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reported to Biteback by the
Russian Animal Liberation Front Supporters Group:

"May 27, 2006, Russia. We came at night to the territory of 'Rappolovo' lab animals breeding farm near St. Petersburg, belonged to Russian Academy of Medical Science. There were animals in few barracks assigned for experiments. We broke a lock on one barrack where rats were and came in. In several rooms there were shelves with trays full of rats. We were taking down trays, opening them and moving rats to bags and big wooden box. We Had not much time, so we could liberate approximately 500 rats. We left spray paint inscriptions on the walls inside saying 'Vivisectors are terrorists!', 'They are not for experiments!', 'A.L.F.' etc.

One of the lines of liberated rats was bred by company Charles River United Kingdom, which later started to make money selling them to breeding farms and labs all around the world. 'Rappolovo' sells animals for cruel experiments to scientific organizations in Russia and CIS countries. Big part of animals from 'Rappolovo' goes to St. Petersburg Zoo to feed predators; a journal which was taken during the raid shows this.

In spite of a number of rats in bags none of the animals suffered. All of them are now at a nice place, where their lives are protected from cruel people.

We are sorry that we couldn't save all animals from 'Rappolovo' breeding farm. This raid we devote to all animal rights activists who are in prison now.

Animal Liberation Front."