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Lisbon - Protest against dept. dedicated to bullfighting

10 April 2010 - Portugal
Lisbon - Protest against department dedicated to bullfighting

Dear Friends,

I hope this message finds you well. As some of you might know, in the end of the past month, the Portuguese Government, through the Ministry of Culture, has created a new department dedicated to Bullfighting. One may think: "in a country where the museums are falling apart, the theatres receive ridiculous budgets to maintain their employees, where culture has a shocking lack of support, why on Earth would that country's Government "invest" on such activity, giving it such importance, that even a department has been created?".

The answer is: The new Minister of Culture, Mrs. Gabriela Canavilhas, is herself, a bullfighting lover. How neutral this Government is, one may ask. Well, the community is shocked, these recent news have received lots of media coverage, debates, the polemic is installed. The political situation in Portugal is, in this exact moment, very fragile, and we believe it's the exact time for the citizens to show their power.

Having said this, and as much as we know that this invitation comes in short notice, we urge you to participate in this event, supporting ANIMAL and the animals. The event will consist in a march that goes from the Lisbon bullring to the Parliament. It will be an animal protection march, with a very special anti-bullfighting angle.

If your group is able to participate, please contact me for further information. Your presence is very important to give put some international pressure, and to emphasise the global work against such barbarity.

I apologise for my messy English and thank you in advance.

Kind regards,


Rita Silva
Presidente da Direcção

Tm: (00 351) 96 132 08 18
E-mail: rita.silva@animal.

Apartado 24140
1251-997 Lisboa | Portugal

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