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Romania Animal Rescue, Dec 2010

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Dear Romania Animal Supporters --

November was a unique month for Romania Animal Rescue! Dr. Aurelian Stefan came to America to visit a number of clinics, shelters, and children's educational programs as a reference for our Veterinary Training Center and Clinic that we are gathering funds to build in Romania on the land donated by Dr. Aurelian and Dr. Petrisor.

Nancy Janes,

President, CEO and Founder

Romania Animal Rescue, Inc. Winter came in Romania and people are wearing thick coats so they do not freeze. We can not provide all the animals with a thick coat but with your generous help we can prevent the birth of thousands of pups that are defenseless against the cold. We continue the work of spaying as many dogs as possible even in winter at the clinic where dogs receive a nice meal when they recover from anesthesia. Many souls count on us to prevent their suffering and we count on you to continue to support our work.
Thank you all for your help and god bless you,

Dr. Aurelian Stefan, D.V.M

Spay/Neuter Update --

In November we funded 110 spay/neuter procedures in Craiova, 17 in Tecuci, and 25 in Galati.

Establishing Small Animal Vet Care in Romania --

A gentle dog, Molda has lived her entire life on the streets of Braila, Romania. Not only has she fended for herself, but also for the multiple litters of puppies she has borne. Some people brought Molda inside and wanted to help her, but the city does not pay for spays, only dogcatchers. Once again, RAR stepped in to help. Molda has now been spayed and received general veterinary care. For the first time, she's experiencing what it's like to be among humans who care for her.

RAR faces a huge obstacle in helping dogs like Molda. There are simply very few veterinarians in Romania who can give her the care she needs. Romania desperately lacks small animal veterinary care. Veterinarians in Romania are trained to work on farms, treating large animals. They are rarely if ever taught to spay or neuter dogs and cats.

Romania Animal Rescue, Dr. Aurelian Stefan, and Dr. Petrisor (Pepe) Stefan have begun a special project that will help Romanian cats and dogs in the near future and for years to come. Together, RAR, Dr. A, and Dr. Pepe will build an exemplary Hospital and Veterinary Training Center to guide Romanian veterinary care into the 21st century. The new Center will not only provide high-skilled veterinary care, but will also train young veterinarian interns on basic small animal veterinary skills, especially proficiency in spay/neuter. Dr. A and Dr. Pepe have donated the land, and RAR is committed to raising the funds for construction.

Researching Veterinary Care Facilities --

The Hospital and Veterinary Training Center will be located 14 km (9 miles) outside of Bucharest. In preparation for construction, Dr. Aurelian recently conducted a fact-finding tour of the top hospitals and sanctuaries in the United States. In California, Dr. Aurelian visited the San Diego Veterinary Specialists Hospital, Helen Woodward Animal Center, and Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation. In Utah he got a hands-on look at the Best Friends Animal Society sanctuary and hospital.

RAR has worked hard to spay and neuter stray animals, reaching out to more and more areas where animals are suffering the most. But we cannot do it alone. With the help of the next generation of Romanian veterinarians, we can change the fates of animals all across the country.

The Hospital and Veterinary Training Center is the next logical step in RAR's campaign to better the lives of Molda and all the nameless strays in the streets of Romania. Can you make a donation to our Training Center Fund? Together, we are working toward a world of No More Strays.

Romania in the World --

CAN TV featured Romania Animal Rescue in its series "Romania in the World". The discussion panel was lead by Cody Barbu, from Romania, who now lives in Chicago. Follow these links to the episode:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Stuart Gets a New Coat --

Stuart is one of a group of dogs found starving by the railroad tracks in Timisoara. With the help of RAR member donations, the dogs received vet care and food.

Stuart, though, was in particularly bad shape. He was emaciated and had almost no fur. A timid and loving boy, it was clear that he wanted a safe place to call home. Dr. Aurelian neutered Stuart last week.

Stuart got his wish. He won over the hearts of all the right humans, and now he is in RAR veterinary care, regaining his strength. His fur is growing back, and he looks shyly proud of his nice warm coat.

Best of all, a loving family is waiting for Stuart in Florida. RAR is raising funds to send Stuart to his forever home. If you would like to help Stuart, please donate to Stuart's flight fund.

Above and Beyond
the Call of Duty --

This month, a group of Airmen participating in Operation Golden Lance on an Air Base near Turda, Romania found a local shelter. It was in need of basic supplies, food, bowls, and brushes. The squadron pitched in with money for these supplies, as well as building material to construct kennels. Read the entire article by Senior Airman David Dobrydney.

Our Thanks --

Thanks to a donation from our anonymous donor, 170 vaccinations for rabies were possible!

Special thanks to Dogs on Death Row and Cats on Death Row for funding numerous spay/neuters in Romania for us!

Thank you, Roemeense Hondenforum, for sending spay/neuter funds for the animals in Tecuci, Romania.

Thank you to: Mangala, Margaret, Richard, Dita, Dr. Peter, Carmen, Judith, Roxanne, Bonnie, Dorothy, Denise, Carmen, Leanne, AJ, Carola, Mark, Theresa, Peter, Clara, Christy, Barbara, Niculina, Mary, Stephen, Kathy, Nancy, Nan, Anamaria, Rory, Jodie, Egle, Dominique, Mary and Bill, Eugen, Carolyn, Lucinda, Chrissy, Christopher, Elizabeth, Janet, Rob, Kevin. Leslie, Christina, Anu, Bianca, Marianne, Nora Anna, Eleanora, Lisa, Sondra, Dave and Sanda, Willow, Jacob, Cara, Lynnie, Golez and Somnath for all your generous help for to purchase land for Mr. Cenac's dogs, to pay for spay/neuter, vaccinations and treatments throughout Romania for animals in need, to supply food for horses, to cover the costs for Stuart and Bina to be rescued and treated - THANK YOU ALL. YOU ARE THE BEST DONORS IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!

Thank you, Lynn, for the supplies, and thank you ARF for the great supplies as well!

Special thanks to our Facebook and Twitter donors and Friends!

Thank you to Rob Cole, Erika Shaffer, Charlotte Kooistra, Gail Barrett, Rory Janes, Lelia Leandra, Madison Flanagan, Nan Sea Love and so many others for your Internet help!

Thank you, CAN TV, Chicago, and especially Cody Bardu for your help in bringing awareness to the suffering of the dogs in Romania!

Thank you to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary for meeting with Dr. Aurelian this past month! He loves your sanctuary! Thank you Faith!

Thank you to Tony LaRussa's Animal Rescue Foundation's Jennifer and Erica for your fabulous educational and clinic tour! You ladies rock!

Thank you, San Diego SPCA, for taking the time to give us a great tour, and to Veterinary Specialty Services and Susan Duda for showing all around your exceptional clinic! Thank you, Charlotte, for setting this all up!

Thank you April, Tom and family!

Thank you MPH Entertainment (The Dog Whisperer program)!

Thank you Holy Shepherd Lutheran Church for your donation!

Thank you everyone for supporting the animals!
Nancy Janes,
President, CEO and Founder
Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.
(United States, Tax ID: 72-1546354)

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