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150,000 Stray Animals in Puerto Rico

San Juan Mayor Jorge Santini called on his fellow islanders to look around them and take care of their pets, because there are 150,000 stray animals.

“According to a study done on the island in 2002, there were 100,000 pets (sic) stray in the streets. Presently, it is estimated at 150,000, indicating the problem is growing,” said Santini.

The mayor said the situation has gotten out of hand. That is why it is more important each day to hold activities like the Pet Fair (Feria de Mascotas) which starts today in the San Patricio shopping center, to create awareness and educate our people about the conditions necessary for our animals and how to care for them.

Speaking of the Animal Control and Adoption Center in San Juan, he said “we keep the animals for a reasonable time and we try to maximize their probabilities of being adopted. But, the shelter cannot be a permanent home for companion animals, because beyond food and water they need love and attention from a master.”

Center Director Mariangeli Gely explained that “our participation in this festival, in addition to promoting adoption as the first alternative, is also to create awareness among the population about animal control through sterilization, a service which we offer at the center.

“We also educate and orient about the abandonment of pets in the streets, according to Animal Abuse Law 154,” she said.

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