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Some months ago I saw a show on SBS regarding research into the domestication of foxes. Some of the scenes were brutal in that the foxes were kept in small cages and were pacing etc. It is very cruel. I know know that the person in charge of the research is Ludmila Trut at the Institute of Cytology and Genetics in Novosibirsk in Russia. I have also found a web page that gives a glimpse of the conditions the foxes live in. At one stage the foxes were passed on to fashion houses when no longer wanted or killed but they are now popular pets becoming Foxes in boxes. They now bring much money into further research all because people want a fox in a box. I am writing to the Institute of Cytology and Genetics with my concerns but am wondering if anyone else has written in the past and if any of the Russian animal welfare groups have done anything about this.

Is there anyone with previous experience in this issue? I know of one researcher that has voiced concern about the foxes. If you go to and watch the fox in a box video you can get a glimpse of the conditions. The web page explains some of the experiments.

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