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we don't know who is this Mrs. Jasmijn Boo, but she is very pitiless if on report about mass killing have reaction like this, and we don't know what is meaning of this sentence:" It is being deal with at top level at WSPA" , and we don't care about that, but we know and care only for this: all of this dogs was killed second day after catching, and this Mrs. Jasmijn Boo wrote so cool that she know about this problem 1 months ago , and did do nothing, but we ask help before many times , and we gave all documentation and ask for help , on hand of Mrs Rachel Smith on 16-th August.

We are very sad because WSPA ignore mass killing of animals in spite WSPA representatives know very well this horrible situation and laws of Serbia. We expect that they do correct report for WSPA.

In this horrible situation it is important to stop mass killing, and cruelty , and nothing else, and we dont care for nothing and nobody else.

And everybody who know for this horror and do nothing - is responsible for many of death by killing of poor animals. Excuse me , that is not WSPA that is Mrs. Rachel Smith and Mrs Jasmijn Boo, because both of them know truth about horrible mass killing of stray dogs and cats and trayed minimiser, misinterpret this horrible problem, and so our difficult fight for animal rights in Serbia is more difficult, and many dogs and cats lose theirs life, but could be rescue with correct act or without any activity of this representatives of WSPA which gave alibi to pitiless institutions of regime of Serbia, with wrong interpretation of clear situation in region around mass killing healthy dogs and cats.

This " I don't care" job is not work of all WSPA as organization , but it is work of some of representatives of WSPA.

WSPA need cleaning themselves from this " I don't care", merciless persons because for their pitiles, bad job pay animals , and people too.

Mrs. Jasmijn Boo wrote that : she know this situation 1 month, Mrs. Rachel Smith have documentation of all from 16-th August, and probably both of them made wrong report to theirs organization , and so WSPA have not really information , and ignored mass killing of stray dogs and cats in Serbia.

Photographs in attachment are from 3-th November- day when dogcatchers collected street dogs into dirty gree cages of public service for garbage collection.

On 4-th November all of this healthy , hunger dogs was killed brutality and their death bodies are now under garbage on dump of garbage.

And the same terrible situation is in many Serbian towns and villages, and we had many time report about this mass killing with photo documentation . We tray rescue dogs many time in many towns, but rescue was an unusual event , with very hard fight with institutions of regime in spite laws are on our side.

Thank You for Your time

Best regards

Slavica Mazak Beslic


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They killing our animals, they attack on our representatives, animals and we are in danger. Help us.

Workers of JKP Morava at Svilajnac today morning was (or had) beat our representative Mr. Goran Grujin in Svilajnac, who tray to help to many dogs which are in dirty green cages for mass killing, without food and without water-and dogs eat one to other .This is horrible.

My English is bad, but I have no time to wait translator.

Can somebody help to the animals ? We cannot because they beating us!!!

We have bring many criminal charges but nothing change.

They mass killing healthy dogs , in spite of Law of veterinary and in spite of article 269.of Criminal Code of Serbia, and now they beating us too, attacked us too.

They don't want to care of animals, dogs are on streets, dogs violent peoples and then they do mass killing as protect of peaples. This is the story-They protect peoples with mass killing of dogs. This story is bizarre, perfide and dirty.

Dogs and peoples are in danger all over Serbia.

We are desperate, please help us.

I really cannot wait on translator, excuse me, but I know, you understand .And please do something, I don't know what, but do something, please, because this situation is really horrible. We will sent to you photos when photographs be finish, but please do something fast because they will kill all this dogs, today or tomorrow. Thank you.


Slavica Mazak Beslic

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