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11th February 2009

By Elly Maynard

On Tuesday 27th January I flew out to Manila along with Chris Taylor, a New Zealand Police Dog Handler, Ingrid Leary, an Award Winning Journalist and Peter Takapuna, her cameraman to film the undercover rescue of 15 dogs from the illegal meat trade.

The operation was a huge success though fraught with danger for the Animal Kingdom undercover operative who had made contact with an illegal dog meat trader. The link to the report which screened on New Zealand national television is .

This was the first time that such a rescue was attempted. Dogs are normally rescued on their way to the meat traders and stopped at road blocks by the Police.

Sirius funded the whole operation including the purchase of the 15 dogs. Nothing prepared me however for how traumatic the rescue would be and to see the fear and death in the dogs eyes was something I will never forget. Video taken during the rescue will very shortly be uploaded to our web site at along with some still images.

The dogs are now safe at the Animal Kingdom Foundation Centre at Capas, Tulac, Philippines.

On Friday the 6th February the biggest campaign in Philippines history was launched. The Philippines National Police in conjunction with the Animal Kingdom Foundation have launched a poster campaign with posters placed at every Air and Sea port stating that eating of dogs is illegal. The penalty for this is up to 4 years in jail and US$780 fine. This updated law was put in place last year and we are assured that it will be strictly enforced. We'll also upload a copy of the poster.

We congratulate the AKF on their outstanding achievements and look forward to working with them in the future.

Elly Maynard
Sirius GAO Charitable Trust

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