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Society for Community Development

Society for Community Development is a non-profit making, non-government and non-political organization working for the eradication of poverty through education, health and empowering people in the society. It is working since 2000 in Toba Tek Singh and its surrounding areas. We carry out our organization activities through fund raising ( organizing fund raising activities, selling t-shirts, greeting cards and arranging some social gatherings and also through translation and publications of materials of ministries and NGOs) and grants from the non- government organizations and ministries.

In our areas, we experience that people are not so careful about animals. Animals are not treated well and care about them. A good number of people , use animals to earn their livelihood for example in donkey cart, horse cart and bull and ox cart. Though people rare animals in their families but they do not feed them well, look after them and treat them well. Animals are living miserably.

There is need to raise awareness about the animals rights among people. Seminars and rallies will be very much useful activities to make people aware about the rights and importance of animals in the society. Publications on the animals rights are also very useful to educate people because people do not have resources to get materials on animals cares and rights. There is need to publish materials for the education of people. I studied your ministry Animal Liberation Front and I am really very much impressed your work. I wish to work for animals care and for their rights.

Society for Community Development is hoping to work for the welfare and rights of animals in our areas. People are not so aware about proper care and the provision of proper facilities to animals. Animals are treated badly and are not given full attentions. Animals are the sources of income, food, happiness, satisfaction, security, traveling and company in the old age. Though human beings depend upon animal on various aspects, but animals are still living a miser lives.

There is need to work on two levels:

� General Public awareness about the rights of animals and

� Advocacy and Lobbying with the government on the rights of animals

Below are some pictures of the animals I took in our areas. These pictures will reflect the general situation of animals. Society for Community Development is focusing to launch a campaign to raise awareness about the situation and rights of animals and advocacy with government to plan strategies for the promotion of rights of animals.

Mrs. Victoria


Society for Community Development

Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan

A cat is sleeping on a garbage pile

A dog is sitting beside the road in search of food

A donkey has no proper place to eat

A hen is search for grain

A little donkey carrying a heavy load

Buffalos hoping for food and shelter

Goat has no proper home

Goats in search of food in fields

No shelter in winter

Sheep eating from the garbage

Struggle for food

Worried about food

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