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Romania Dogs and Cats Need Help

October 20, 2010

I am writing regarding the condition of thousands of animals in Romania. As you probably know already the situation is extremely bad, to provide more information I attached this link

In this chaos we are struggling to help as many animals as possible from a sure and agonizing death. Until now we have managed to rent a very old horse farm and provide shelter for 521 dogs and 90 cats, plus the medical care that they are in desperate need of.

Unfortunately Romania is not the country that can support such an action. (here the medium salary is of 200 $ but the cost of living-food, house , medical care, can exceed 700 $ a month.). In 10 years of activity all the donation that have been made for us are almost 3000 $, we spend every year 40.000$ just for the rent and the basic care of animals, all this money comes from a great man that started the shelter activity in Romania, Radu Termure, he keeps the shelter going with the money that he makes from a small business in Cluj, Romania.  (here is a small video about the activity , is very badly made but you can make an idea about the situation - the 10.000$ that the lady is talking about were never sent).

Due to the economical situation all over the world is harder and harder for us to provide care for the animals, and also we are in desperate search of donations to buy the farm and stop risking to end up in the street with 600 animals. The owner of another farm is selling for 90.000 $ but until now we only raised 4.000 $ . This is the reason why I am writing, if you know any method to promote this found raising please contact me. 10 years we didn�t ask for nothing but unfortunately now we can�t find another solution.

The paypal account open for small donation is  and the number for bigger donation is ING BANK ROMANIA, 11-13 KISELEFF AVENUE,BUCHAREST nr account: RO76INGB0000999901943326,SWIFT :INGBROBU.

For all the people that will make donations (the sum doesn�t matter) please contact me and I will show exactly how the money was spend.
If there is any other information that you would like to have please contact me.

Thank you,
Nela Petri

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