"July 18, St. Petersburg. AR activists supported those who were protesting against G8 at the summit during the past three days. Activists came to 'Nevsky Prestige' fur store and broke three windows. Several police teams were sent to find activists, but no one was detained.
. . .

July 1, Murmansk (North-West Russia). ALF activists made graffiti action against fishing store "Extreme Fishing" and two fur stores. On front wall and ads of shops messages were left.

June 30, Moscow. Windows were broken at one of the main hunt offices and
hunt store. Slogans against hunt spray-painted as well. At that place people get permits for hunting and here they sell guns and other devices for hunters. According to activists report when they broke windows, secure (alarm) system started working. But activists had enough time to escape.
. . .

June 24, Moscow. ALF activists spray painted slogans 'Fur is death!' and 'No to fur!' on front side, door, windows and ad banners of exhibition-sale of 'Alef' fur factory. The lock of the only one entrance door was filled by super glue. Action was done at the day of opening this exhibition. So it was good gift for fur industry."


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