A person was attacked in Escada shop

11th December evening in St. Petersburg's shop Escada one of security guard attacked the visitor. The security guard grabbed the young guy and talking rough, hit his face. The injured was delivered in city Pokrovskaya hospital on ambulance car, where the diagnosis was compound fracture of nose bones.

The injured – Semen Simonov, came to visit his friends and they decided to walk around St. Petersburg, says Semen. He told: "I went in café with my friends, but on the way to it I saw fur clothes in one of shop windows. I am against using animal fur as it is unfair to fur animals. They are bred in farms to be killed just for clothes while there is plenty of cruelty-free alternatives. That's why I support people who act against fur trading and I often take with myself materials with information about the cruelty of fur industry. I entered Escada shop to express my opinion to manager about their fur clothes. Clerks were interested in it and I took my materials to share. The manager and other stuff took the materials, thanked me and I went to exit. Suddenly I was attacked by one of security guard, he floored me, and when I managed to stand up one more security guard run to me and, grabbing my coat, strike my face, blood flowed my on my face."

Escada is an international concern of expensive clothes and shoes, which has affiliated companies all over the world. Its assortment offers plenty of fur clothing and accessories, for which fur is made on its own farms.

The injured in Escada shop is bound to address with assertions to law enforcement bodies upon the attack.

We can't afford Escada to admit mercy from its stuff. Please, express your opinion about it, you can send the letter in offices of Escada leadership, demanding the right of people to peaceful expressing of their opinion.

Adresses of ESCADA AG:

Einsteinring 14-18

85609 Aschheim

Deutschland (Germany)

Tel: + 49 (0) 89-9944-0

Fax: + 49 (0) 89-9944-1111

Mail: info@de.escada.com

More information about fur trading and Escada: