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From: Ziarul Pupaza din tei [
July 05, 2006
Subject: Hello from Romania!

My name is Ovidiu Acatinca and I am representing the "Clopotel" association, based in City Iasi-Romania, an association which has as main purpose the creation of a social integration system for the young generation. Our association also coordinates the "Pupaza din tei" newspaper, the only paper in Romania written and run completely by children between the ages of 9 and 14.

For a little preview of its universe, I invite you to visit our website, where you will have the opportunity of seeing the last editions of the newspaper.

"Pupaza din tei" was first printed in Iasi, in 1999, with 2000 copies, and now the newspaper is printed in 20.000 copies each month. The staff is composed from children that came from all over the schools in the city, and besides working for the newspaper, they develop other activities (social, environmental, cultural, animal safety and protection) to support their community.

Lately we are facing a lot of difficulties regarding homeless animals in our city, problem to which no one gives special attention. During our association's existence, we have tried through different methods to "soften" the public opinion regarding this phenomenon, even taking the first serious steps in taking care of cats and dogs in our neighborhood and around the office we work at, but we don't have neither the financial possibilities nor the support from the authorities, thus not succeeding in making an animal shelter where these animals could be fed, nurtured, given medical attention and put for adoption. As this "homeless animals" phenomenon doesn't seem to interest anybody, we are appealing to the rest of the organizations from other countries such as ours, which could help us in any way. So, we ask you in case you have any suggestions, a piece of advice or a possibility, to stand beside us in this struggle, to contact us as soon as possible so we can act together and give them a better life.

Thank you,

Best regards,

Ovidiu Acatinca

don't forget to have a look at our website, we are doing our best to keep it updated:



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