place�on the bottom of the sea!"

Norwegian police have been unsuccessful in identifying the Agenda 21 team members. All they have done so far is to seize a hard drive from an internet cafe in Svolvaer, based on a report that one of the sabotage team members may have been using a computer there. Police have confirmed that the Willassen Senior was deliberately sunk by a saboteur (or saboteurs) unknown. The ship was sunk when a pipe used to provide salt water cooling to the engine was removed. It took four hours for the ship to sink, allowing the whale defenders plenty of time to leave the area.

"This was not a crime," said Captain Watson. "The Willassen Senior was a ship engaged in criminal activity specifically violating the International Whaling Commission's global moratorium on commercial whaling activities. Sinking this whaler was an act of law enforcement, and we applaud this successful retirement of an illegal killing machine.�

October 11, 2007 -- Fire Destroys Truck at Fur Feed Supplier

Norwegian media has reported an arson attack on October 8 targeting trucks parked at Midt-Norsk F�r AL, a fur-feed factory in Trondheim. One truck was destroyed while another was heavily damaged.

Police claim that they found three undetonated incendiary devices, each with battery and timer, strategically placed under other trucks.

Because the trucks were used to deliver feed to local fur farms, police suspect animal liberation activists. This is the 5th arson attack targeting fur-feed factories in Norway. The factories are owned and operated by fur farmers.

September 11, 2007 -- Whaler Sunk: Claim of Responsibility

anonymous communique (see "WHALING SHIP SUNK, below"):

"August 30, 2007

Svolvaer, Lofoten Islands, Norway

On the night of august 30th we decided to celebrate the end of commercial whaling in Iceland by removing a large section of cooling pipe in the engine room of the norweigan whaler "Willassen Senior".

After ensuring that the vessel was unoccupied the salt water intake valve was opened unleashing a torrent of water into the heart of the killer ship that two years earlier took 14 minutes to brutally murder a threatened minke whale.

The sinking of the whaler and the silencing of its deadly harpoon is dedicated to the memory of the yangtze river dolphin who because of humankinds greed will never again grace the waters of our blue planet. The turn of our wrenches is a rational response to a world where tens of thousands of species disappear every year.

- Agenda 21"

Press Office Note: This is the fifth Norwegian whaler that has come under attack for illegal whaling activities since 1992. The others were:
The Nybraena - scuttled dockside in the Lofoten Island in December 1992.
The Senet - Scuttles dockside in Fredricksberg, Norway in January 1994.
The Elin-Toril - Severely damaged in 1997.
The Morild - Sunk in 1998.
The Williassen Senior - Sunk in August 2007

Note: Agenda 21 is a programme run by the United Nations (UN) related to sustainable development. It is a comprehensive blueprint of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organisations of the UN, governments, and major groups in every area in which humans impact on the environment. The number 21 refers to the 21st century.

September 3, 2007 -- Whaling Ship Sunk

According to media in Norway, the whaling ship Willassen Senior was sunk in the northern city of Svolvaer on August 30. Nobody was on board when the 89 foot long vessel sank.

According to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society , the Willassen Senior is the fifth Norwegian whaling vessel to come under attack for illegal whaling activities since 1992. The list to date includes:

The Nybraena - scuttled dockside in December 1992 (Reine, Lofoten Islands).
The Senet - Scuttled dockside in January 1994 (Fredricksberg, Norway).
The Elin-Toril - Severely damaged in 1997.
The Morild - Sunk in 1998.
The Williassen Senior - Sunk in August 2007 (Svolvaer, Lofoten Islands).

August 16, 2007 -- Action Reports

reported by :

"July 14th 2007:
In a press communique groups of the norwegian Animal Liberation Front (Dyrenes Frigj�ringsfront) claims responsibility for actions against the fur trade and against private homes of two of the four people running the lab animal-farm L�ken G�rd.

In the communique activists say that ALF groups used this night actively in numerous actions in Oslo and Ski.

In Ski DFF activists smashed the windows of the furshop Pelsmestrene AS as well as gluing up their locks with superglue.

In Oslo activists hit the two furshops Isaksen Pels AS and Hansson Pels ANS. The shops had their front redecorated with spraypaint and glass-etching fluid.

In Oslo there was an action in Brobekkveien 33, where Jonas Falch and Tor-Eirik Larsen have private adresses. These guys are two of the four people responsible for the animal abuse at the lab animal-farm L�ken G�rd.

Activists spraypainted the entrance to the building, with a message clearly stating what these people are involved in. There were also slogans and messages spraypainted at other parts of the building, clearly visible to the surrounding neighbors.

The communique in Norwegian:
"Direkte aksjoner mot pelsindustrien og L�ken g�rd

Aksjonsgrupper fra Dyrenes Frigj�ringsFront (DFF) brukte tiden flittig natt til til l�rdag (14. juli) i aksjoner mot pelshandlere og ledelsen i fors�ksdyranlegget L�ken G�rd:

- I Ski sentrum aksjonerte Dyrenes Frigj�ringsFront (DFF) mot Pelsmestrene AS, ved � knuse butikkens vinduer og lime igjen l�sene med superlim.
- I Oslo slo DFF til mot de to �pelshandlerne Isaksen Pels AS og Hansson Pels ANS, ved � spraye fasaden og p�f�re glassetsende v�ske som saboterer vinduene.
- I Oslo bes�kte DFF-aktivister ogs� Brobekkveien 33, hvor Thor Eirik Larsen og Jonas Falch disponerer lokaler og bolig - Thor Eirik og Jonas er ansvarlige for fors�kshundoppdrettet p� upopul�re L�ken G�rd. Det ble sprayet slagord mot L�ken G�rd p� boligblokkens inngangsparti og vegger, slik at naboene n� vet hva slags folk som bor der og for at Thor Eirik og Jonas p�minnes om at DFF f�lger med."

June 11th 2007:
According to different newsmedia 15-20 activists drove cars trough the gates to the notorious breeder of cats and dogs for vivisection "l�ken G�rd" in the middle of the night, in an attempt to free animals from confinement.

In a press communique, a group of activists calling themselves
"Dyrerettighetsoffensiven mot L�ken G�rd" (Animal rights initiative against L�ken G�rd) claims responsibility for the attempted liberation of cats and dogs. The activists says their goal was to liberate as many cats and dogs as possible from the lab animal-breeder. In the communique they describe the sight of the cats through a window and how they heard the loud, desperate barking from the confined dogs.

Newsmedia also reports that there was a confrontation between the activists and the people running L�ken G�rd when they clashed on site. The activists says they are peaceful and that the owners of L�ken G�rd should be extremely happy that the activists chose to pull back instead of answering the violence of the owners of L�ken G�rd.

The activists says they are very sorry to leave the animals behind this time, but they promise to come back! As long as the owners of L�ken G�rd: Thor-Eirik Larsen, Jonas Falch, Hege Synn�ve Renstr�m and Reidun Elise Aas continues to abuse and profit from animal torment they shall never have peace.

The press communique in Norwegian:
"Pressemelding: aksjon p� L�ken g�rd
L�ken g�rd i H�rland aler opp hunder og katter for � selge dem til dyrefors�k. Dette inneb�rer enorm smerte og en sikker d�d for dyrene. L�ken g�rd er med tiden blitt godt kjent for sine overgrep.

Natt til mandag 11.06 slo aksjonsgruppa Dyrerettighetsoffensiven til p� L�ken g�rd. Hensikten med aksjonen var � befri s� mange hunder og katter som mulig fra et liv i lidelse, og omplassere dem til trygge hjem. Da vi kj�rte inn p� g�rden kunne vi se en mengde katter gjennom et vindu og h�re hundenes desperate bjeffing.

Da vi var igang med � bryte oss inn for � hente ut dyrene kom eierne Thor-Eirik Larsen og Jonas Falch stormende ut. Med seg hadde de slagv�pen. De oppf�rte seg som rabiate versjoner av de komiske figurene Helan (Thor-Eirik Larsen) og Halvan (Jonas Falch).

Vi fors�kte � snakke med dem for � forhindre at noen skulle bli skadet. Men de gikk likevel umiddelbart til direkte angrep p� oss. Thor-Eirik og Jonas hentet ogs� en n�dpistol som de siktet etter oss og skj�t med. Bare flaks gjorde at ingen ble alvorlig skadet. Dette viser disse personenes totale mangel p� respekt for b�de menneskers og dyrs liv.

Vi valgte � trekke oss unna, fremfor � svare tilbake med samme mynt. Dette selv om vi var langt flere i antall. Thor-Eirik Larsen og Jonas Falch kan regne seg selv som sv�rt heldige for at vi ikke la oss p� den samme voldelige linje som dem. Vi er fredelige aktivister. Om vi hadde �nsket det kunne vi brukt makt for � gjennomf�re aksjonen.

Denne gangen m�tte vi desverre forlate L�ken g�rd uten � f� med oss noen av dyrene. Men vi akter ikke � la kattene og hundene forbli i fangenskap, og kommer tilbake.

S� lenge L�ken g�rd eksisterer kommer vi til � fortsette kampen.
Thor-Eirik Larsen, Jonas Falch, Hege Synn�ve Renstr�m og Reidun Elise Aas vil ikke f� fred f�r de har lagt ned farmen. Om deres samvittigheten ikke f�r dem til � legge ned vil vi gj�re det."

March 2nd 2007:
According to newsmedia sources a fur storage and pelting building burnt to the ground in Kvernfjorden (B�), causing millions of damage to the fur farmers using the building. At the time of fire there was an estimated 1000 fox-pelts stored inside the building.

Police have been investigating the site stating they have no clear indications of what caused the destructive fire. No group has claimed responsibility for causing the fire."

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