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My name is Mircea Andrei, I'm 17 years old and I represent the "Clopotel" association from Iasi , Romania , an association which has ecological, cultural and animal protection projects. The most important projects of the organization are the "Pupaza din tei" newspaper, the only newspaper in Romania written and directed by kids and "My speechless friend" a project which implicates kids and teenagers in animal protection., and by now we managed to build a shelter where we keep 120 dogs and 60 cats.

With the help of a group of friends from France (http://clopotelfran we managed to put trough adoption 215 animals and spay neuter other 700.

Because in our city there are about 60.000 stray animals and nobody here wants to help us, our work is very hard, not even the authorities are interested in animal welfare.

For the past few days the City Hall has began a new campaign of killing stray dogs because the elections are coming (that' s how they always do this period) so we organized protests against it http://youtube. com/watch? v=XzmQDwvInXY.

The dogs are not "put to sleep" but are killed by prehistoric procedure like they always have been.
Because our shelter isn't connected to the sewerage and electric system, we would need some financial support which could help us build a place where the animals would have the proper conditions as they deserve (now we only have small wood cages). Even the smallest donation could help the life of a dog or a cat. Find out more at .

Mircea Andrei

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