December 2006. Whaling protest.

Protest against whaling in front of Japanese embassy in Belgrade

About twenty activists from societies "Sloboda za �ivotinje" (Freedom for animals), "Stani Pani Kolektiv" and "Oslobođenje �ivotinja" (Animal Liberation), as well as many whale and dolphin allies, have expressed their revolt regarding whale and dolphin slaughter being tolerated and supported by Japanese authorities. This protest is also an act of support for Sea Shepherd, a society that have drawn battles for marine world conservation during the past 25 years.

Activists dressed in black and red promoted anti-whaling posters and dolphin-shaped balloons. They have blocked the entry to the Japanese embassy to anyone who has tried to pass without paying attention to them or what they had to say. A protest lasted for one hour.

An announcement has been read to media and some members of this protest have been interviewed. Reporters from local newspapers and international TV stations, like "BBC", "B92", "Politika" and "Glas javnosti" have taken snapshot of this event as well as the moment of giving a protest letter to Teruhiko Shinada (japanese embassy clerk) demanding from Japanese government to "stop the killing now, before it gets too late". B92 have broadcasted protest report twice in the same day on the TV and once on radio station. Notice that B92 is a very influential local TV station that broadcasts in all major Serbian cities; B92 radio collaborates with BBC to create reports. Is it coincidence or not, but during the same day Japanese embassy officers have signed the contract to donate about 200.000 euros to three Serbian hospitals. It was very symptomatic that Japanese embassy officers mentioned this donation in connection with protest against their whaling. Trying to justify their activities against marine mammals, they also have mentioned the whaling tradition in Japan. Furthermore, they said that they do everything according to international agreements, which we know is not true.

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