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Monkeys Escape from Research Facility - June 2015

Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico Bans Horse-Drawn Carriages - April 2015

Two recent extreme cruelty cases in Puerto Rico - May 2014

Supreme Court: No monkey farm in PR - January 2012

Ric O'Barry of THE COVE in Puerto Rico for Dec. 13th event - Dec 2011

Recent coverage regarding dolphinarium planned for San Juan - Nov '11

Protest against Puerto Rico dolphinarium - Nov 2011

Puerto Rico Halts Construction of Monkey Breeding Facility - Nov 2011

Untold Story Behind the Captive Whale and Dolphin Industry - October 2011

Thank you to Puerto Rico's Congressman Pedro Pierluisi - October 2011

Puerto Rico Senator Joins PETA in Fight to Stop Monkey-Breeding Facility - September 2010

Puerto Rico - CNN Reports on Animal Actions - Feb 2010

Halt Primate Testing in Puerto Rico - January 2010

Victory! Puerto Rican Residents Win First Battle Against Monkey Farm - January 2010

Halt Project in Puerto Rico - Dec 09

Flying Out of PR on AA? Be a Sato Escort and Help a Dog in Need - Sept '09

Monkey Breeding Debate on TV - July 2009

Halt Monkey Farm Construction, Coalition Urges - July 2009

Protest Against Monkey Torture - July 2009

Campaign to Stop Primate Breeding Facility - June 2009

March 2009

Jane Velez-Mitchell visited in Puerto Rico last August to see how she as an investigative journalist and Puerto Rican could help the island's animal-overpopulation problem after hearing about the Barceloneta tragedy.

Below are links to her documentary video that was launched on YouTube earlier this month.

The video is divided in two parts. Below are links to the YouTube videos.

Several of Puerto Rico's animal welfare advocates are featured in the video, as well as many of Puerto Rico's famous and loved satos.

Part One:

Part Two:

Elizabeth Kracht,
Acting President
Amigos de los Animales

ARAs Propose Law for Stiffer Animal Abuse Penalties - Jan 08

Puerto Rico to improve treatment of animals - Dec 2007

Costa Rica WSPA in Puerto Rico

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