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September 9, 2005

Russian ALF communique:

"Few years ago prison called "Exotic World" was opened close to the main road of city Sochi (South of Russia, the Black Sea shore) near the park " Dendrarium" entrance. There were birds, reptiles and other animals. Happy raccoon was chosen as the symbol of this jail, but it was not fun at all for real raccoon, who stayed in cage under advertising board. At day tim, when visitors come he has to stay in open place, feeling stress from big amount of people and heavy traffic. Raccoons in nature are night animals, but here in night he had to stay in tiny barrel, where he can't move and had no food and water.

On the 30th of August, jumped over the fence we came inside of the prison. The lock on the cage was destroyed, we took raccoon from the barrel and leave this ugly place. When we were caring him, he was paying attention especially to the sound of rivers and streams. He was smelling by his sensitive nose all smells which came by wind.

Few hours later we designated the right place. Raccoon eat with appetite together with us, drunk water and wash his small hands. It was too hot during the journey and raccoon looked powerless. He entered water of the river and began to swim. Then he walked on the grass and had rest there. Very quickly his stage became better. Liberated he started his walk along the river to find proper place for his own home.

Those people, who make money torturing and killing such beings, as this raccoon, should release, that this action is not the last one. If they don't stop their cruel business, they will face with us in future. - Animal Liberation Front"


On the 16th of August hunting season on birds in Moscow region was opened. Animal rights activists protested against it, left a number of spray-paintings and put glue on the front of the building, door and board of Moscow Society of Hunters and Fishermen (this organization gives killing licenses).

-- Russian Animal Liberation Front Supporters Group RALF SG

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