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Romania Animal Rescue Newsletter, March 2010

Romania Animal Rescue, Inc. Newsletter March 2010
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc

Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
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    Spay Day Photo Contest

    Sadly, Elizabeth, Ema and Gaby


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This newsletter is dedicated to Elizabeth (the crippled dog that had to be euthanized), Ema, the Aguilar family dog, and Gaby, Melanie Martin's beloved dog.

Dear Members,
Now that the Spay Day 2010 event is over (finally!), we can focus on the MAJOR Spayathon that RAR is doing in Bucharest and Tecuci, and for a shelter in Moldovia. Our goal is 500 dogs to be spayed/neutered, but our wish is to have the funds to spay/neuter 1000 dogs, puppies, cats, kittens! We will have the surgeons, Dr. Olson from the USA, Dr. Aurelian and Dr. Pepe from Romania, volunteers from GIA in Bucharest, and volunteers from Asociatia Pentru Protectia Animalelor Tomita in Tecuci. Our vets will be spaying/neutering in all three locations, as well as training vets in Tecuci on surgical procedures using absorbable suture material and anesthesia.
We have enough funding for 500 spay/neuter procedures now, but we really need more funds so that this will be a remarkably outstanding event! It will be the biggest of its kind in Romania!
Nancy Janes, President, CEO and Founder
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
Dear Members,
I traveled to Hateg, which is a very interesting place in the heart of Romania. In this area ruins and signs of the old Dacian kingdom can be found. Here you can also find the oldest church in Romania built on the ruins of an old Roman temple.
We are looking forward to our mid April Spayathon in Bucharest and also on the Spayathon training trip to Tecuci. We are now starting to announce the event to the interested citizens and appointments are being done. The team will be Dr. Aurelian, Dr. Pepe, and Dr Olson. We plan to alter around 100 animals a day. This event will definitely count as one of the most important animal welfare projects in 2010. Ciao, the little prince, won the HSUS Photo competition. Thanks to all the people who donated, we will be able to spay and neuter more than 1000 animals this year. A big thank you to all the wonderful donors who support our work and give a chance to the poor Romanian animals.
Aurelian Stefan, D.V.M

Photo of the Month
Dita's adopted dog is almost 10 kg now and quite healthy. He has had his vaccinations, so we are starting the walks and working on housebreaking.

Spay Day Photo Contest
Ciao, the Romanian gas station dog, won the Spay Day Photo Contest!
Thanks to all the donors and for Rory digging into savings for the final push to make Ciao the winner of the contest! Why is this so important? Dr. Aurelian will attend all the Genesis Awards events, meeting influential people and celebrities and making them aware of the plight of all the animals in Romania. He will go to pre-event galas, the exclusive pre-party event, the Awards ceremony, and the after-party, all with Romania information! Finally, the world will recognize the situation in Romania! This has been a major investment for us all including for Rory and myself, and I know it will succeed! Thank you so much!!
Thank you all for your help and for voting for Ciao, Anna Marie and Samantha!!!

Sadly, Elizabeth, Ema

This dog had to be put to sleep. We named her Elizabeth. Thank you, Daniela, for bringing her to our attention. We wish we could have found her a home.
The Aguilars lost Ema, one of the first Romanian puppies we brought to California. She died of liver failure.
and Gaby
Gaby lived to be almost 4 years.

We are very grateful to the wonderful RAR team, who is so dedicated to saving stray animals. Thanks to them and with the help of their donors, our Tecuci organization can come to the rescue of suffering strays and reduce the number of unwanted animals. With the help of Romania Animal Rescue donors, we have been able to treat many sick animals and find them a new home. At the end of April, the RAR team will come to Tecuci and perform a week long, free spay campaign. This is a big accomplishment for our small town and we want to present a big thank you to you all, and to Dr. Olson, Dr. Aurelian and Dr. Pepe, who will spay/neuter hundreds of dogs and exchange knowledge with the local vets.
Our organization went through hard times with the loss of a three month old puppy named Tomita. Tomita was named for our charity, but unfortunately Tomita was taken from us by distemper. We hope that in the future, we will be able to provide more help for animals in need and place them in loving families. We are working towards making online donations possible as well as an English version of our site, for animal lovers outside the country to be able to help if they want to. Our organization is very determined to accomplish the goal we set, which is to help as many animals as possible by offering treatment, spay or neuter and finding them adoptive families.
Mihaela Raducanu
Asociatia Pentru Protectia Animalelor, "Tomita"

Gazeta de Sud
Gazeta de Sud (Gazette of the South [Romania]) wrote an article on the need to spay/neuter strays in Romania. You can read the original article or read the following English translation:
Free Sterilizations
Under a civilized program, supported by Romania Animal Rescue, doctors of the Family Vet, helped by the association "Hope for Animals" in Craiova, spayed and neutered 100 stray dogs last weekend.
It was 8 AM when they started their work. The lists were made long before. Each volunteer knew their duties. Frightened, trying to struggle, but without despair, dogs climbed one after another the steps to the veterinarian clinic on Stefan cel Mare Street. The waiting room smelled of fear. The last one to came to his feet was brought in by a shivering woman, holding his head high, as if trying to prevent him from hurting the hand that stroked him. Beyond the lobby stood the table on which he would be anesthetized with a spray. In a few seconds, after the sting of the needle, his whimper led to sleep. In a short time, it would be his turn on the operation table.
"It is the only method of population control to consider. Let's kill is not a solution. If tomorrow all dogs in Craiova disappear, in a short time others will be brought by people from outlying villages, who did not want to keep or deal with adoption. With sterilization, the certainty that the growing number will be controlled", said, while closing the cut, doctor Aurelian Stefan.
More Than 6000 Sterilizations
They are seen each day on wide streets subsisting on food from garbage piles. Sometimes, they dare to approach us. Sometimes, they growl and bark, remembering the fear of beatings or maltreatment they have suffered. Veterinarians removed mucus from one dog's eyes. The dog shook her head to remove a wire wound tightly around her neck. But their death is not a solution for civilized people in the 21st century. Sterilization is a method of common sense, the only one that can reduce the number of animals who live on the streets of the city. In Craiova, a family helps 100 dogs, female and male, brought in from ordinary volunteers to a veterinary clinic. The program sponsored by Romania Animal Rescue (slowly) takes place at a global level. Since 2004, they have sterilized more than 6,000 stray animals throughout the country.

Romania Animal Rescue Foundation
Romanian Residents: You can donate up to 2% of your taxes to a charity of your choice. To donate to Romania Animal Rescue Foundation, print and fill out this form, and include RARF's registration number: 24829694. Include this form with your tax declaration.
Donations can be sent to the following:
ACCOUNT Number: 0000060011177707
Raiffesen Bank
B-Dul Decebel Nr 16 Bl S5, Tornson II si III, Sec 3

Where Are They Now?
Where Will They Be?
Ursu was one of the "Lords of the Streets" adopted by Leslie. Ursu was born on the streets of Bucharest. He now lives in Michigan on the shore of Lake Superior.

Fetita (Little Girl) was owned and loved by an elderly woman who was dying. Before going to the hospital, she gave Fetita to a "friend" who promised to care for the little dog. The elderly woman died, and the "friend" dumped Fetita on the streets. Fetita became pregnant, and gave birth to her puppies in a shack. The puppies were found by a worker in the area who discovered they had not eaten for days. When the man picked up the puppies, he heard Fetita barking and went to find her. She had been hit by a car, which was why she had not returned to tend to her puppies. Fetita's luck was about to turn.
Marina, an avid animal lover from Arad, Romania, had heard of Fetita and her predicament. She and her friends took the puppies and nursed them to health. Marina brought Fetita to a local animal welfare charity, Animed Arad, whose resident veterinarian, Claudiu Iosim, amputated Fetita's left rear leg and spayed her. He brought her to his home to monitor her recovery. Meanwhile, the puppies were being adopted, but no one wanted a mama dog with 3 legs. Marina contacted Romania Animal Rescue for help with Fetita.
News about this dog spread. Supporters of local shelters sought the right connections who would help this dog find a loving home. Martine, a long-time donor to APAM, was one such person. She also contacted RAR's Nancy Janes. Fetita needed care from a loving shelter while the charities petitioned supporters to see if anyone would adopt her. Thanks to Martine's suggestion, Nancy contacted Cristina at the APAM shelter. Cristina took Fetita into her shelter with loving care.
This story has touched people around the world, but one Wisconsin animal lover, Margaret, heard of Fetita's story and committed to adopting her. RAR and APAM are working together to transport Fetita to the United States. It takes time to work out the logistics of shipping animals, so additional support was needed to complete this story. Nancy will bring Fetita to America with her in May! She will be fostered in California by a supportive couple, Dave and Sanda. They will care for Fetita while Nancy schedules her transport to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for adoption with Margaret. Fetita, now named Natasha, will live happily ever after with the love and security of our wonderful friend Margaret! Thank you everyone who helped make this one life worth saving!

Our Thanks
Thank you all who donated to Help Labus - they still need your help!
Thank you Laura, Rob, Elizabeth, Dr. A, Suzanne, Rory, Cristina, Christina, Dita, Gosia,Bonnie, Charlotte, Joanne of Big Dawgs Rescue (Livermore, CA), Anonymous Donor, Mary and Bill, Annick, Dorothy, Margaret, Gael, Eugen, Rick, On Shore Foundation, Lynnie, Lilly, Veronica, Meredith, Eleanora, Mo, Ellen, Frannie, Kathleen, Bonnie, Hava, Suzy, Alice, Anamaria, Judi, Mangala, Jane, Mary and Bill, Janet, Diana, Rebecca, John, Nan, Rory, Penny, Connie, Bianca, Eleanora, and Margaret.
Thank you, Jamie Ray from ROMP San Francisco, for the donation of all the great supplies for Romania!
Thank you, Dr. Jeanne Olson from Alaska, for your shipment of supplies for Romania!
Thank you, Kathleen, for your donation of supplies!
Thank you, Dita, for your donation of supplies!
Thank you to HSUS/HSI for the Alice Morgan Wright - Edith Goode Trust grant for Spay Day 2010 costs!
Thank you, Keith Tyler of Merial, for donations of Previcox, HeartGard and vaccines!
Special thanks to Jane for her generous gift to "Neuter or Spay! No More Strays!"

What We Need Now
Nancy has boxes of milk replacer, dog crates, and surgical supplies to send to Romania. She will take some of them with her as "extra baggage" when she goes to Romania in April to volunteer for the three-week Spayathon event. Any help with baggage fees sure would be welcomed! We would also like to spay/neuter up to 1000 dogs over the next few Spayathons. Your donations would help us meet those goals. Please contact Nancy to see how you can help. Thank you!

By the way, Romania Animal Rescue donors are the most wonderful donors in the world! Kelly O'Meara of HSI told me in a conversation:
"Nancy, I have been all over and met hundreds of dogs. I have to say the Romanian dogs are the sweetest and most forgiving I have ever met." I think our wonderful donors have found their perfect matches to support!
Website  http://www.romaniaa nimalrescue. com/ Romanian
You can donate up to 2% of your taxes to a charity of your choice. To donate to Romania Animal Rescue Foundation, print and fill out this form, and include RARF's registration number: 24829694. Include this form with your tax declaration.

Donations can be sent to the following:
Account Number: 0000060011177707
Raiffesen Bank, B-Dul Decebel Nr 16 Bl S5, Tornson II si III, Sec 3
Email  Nancy@RomaniaAnimal
Address  8000 Morgan Territory Rd, Livermore, CA 94551
Telephone  925-672-5908
Tax ID  72-1546354; All donations to RAR are tax deductible in the USA.

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