Russia Action Against Fur Exhibit "Le Show-2006"

This news came to the Alliance for Animal Rights from anonymous source.

Moscow, June 15, 2006

Several tens of animal rights activists came towards the entrance of Exhibition Centre 'Crocus Expo', where the 9th International exhibition of leather and fur goods 'Le Show-2006' was opened. Animals defenders were scanning slogans in the square in front of entrance, then they came in the building, scanning 'Turn down fur, fur is clothes for muggles!', 'Fur is murder', 'Fur is word from three letters'
etc. At the same time the banner 'Leave fur to animals!' was hanged on fence near entrance and slogan 'Blood is not paint - you can't wash it from your hands' was spray painted on asphalt. When activists went out from the building a stone was thrown to the glass frontward of the building. As a result one window was broken. When it has happened three security guys run after protestors and grabbed one of them, but the rest of activists stood up for him and didn't allow security to detain
their comrade.

Photo & video are expected to be load on the website  soon.
Two pictures you can see already in the article at[147]=x-150-8991



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