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June 2012: address of volontersky site

Feb 15, 2012

We ask the information help.
We want that people have learned about it.

Hello, my name is Julia. I’m from Kazakhstan. I’m a volunteer. I help homeless animals to find the owner and the new house. Unfortunately in our country homeless animals it is the big problem, and this problem solve very cruel way - catch loops, hammer sticks, shoot, burn, but we are powerless.

We ask public organizations to help us, to betray publicities about cruel treatment of animals, blood of animals every day spills, the organizations on catching of animals receive the big money for it, we cry every day because we cannot rescue all, we can't change this terrible situation. Please help!

Please, look, it was yesterday
It is impunity of fleecers. It’ one of

April 10, 2012

Today in Almaty, KAZAKHSTAN, in a place which "the dogs catching" is called, terrible shouts of dogs were all night long audible, them cruelly killed. Workers of this organization catch loops dogs every day. the dogs smother.
We are volunteers we call for the help world community.
Help us to stop cruelty!

Yulia Volonteer.

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