From the 23rd of November to the 10th of December in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, there were the Days of the action against fur industry on the initiative of Alliance for Animal Rights, the member of International Anti-Fur Coalition.

In some cities, the actions of protest took places. They called to refuse using the fur of animals.

At the 23rd of November, the activists from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Sochi and Krasnodar supported International day of actions against the fur industry, they acted in front of fur shops of their cities.

In Saint-Petersburg (photo: http://piter. indymedia. ru/ru/node/ 3640 ) and Krasnodar (photo: http://animalrights .ru/node/ 123 ), in spite of the absence of the breaches, 10 activists were arrested. But later, they were set free without accusation.

In Sochi, security drove the animal activists out from the fur shop with application of force, because the activists tried to convince people not to buy fur. In Moscow in front of the shops Escada, the posters against fur were unfolded and the activists distributed leaflets to visitors and shopwalkers
 (photo: http://animalrights .ru/node/ 122 ).

During the Days of actions, demos against fur took place in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Perm, Saratov, Nijniy Novgorod, Petrozavodsk, Kiev, Minsk and other cities.

In Moscow, Alliance for Animal Rights activists brought corpses of flayed minks from a fur farm. A woman held them against a background of banners and screaming out slogans. About 50 people took part in action. After the action, minks bodies were left at fur shop entrance with the banner "Fur is a murder!".
 Photo: http://animalrights .ru/node/ 124
 Video: http://youtube. com/watch? v=neu7SKXiIUU

Activists of St. Petersburg conducted an action with signatures collecting and handing out balloons to kids. They called authorities to revoke the decision about seal hunt holding in the north of Russia. This call was supported by activists from other cities. After balloons handing out, activists marched along city streets. Some days before this event, a photo-exhibition and films about struggle against fur industry were presented. Also, there was a premiere of film "Earthlings" with russian subtitles.
 Photo: http://animalrights .ru/node/ 127, http://animalrights .ru/node/ 123
 Video: http://piter. indymedia. ru/ru/node/ 3737

For the whole week in Petrozavodsk, there were leaflets handing out next to the fur shops. In summary, a demo was conducted. About 30 members of Alliance for Animal Rights from Petrozavodsk and Kondopoga gathered there. Animal activists from other towns also demanded to stop disgraceful killing of seals at the White Sea coast.
 Photo: http://animalrights .ru/node/ 125

 In Perm, some girls took off all their clothes, covered intimate places by banners and started to hand out leaflets next to the trade center.
 Pics: http://animalrights .ru/node/ 128

Activists with banners and leaflets went into the street at one of central squares of Nizhniy Novgorod. Attention of townsmen was attracted to the problem of animals' use in fur industry and animal rights protection on the whole.
 Photo: http://animalrights .ru/node/ 129

A photo-exhibition exposing cruelty of fur industry took place in Kharkov (Ukraine). Visitors could watch video and get leaflets.
 Photo: http://animalrights .ru/node/ 131

More than twenty activists gathered at Minsk (Belarus) square next to Komarovsky market holding in hands a banner "Fur is a murder". Kiev (Ukraine) action took place in city centre at one of fur shops. People in furry animals masks protested. Activists brought photos, evidence of animals torture at farms and traps, showed by the examples of toys what happens to furry animals at slaughter.
 Photo: http://animalrights .ru/node/ 126

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