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I started a project in Romania 10 years ago.

With the help of Lamento Rumeno Onlus supporters (my no profit association) we built a shelter near Bucharest .

I work very hard to raise funds for free TNR campaigns (Trap, Neuter and Release); usually we organize a campaign every 2 months.

This is the only chance we have to solve the stray dogs problem.

I'm sure you know that the situation is really terrible in Romania: the municipality teams kill the dogs, slaughtering them in the middle of the street.

Now it's a very difficult moment in Italy also because of the new law approved about animal testing and vivisection.

Next Saturday (September 25, 2010) there will be a national meeting in Rome.

If possible could you send me some high resolution pics of Britches (or about vivisection)? My volunteers would like to prepare some posters but the quality of the images found on internet is not good enough.

Thank you very much
Laura Pontini

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