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Protestors covered in "blood"

Moscow Animal Rights Activists Show "Bloody" Side in Front of Australian Embassy


About 10 members of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and Alliance for Animal Rights Activists groups have staged a protest in front of the Australian Embassy in Moscow to mark the resumption of PETA’s international boycott of Australian wool, a MosNews correspondent reported.

Protestors with backsides covered in "blood" staged a lively rally to oppose the Australian wool industry’s refusal to embrace the landmark agreement between PETA U.S. and a prominent group of wool producers that would have resulted in an immediate reduction of lamb mutilations and the end of the international boycott campaign.

A giant banner reading "Australia", with each letter made from dozen of pictures of bloody sheep and posters, "Stop Mutilating Lambs" symbolized the solidarity of the Russian activists with the worldwide campaign.

The thing that revolts the animal rights activists most of all is the "mulesing" of lambs in which skin and flesh are cut from animals’ backsides with gardening shears.

"To torture animals in such a way for several grams of wool — it is immoral, is it not?" Semen Simonov a member of the Alliance for Animal Rights Activists said. "Like us, animals feel pain and fear. And they have a right to better treatment."