On December 24th, a protest action took place in Moscow near the Escada shop. This action was against using fur by this company and took place within the International week of actions against Escada. Activists have stretched a header "Refuse fur!" and some posters. The face of one of the protestors was covered with red paint simulating blood. That was connected with accident that took place in St.-Petersburg inside the Escada shop on December, 11th. One of the security guards of a shop had beaten a visitor, who peacefully urged employees to refuse animal fur.

In front of the Escada shop in Stoleshnikov lane defenders of animals scanned slogans "Leave fur to animals!", "Escada, go fur-free!" and also distributed leaflets. Employees of the shop, and then representatives of the Escada company management approached to defenders of animals, but dialogue has not turned out, because everything that representatives of the company were interested in was whether there is a sanction. The answer was "Yes, there is!". Police officers have confirmed it and have rebuked only in one case: the activist with his head tied up by bandage and the face covered with red paint held the poster "I'm against fur, beat me!". The militiaman has told that it is an appeal to violence and has suggested to take such slogan away, and that and has been done.

On December, 11th, the defender of animals Semen Simonov wanted to tell about position of animals on fur farms to representatives of the Escada company in St.-Petersburg, but the security guard has seized the young man and, roughly talking, has struck him in the face. The victim has been delivered by ambulance car in Pokrovskaya city hospital where the "open crisis of bones of a nose" diagnosis has been witnessed. The victim has addressed with the statement in militia. Defenders of animals have urged not to suppose an arbitrariness from employees of Escada and have sent protest letters to office of the company, demanding observance of the rights of people on peaceful expression of their opinion.

Additional information about fur industry and actions against Escada company is here:

http://antifur-campaign.org/  and http://zhestokosti.net/

Photo demo and Russian info: http://www.animalrights.ru/node/207