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Puerto Rico - CNN Reports on Animal Actions

HLN (Headline News channel) personality, Jane Velez-Mitchell, filmed
an editorial this week about the horrendous animal-related goings-on
of late here in Puerto Rico..........

We sent the video of her editorial to many government officials here
in Puerto Rico. See below for the link and info.

We are still fighting the case of the proposed Bioculture company
monkey breeding farm. The company appealed the injunction which
stopped their construction in late December, and a panel of judges in
the Puerto Rico appeals court overturned the injunction in January,
and now construction of this facility continues. The appeal continues
still, and "our" side has submitted our objections to the appeal and
to the overturning of the injunction. For background, see blog posts
at :

To all concerned parties:

On behalf of Jane Velez-Mitchell, HLN (Headline News channel)
journalist and host of the daily primetime HLN show, ISSUES WITH JANE
VELEZ-MITCHELL (webpage at ), I am passing along
the link to the video of her opinion piece regarding the issues of
Bioculture in Guayama, the monkeys killed by Puerto Rico's Dept. of
Natural Resources, and the pending Puerto Rico Senate bill proposing a
change to Puerto Rico's animal protection law. This short opinion
piece aired yesterday on HLN (Friday Feb. 12th) at various times
throughout the day. Ms. Velez-Mitchell directly addresses Governor
Luis Fortuno in the video clip.

The clip can be viewed at this link hln.jvm.daily.issue.boycott.cnn 

If the link above is broken, please try this shorter link, which will
get you to the same page:

The clip is described on the CNN site as follows:
"Plans for a monkey-breeding facility in Puerto Rico may be back on
track. Critics are calling for a boycott of the island."

Any officials wishing to contact Ms. Jane Velez-Mitchell for comments
can reach her by contacting me.

Thank you kindly for your attention and time.


(Mr.) Glen Venezio
(in conjunction with Dra. Mary Rivera-Montalvo)
Animal Concerns Puerto Rico
San Juan, Puerto Rico


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