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Animal Rights Groups Kick off Campaign for AR Law

[The Moscow Times]

Two animal rights groups released a grim film of slain stray dogs in Moscow on Tuesday as they kicked off a campaign for a law barring the cruel treatment of animals in Russia.

The rights groups Vita and Save the Animals screened the film, containing images of dead dogs in pools of blood on Moscow's streets, to a group of celebrities and government officials at a roundtable.

Many of the dogs were shot for sport from moving cars and apartment windows, while others were poisoned or strangled by dog haters and city dogcatchers, the groups said.

"All these dogs and cats have lost their lives for one reason: They live in the streets," said Yelena Nadezhdina, an official with Save the Animals.

The rights groups, supported at the gathering by a group that included prominent rock singer Andrei Makarevich, sent a letter to President Dmitry Medvedev calling for a law that would prevent cruelty to animals.

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