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50 activists attacked breeding farm

May 16, 2006, Puschino (Moscow region). - About 50 animal rights activists suddenly appeared in front of breeding farm unexpected for farm's staff. They lighted alarm fires and started to throw stones inside the farm. At the same time one group of activists hanged 5 meters banner saying "No to experiments on animals!" over barbed wire of farm's fence. One more banner "Vivisectors are fascists!" was put on the fence as well.

A siren sound from a megaphone accompanied activists, when they scanned slogans. Other group made spray paint slogans against use of animals in experiments on breeding farm fencing. Simultaneously with it, some activists have broken on territory, having broken a gate, then threw stones and alarm fires. As a result two windows were broken in buildings where there were no animals.

Employees of the breeding farm and security could not stop defenders of animals in any way and they were simply observing. The action was going on not for a long time, all have left area of breeding farm before arrival of militia.

The reason for the action was the fact that in this breeding farm of Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences they breed mice, rats and hamsters for use in severe experiments. In breeding farm "Puschino" they grow up animals specialy for the pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies of Russia and the CIS countries. Such foreign companies as the Jackson Laboratory, Harlan Sprague Dawley, Charles River Laboratories and Taconic are animal suppliers for this breeding farm.

Representatives of "Alliance for Animal Rights" state: "Painful experiments on animals is a business on the blood spilled by animals only because of many scientists with conservative views till now consider they are necessary, and others make money on experiments. To receive financial grants for researches it is necessary to write regularly a plenty of scientific works. It's much easier to get money if it is specified that researches will pass on animals as the result will be received more quickly. Large pharmaceutical monsters have no time to wait - they need fast profit. The alternatives though little bit longer but save money and provide more exact results".

Russian animal rights activists have organized actions against experiments on animals this year already. In Moscow actions have passed near offices of the largest pharmaceutical companies. During of the Open doors at Biological Deportment of the Moscow State University activists have opened a banner in front of speaker on a tribune and loudly scanned slogans. Later they have hung out a banner on building of the State Medical University.

Video from the action you can download here:
pushino.wmv  (file Windows Media, size 1.5Mb)

Photo and the information in Russian is here:[147]=x-150-8721

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