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AR festival "Voices for Animals!" - Moscow and St. Petersburg

Animal Rights festival "Voices for Animals!"

Moscow and St. Petersburg

June 1-10th 2008

This is more than a meeting. This is more than a concert. These are voices of everyone. These are our voices for animal liberation. They are waiting when we muster all strength and cross the path for cruel human closing animals in cages and making them feel pain.

We will open the cages!

We will vanish all the factories of death from the surface of the globe! We will raide the standard of equality and freedom!

Series of meetings, exhibitions, concerts, demos, rallies, screenings and etc will pass in Moscow and St. Petersburg in June, 1 till 10. It is an opportunity for everyone to know what it is possible to do for animal liberation and to get foreign activists experience.

During open meetings you will be able to clear for yourself philosophical and practical questions of animal rights movement, and activists from other countries will help you.

Alliance for Animal Rights is acting as an initiator of the festival and everyone who is interested in it's organization is invited. We are glad to everyone who is ready to take part in festival and to promote the organization of actions. We are ready to consider and accept interesting offers. Any initiative and desire to take part in festival is welcomed!

Join voices of thousand people from all over the world!
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