Hi. This is Claudiu Iosim, founder of Animed Arad, in Arad, Romania.

I apologize for not writing you sooner. I know I can rely on your patience and understanding. You know by now that besides reporting the news we have to first make the news. The reason I haven't wrote you sooner is that I've been quite busy making the news, rescuing and fixing as many animals as we can. Not because we do not appreciate your friendship enough to write you more often.

Since we fixed 502 animals last year, meaning 262 more than we fixed in 2005, we have set a goal of 700 surgeries for this year. We have 17 more surgeries to reach 100, which is the goal for this month. During the next months we will fix 100 each month, reaching 700 by the year's end.

Regarding our rescue operations I have posted some new cases on our website. Please click here to see them. One of them features Mrs. Nancy Janes from Romania Animal Rescue
. A very special lady

Please be warned NOT to visit the Rescue section of our website in case you are weak at heart. That section shows photos of sick, injured and abused animals. Some during surgery.

No matter what you choose, to see them or not, please be assured that BAD THINGS HAPPEN and WE ARE HERE TO PREVENT AND FIGHT THEM. And the only way we can do that is by having you supporting our efforts. All of us here are quite happy to have you on board and we are truly grateful for your friendship and support.

As other news, I will start attending the veterinary college on October 1 this year and it will be legal for me to perform spay/neuter surgery in an authorized clinic while supervised by a vet. I have the training, I have your support in buying the medical supplies and I will also find a vet with a clinic to work with.

Please keep us in mind next time you wish to donate towards animal welfare. Thank you again so much for being "there" for us
With friendship and gratitude,
Eng. Claudiu Iosim
Founder & Executive Director

ANIMED ARAD - the first and only animal welfare charity in Arad, Romania that runs a neutering program for stray and feral cats, stray dogs and cats & dogs with human companions on low incomes.

Please send us a donation to enable us to fix more of the above. Please visit our website for details on our work:

Thank you very much to all our friends. We can't work without your generosity and support. 
Phone/Fax: 004 0357.421.204
Mobile: 004 0766.581.545
HQ: Arad, 310091 Blanduziei Street No.3, Romania

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