The campaign against bank "Zenit" started on the 10th of February in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Kaliningrad and Nizhny Novgorod. The business of this bank is connected with fur industry. Strikes were organized in these cities in front of the bank offices; also some informational materials have been distributed. Bank "Zenit" owns a controlling stock of the fur auction "Sojuzpushnina", which  takes place during these days, and also of the fur farms where animals are cruelly killed. This is the reason why animal protectors call for boycotting "Zenit" until it refuses to support this "bloody business".

About 20 people came to the strike in front of the "Zenit's" office in Moscow. Bank employes would come out to talk with animal activists would explain their position to them, give them the leaflets where the reason for the strike was stated. The workers would take the leaflets, calmly ask questions and then return to their workplaces. As the strike had been authorized, police, district inspectors and other representatives of different government bodies were present at the demo. Animal activists were holding posters and paintings done by children and chanted slogans such as "No to the "Sojuzpushnina" auction!", "Soyuzpushnina" - death industry", "Zenit" bank pays for murder!" and others.

In Saint-Petersburg - the place where "Sojuzpushnina" auctions take place - activists posted up the banner "Zenit, stop the bloody business" across the street from the bank. Then they posted up some leaflets around it and also put them under the windshield wipers of the parked cars. The next day, 15 minutes before the bidding, when the participants of the auction were just arriving, some of the activists poured out 3 bags of faeces on the front stairs of the "Sojuzpushnina" building and left.

In Kaliningrad, 12 people came to the strike in front of the bank.

They spread out two banners and a poster, and were also giving out leaflets, chanting such slogans as "No to the fur - no to the murder!", "Wear a fur coat - kill the animal". Despite the peaceful behavior of the activists, one of the workers of the bank came out and tore one of the posters. He also tried to snatch the camera out of the reporters' hands, but later he reconciled with the protesters.

The fourth strike of the day took place in Nizhny Novgorod. There people gave out leaflets and posted stickers in front of the bank.

Russian text and photo: