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Polish presidency urged to keep animal welfare central to its priorities

Polish presidency urged to keep animal welfare central to its priorities


Brussels, I July 2011

Polish presidency urged to keep animal welfare central to its priorities

Eurogroup for Animals has today launched a Memorandum outlining its position on animal welfare related policies that will be discussed as part of the Polish Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

The European Commission is currently preparing its second strategy on animal welfare, due to be adopted at the end of 2011. It will frame all future EU actions to improve animal welfare during the coming five years and the integration of EU animal welfare policy with relevant EU policies in other areas. It is thus an essential step for progressing animal welfare in the EU and Eurogroup for Animals calls on Poland to grant all its support to the European Commission for the adoption of a strong strategy during their Presidency.

Among others, Eurogroup for Animals urges the Polish Presidency to support the following demands:

* CAP reform: Support radical changes to make the Common Agricultural Policy contribute to improving animal welfare.

* Cosmetics testing: Reject any postponement of the ban on the marketing of cosmetic products tested on animals.

* Cloning for food: Support a ban on the cloning of animals for food production and on the import of food from animal clones and their descendants.

* Transport of animals: support the limitation of transport time and stocking densities, as well as improved enforcement tools.

* Battery cages: Keep firm on the ban on un-enriched battery cages for laying hens from 1st January 2012.

* Enforcement: Improve drastically the application of animal welfare legislation by EU member states.

* Bilateral trade agreements: Secure the inclusion of strict animal welfare criteria in future trade agreements

"The Presidency has a central role to play in ensuring that animals are fully considered as sentient beings and that their welfare is taken into account when elaborating EU policies. We hope that the Polish Presidency will take its responsibility seriously as a number of important policies will be decided during the next six months that will have a direct impact on animal welfare," said Sonja van Tichelen, Director at Eurogroup for Animals.

"We hope that the Polish Presidency will play its part in ensuring that the ban on un-enriched battery cages for laying hens is implemented on 1 January 2012 and that it pushes the Commission to bring forward proposals for a ban on animal cloning for food as quickly as possible," she concluded.

You can download the memorandum and read our full demands in English here PolishPresidencyMemorandumEN.pdf  and in Polish here PolishPresidencymemorandumpolish.pdf

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