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for Animals Russia: The web site was created to find homeless animals new family

Welcome to the website!!!
The web site was created to find homeless animals new family.

In Moscow, packs of dogs in a few tens of individuals at the beginning of the XXI century - a common phenomenon, in contrast to some other cities around the world. Some of them live in landfills, in parks, on streets, in subways, station square, courtyards or entryways multistory buildings where feed guardians or local residents. Part of the dog population lives and reproduces uncontrollably at the fenced area - warehouses, factories, car parks, markets, etc., where they lure guards and staff, sometimes performing security functions and to freely migrate to the city in the flocks. In addition, these dogs do not have owners who are ready to take responsibility for them. The number of dogs is a few tens of thousands. Since 2001, a ban on the destruction of stray animals, from 2001 to 2008 in the city operated a program of sterilization of stray animals, provides for the return branch of stray dogs in their former habitats after sterilization and received a mixed assessment from professionals and society. Since 2008, the method of regulating the number of stray dogs - catching and accommodation in municipal shelters.

We - the volunteers of one of these municipal shelters for homeless animals. Therefore it is not by hearsay know the horror, which is doomed to almost every dog, once got here

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