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These Killers are just too ignorant to know the damage they are doing to the world. Killing creatures just for fun is an abomination. A good, decent person would never do this. Only Ignorant Idiots think this is fun. Idiots pay a lot in Africa just to kill endangered Rhinos, Elephants, Tigers, Lions, Gorillas, etc. These are Ignorant Despicable Idiots.

What is the point of killing these endangered creatures? Do these inbred rednecks know anything else to do in their miserable trailer trash lives besides killing creature for pure pleasure?

Any wonder why there are so many psychos with guns killing people in malls, churches, schools, offices, courthouses and everywhere? The National Right to Annihilate and the Guns Owned Party are developing America's own Armed Psycho Cells. Why should we bother with the Islunatic Psychos when we are developing our very own Killers beginning at 5 years old (Granny said he started training this Killer to kill at 2.5 years old and the Inbred Redneck Moron is proud of that).

The Guns Owned Party should push for a constitutional amendment that mandates the government supply every citizen with guns and ammo. They should further push for a constitutional amendment that mandate every citizen should kill one creature a week. Is this what the National Right to Annihilate and the Extremists Psychos want?

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