About 3 years ago, the British journalist, Jonathan Owens, wrote this article about the fur farms in Norway.

 A "Tour" in a mink farm by Jonathan Owens of the Independent on Sunday: As you neared the farm, the stench of ammonia from mink excrement would gag you.

 The animals live in total squalor --- driven mad by horrific confinement- -only to be gassed, strangled or electrocuted.  The author of the article writes, "Animal welfare campaigners question whether people who buy fur would still do so if they saw the conditions under which the animals live, and die."

  Read the whole article exposing a supposed topnotch mink farm in Norway.
http://news. independent. this_britain/ article2081646. ece

 I really think anti-fur activists should focus on some countries other than China, and Norway is definitely in the radar. I will add this video to our website as well as contact the group in Norway to help them anyway I can. 

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